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Topic ClosedOfficial 360 Wave Methods Thread

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Hip Hop Forum Moderator

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: August 22 2007 at 8:57pm
Cedís Modified compression method:

Iím going to start with after I get a cut..

I brush all the loose hairs out then I add pomade. I wait a few days until that new hair cut look is gone.

Now here is the method

1. I rinse my hair in the shower then I wash it with Luster shampoo, then I rinse and add Carrot deep conditioner for 1min to 2 mins then rinse (I donít brush at all during this time but I rub my hair in the pattern I brush)

2. I rinse out the conditionerÖBut I donít dry my hair I dry it with a med brush until its almost dry.
3. Then I switch to my soft brush and brush then add pomade and brush it in evenly. ( I brush for 5-10 mins)
4. then I du-rag for the night
5 I wash my hair once a week But I rinse it twice a week
6 I only brush right after I rinse my hair or the day after.. I brush for 20-40 minutes with a softy.
7. And i repeat

I use sportin wave gold.. But any thick pomade will work..
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: September 16 2007 at 5:47pm
ChrisDog212's Method (For Straight Hair)
Im mixed with white and black, 75% white 25% black
the white has greek and irish in it
the black is just black
my dad = white/irish
mom = black/greek

Just because your fully white doesnt mean you cant get waves

My method

Indian hemp, lusters pink oil, carrot creme, carrot chlorestorol, and coconut oil

Morning routine:
1. wake up take off durag and brush for a few seconds with a soft brush
2. I add a mix of carrot creme and brush that in
3. I put on my durag until i think its compacted my hair down, i like the compacted

4. I take off my durag and brush my hair line back to get it straight because the

waves on my hairline make it crooked

Afternoon routine:
1. I brush my hair a little bit before i take a shower
2. I brush my hair with a soft brush in the shower, sometimes a hard brush when im

deep into wolfing
3. I add carrot chlorestorol to my hair and leave it sitting for a few minutes
4. i do what i normally do when i take a shower while its sitting in my hair
5. I brush the carrot chlorestorol out of my hair then i clean my face with a facial

cleanser(any will do)
6. after i get out of the shower while my hair is damp, i add a mixture of indian hemp

and carrot creme
7. i brush that in with a medium brush and durag, usually i have things to do after i

take a shower so i let it air dry, then i get back to brushing

I use the pink oil sometimes when i feel that my hair is dry and the products im

putting in arent giving it enough moisture, its a great moisturizer and i started

using it when i first started waving (which was a year ago)

Night time:
1. after im done brushing i add some carrot creme, and use king cash's durag method

for the night
i wake up and start my routine again

Brush your hair as much as you can dont slack
Whether you use a soft brush a medium or a hard is all preference to you

People that have straighter hair
its complicated for most of you to get waves, but it all pays out in the end when you

finally do get them.

First atleast post some pics so everyone can see whats going on with your hair, or

send some pics to me and ask me questions ill be glad to help out

When you have straighter hair like this you have to have your hair a lot longer then

most people, dont get a cut thats to low because youll loose the waves you earned
i currently dont know how lot i get a haircut with, but i do know that my barber gets

it right everytime
BUT im guessing that its around a #3

First off you are going to need to wolf for a pretty long period of time to get your

hair long, while your doing this, brush your hair with a soft brush because if your

hair is already straight, why would you want to use a harder brush?

Buy some S curl wave jel activator to assist you to getting waves

Keep us updated with your progress because alot of people here can help you out

You want to keep your hair at a pretty good length

In the shower dont brush your hair until you can clearly see that it can curl up
when that starts happening start brushing your hair with a soft brush

Condition your hair everyday
and you can use some of my method from above to help

its going to be kind of difficult becuase your hair is straight right now
but tough it out and ull get what you put in

If you need any specific questions about straight hair answered pm me ill be more than happy to help you out

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Hip Hop Forum Moderator

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: October 01 2007 at 7:50pm
Grisytle's Meth

As some of you already know, I recently joined the forum. I submitted some pics and received alot of questions asking about tips and tricks to speed up the wave progress. So I decided to give my method to everyone. 
Before I started the wave progess, I had a bald head with lil shrubs of hair. I constantly brushed my hair evenly when I awoke and before I went to bed. I guess of a maximum of about 20-30 minutes a day. As my hair got longer I would wear a durag and a wave cap. For some reason the durag held my hair down, while the wave cap would detail my hair more. The products I would use is Nutri Grow, which feeds your hair nutrients. I also sometimes used "Ultra Sheen", which just kept my hair moist. I now brushed in the shower, when I get out of the shower I would put on some hair oil and comb it in, then brush from temple or crown to my lining. While my hair is a little damp, I would put on my durag and go to sleep. I wash and condition my hair every other day. Let me know if there is any more questions or if I left something out?

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Hip Hop Forum Moderator

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: November 27 2007 at 3:14pm
Willie Skrilla Meth


  • Brush In
  • Brush Out
  • Monday and Friday Only
  • Brush In and Put A Shower Cap On Ya Head And Then A Wave Cap Over That
  • Wait Five Minutes
  • Take Off Accessories and Brush Out
After Shower
Towel Dry
  • Move The Towel With The Grain WTG
Brush Hair
  • Brush In All Directions
  • Put In Desired Hair Product
  • Place Wave Cap Or Durag On Your Head for 1 Hour
  • Remove and Brush The Outside Of Your Hair Line To Even Up
During The Day
  • Brush During The Day Sporadically
  • During Breaks If You Are In School Go In The Bathroom And Look For Problem Areas and Focus On Them Through The Day
Durag/Wave Cap
  • Some Schools And Workplaces Don't Allow So Try And Do It On The Low
At Night
  • Place In Hair As Necessary
  • Brush Steadily For 20-30 Minutes
  • More Time Can Be Spent Brushing
Durag/Wave Cap
  • Du Rag or Wave Cap As Much As Possible

If Going Out
  • If You're Going Out Durag Or Wave Cap Up Until The Time You Have To Go Wherever You're Going
  • Touch Up Hair Line
While Sleeping
Durag Or Wave Cap It Up

Preferred Products
Olive Cream
  • Good Moisturizer
  • Nice Hold
Murrays Super Light/ Murrays
  • Nice Hold
  • Nice Shine
  • Use In Duration
Pink Oil
  • Nice Shine
  • Good Moisturizer
360 Style Pomade
  • Nice Hold
  • Decent Shine

Brushing Instructions
Brush Hair Straight On Top, Angle At The Sides and Down On Back
I Personally Do A Little Variation Where I Angle The Brush As I Brush Until I Make A Full Circle

Thats All Folks

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