how should i cut my hair?

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how should i cut my hair?
Direct Link To This Post Ricc October 14 2012 at 7:33pm  Quote Ricc Quote  Post Reply Reply
Well, that short cut style on the bottom certainly looks better to me. The wispy brushed forward thing doesn't look so great. Your sideburns aren't doing you any favors. I think I'd ditch them an wear them short. Also, your beard pattern isn't at all well suited for the unshaven look. You need to start shaving daily. Life isn't fair and some of us have to go with the neat look to look appealing.
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Direct Link To This Post durahan October 11 2012 at 5:27pm  Quote durahan Quote  Post Reply Reply
hi all,
I always had problem with my hair, I mean I always hated them and they always hated me.
I never know well what to do with them, how to cut them...
So I decided to ask you people what should I do with them.
Cut them short?
Leaving them as they are?
Letting them grow?

here are some picture of my current (bad) hair
dont look at the beard i know i have to shave :)

and here a picture with short hair

You people have now the POWER over my hair!!
Please tell me what to do.

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