Does Pregnancy Cause Pronounced Bags Under Eyes?

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Does Pregnancy Cause Pronounced Bags Under Eyes?
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Taming Bags Under Your Eyes During Pregnancy

Hormonal fluctuations and fluid retention during pregnancy may cause some women to develop new bags under their eyes which weren't there before. 
Undereye bags are caused by water, gaining and losing weight and hormones.  The skin tone can also be part of the issue.
They may be hereditary and may or may not go away after the baby is born.   There are proven ways to reduce bags under the eyes, whether you're pregnant or not. 
Reasons For Undereye Bags
1.  Skin Under Eyes Are Thinner
The skin under the eyes is naturally thinner than the rest of the skin on the face.  Beneath the skin around the eyes are concentrated areas of purple, red, or dark. When the undereye area becomes puffy, you may begin to notice under-eye 'dark circles'. 
2.  Another reason for eye bags is aging.
The reason?  The skin under the eyes is thin. As we age this skin can become thinner and looser.
3.  Elasticity of the skin naturally will decrease.
The skin under the eyes can then become baggy and darker.
4.  Bags can also appear under a person's eyes due to tiredness and lack of sleep.
If you are exhausted, it follows that the face on your muscles will be tired as well. The skin under the yes would then droop and lose out on its tone. Aside from that, there is fluid retention.
5.  Hormones can cause water retention. Changes concerning your hormones can cause eye bags.
6.  Too much intake of salt is also a factor.
7.  Eyes may also be puffy as a result of allergies or dermatitis.
Listed below are some well-known tricks for dealing with under eye bags during pregnancy (of any other time):
1.  Gently Tap The Undereye Bags To Remove Fluid

The appearance of bags under your eyes during pregnancy may be due to collection of fluids gathering there from hormones, pregnancy weight gain or too much intake of fluids.  Even exhaustion.  Newly pregnant women often are very tired and their sleep cycles are interrupted.
Gently tap the bags under your eyes so any trapped fluids will be encouraged to flow to other parts of the body.
2.  Apply Cold Compresses To Area
While sitting up, apply a cooling soothing compress such as a cool/cold cloth, cool tea bags, chilled cucumber slices or similar to the area for approximately 5-10 minutes.  Gel masks also work if they are kept cool.
Sitting up is best because it encourage the puffiness to flow out and down from the eyes rather than laying down.

3.  Drink Lots Of Water

Water is always the best rememdy for bloating in any part of the body since the water works to counter balance any excess salt causing the bloating.
4.  Reduce Amount Of Salt You Consume
Reduce amount of salt you consume. Drink water only.  Avoid soft drinks, high sugar drinks which can dehydrate you and worsen your eye bags.  
For non-pregnant people remember that alcohol, tea and coffee can cause dehydration and undereye bags.
5.  Sleep With Head Raised

A raised pillow will help minimize undereye bags.   You can also have the head of the bed raised to stop fluids from accumulating under your eyes.   You may want to experiment with sleeping with a variety of pillows to get the water under control

6.  Accupressure, Massage Or Acupuncture
When the points in the face are massaged they will help to cause any accumulated fluid to drain.  It will also help strengthen the muscles of the face and prevent further fluid accumulation.
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