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Direct Link To This Post Kramer September 04 2009 at 11:30pm  Quote Kramer Quote  Post Reply Reply
Kimberly Guilfoyle: Another suspect in the extensions group. Her hair seemed to grow several inches over a recent weekend:
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Direct Link To This Post Kramer September 04 2009 at 11:26pm  Quote Kramer Quote  Post Reply Reply
Based on this look, I reckon Martha doesn't like her new 'do either.  And to be honest, it looked better today than it does most days. Still, why don't anchorettes think they have to cover dark roots?

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Direct Link To This Post ace1308 September 04 2009 at 9:50pm  Quote ace1308 Quote  Post Reply Reply
I'm glad that someone brought up an old one of mine.
The amazing thing is that most (not all) are still in their jobs.
However across the board the talking heads are only improving, of course that is only my opinon.
All of the ones that Kramer posted and many others are stunning.
And to top it all off with a few exceptions are very brainy with actual opinons.
And believe that most of the comments still stand.
Robin Meade - She still changes her hair daily.

Carol Costello - Better color and still great on her.

Heidi Collins  Great look an a red head to boot, just did not look good with the longer look.

Katie C -  Best thing she ever done was going longer and blonde. Comment still stands she cut it recently and I think it aged her a few years.

Ann Currie - She did go shorter a few months back. Still great hair but kinda lacks atyle.
Kathleen Kennedy - Gone

Rosemary Church - Great look longer is better for her sure wish she was on CNN here in the US.

Daryn Kagen - gone.

Kyra Philips - Great look only problem I see is her hair is very heavy looking. when it was longer it looked very heavy.

Greta Van Susteren - Remember when she had hair to her waist. Then she got it cut and got some cosmetic stuff done. Her look has improved over the years.

Hala Gorani - Great look

Christiane Amapour - Not a "Starlett" look but exzudes confidedance and is very good. Hair is ok on her, but the thing with her is the intellegence that seems to be there.

E D Hill (Donehay) - Good look but really seems to lacking something, not really sure what.

Maria Bartiamo - Letting her hair grow out. Not sure if I like it or not.
Another one with very heavy hair. She is great looking but something seems just a little off. When it was very long 1 out of 10 days it was great.

Laurie Dhue - Gone

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Direct Link To This Post fatmoogas September 03 2009 at 1:06pm  Quote fatmoogas Quote  Post Reply Reply
Kyra Phillips is a downgrade, though it wasn't very good before either.
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Direct Link To This Post Kramer September 03 2009 at 11:13am  Quote Kramer Quote  Post Reply Reply
Juliet Huddy is on Fox News right now if you want to see her live. Her hair is long and straight. Her show appears to be noon to 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. She's filling in for Jane Skinner, who is one newsbabe I'd love to see with extensions.

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Direct Link To This Post Mike46019 September 03 2009 at 10:18am  Quote Mike46019 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Any other updates? Thanks Kramer for your work.
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Direct Link To This Post Kramer September 03 2009 at 5:49am  Quote Kramer Quote  Post Reply Reply
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Direct Link To This Post TDurden September 03 2009 at 5:45am  Quote TDurden Quote  Post Reply Reply

hmm actually had no idea drury, megan kelly, or amanda friel wore naive of me I suppose lol.   btw does anyone have a pic of Kyra Phillips' new hair? or where to see it? 

(sort of OT: I still can't tell that Rose Byrne was wearing extensions in Troy...apperantley -sp?- her extensions in the movie are supposed to be obvious.  Great movie regardless).
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Direct Link To This Post Kramer September 02 2009 at 11:56pm  Quote Kramer Quote  Post Reply Reply
I wanted to point out another direction here. I can't remember another time when there has been so many newsbabes with extensions. And don't get me wrong: I love long hair, even if it's all fake.
Note that some of the photos I used here are from gogomags and they could disappear when gogomags puts the pix in their archives.
I've been on record for years saying that Robin Meade has a weave or tons of extensions. Her hair can go from limp and thin to full and wonderful over a weekend. Miraculously, her bangs just grew out.
On Fox, Ainsley Earhardt was wearing extensions for a few weeks. Then, it was like she took them out and gave them to Juliet Huddy, who continues to wear them today, while Ainsley has gone back to what may be her actual hairlength.
Ainsley with extensions (looking delightful):
Juliet with shorter extensions (before she got the extensions from Ainsley):
And Juliet with her current extensions:
Am I right? Don't you think they could be Ainsley's extensions?
Personally, I think Juliet made some awful hair decisions when she was on the just-canceled "Mike and Juliet Show" on Fox. Stupid cuts, extremely thinned out, roots on a regular basis, you name it.
Ainsley today (Don't be afraid to color those roots, Ainsley):
As much as I want to believe Ilia Calderone's hair is all her own on Univision, it's gone long to a few inches shorter to a few inches longer over the matter of a few days. Plus tonight I saw her in the Latino version of People Magazine and her hair was about waistlength. She looked amazing.
Her partner -- and for my money, the best human on Univision -- Barbara Bermudo, also is guilty of using extensions as charged. Barbara can do no wrong.
Weatherbabe Jackie Guerrido also has worn extensions for years. I remember when she didn't wear them for a short spell and she didn't look as sexy.
Oh yeah, on CNBC, Amanda Drury, who not that long ago got an awfully plain haircut to about her shoulders, had been sporting BSL hair of late. It grew too fast, trust me. This past week, it was a bit shorter -- possibly her actual length.
Amanda this week:
Megan Kelly of Fox removed her long extensions months ago, but I think she still uses some.
Courtney Friel, who is a sweetheart, wears extensions from time to time on Fox. Maybe all the time. I'm not really sure any more. The extensions used to be even longer.
I also have my doubts that Kyran Chetry of CNN can grow her hair that fast. I just don't think it's possible.
Even local newsbabes are trying out extensions. Kam Carmen, who works for the Fox channel in Detroit, showed up for work a week or so ago and her hair was several inches longer. Honestly, I can't remember her looking better.
I'm pretty sure there are photos of Kam on, but the site is undergoing maintenance so we're out of luck for now.
Here's how she looked before the extensions:
And from Facebook:
Who am I forgetting?
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Direct Link To This Post Curlyfan September 02 2009 at 8:20pm  Quote Curlyfan Quote  Post Reply Reply
Kyra seems to have chopped a couple of inches so it's just off or skimming her shoulders now.

Her style is odd to me. It never looks the same two days in a row, and even when she gets it cut, always looks somehow overgrown and not quite hanging together right, as if she's in need of a cut. Sometimes it seems the color changes daily from dark red to orange-ish, though I guess that must be my TV.

The bummer for me is that I think she had one of the best "flip" styles on TV a few years back, when it was about chin length, more layered, and flipped out around the sides and back. Really just suited her perfectly, and more of a definite, consistent style.

I understand the need to change styles periodically, but I haven't seen her try anything since that for me looks as good as that did.
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Direct Link To This Post chillout7655 September 02 2009 at 4:42pm  Quote chillout7655 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Reviving a cold one, but there has been a flurry of anchorwomen activity the past month- Contessa Brewer, Martha Maccallum, Kelly O'Donnell, and now Kyra Phillips.....who do we think is next??
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Direct Link To This Post Hal August 31 2004 at 4:42pm  Quote Hal Quote  Post Reply Reply
I like her hair at or just below her shoulders!
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Direct Link To This Post loveshorthair August 31 2004 at 3:43pm  Quote loveshorthair Quote  Post Reply Reply
I think PAB's hair is better. I don't think it is great. I think there is a better style for her somewhere but she just continues to do the same thing -grow it long, cut it to chin, wash ... repeat
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Direct Link To This Post chillout7655 August 28 2004 at 3:45pm  Quote chillout7655 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Patti Ann Brown has cut her hair- which seems to fit her annual cycle of growing it out to the shoulders then cutting it shorter than chin length...what does everyone think?
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Direct Link To This Post justme June 03 2003 at 10:45am  Quote justme Quote  Post Reply Reply
I could not agree more with any on M Bartiromo. She is wearing her hair up a lot lately which could be a sign that she is sick of all her hair, which I think most people would agree.

D Kagen, I agree it has gotten to long. Real short was not bad on her either.......I think the tucked thing just got boring

I agree that Kyra Phillips looked good longer and fuller. She either has to grow out a little or go real short and get rid of the annoying little flip in back

Any one notice Patti Anne Brown of Fox is inching shorter and shorter I don't think she likes her hair longer I think it is a fox thing
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Direct Link To This Post ace1308 May 31 2003 at 7:40am  Quote ace1308 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Thx for replying to my post. I like others long for your rapier wit and wisdom on subject of hair. However that being said I understand the time it takes to put together all the comments like you used to do. And alas time marching on with other projects.

Again thx

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Direct Link To This Post Gord May 30 2003 at 7:47pm  Quote Gord Quote  Post Reply Reply
JF, we have common thoughts on Ann Curry. I adore her since she started growing her hair out. I think it gave her more personality and really suits her, especially with her beautiful voice. She looks like a totally different person than she did with short hair. But in recent months, did she go to a more layered look in the back? It looks thinner than it did earlier in the year.
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Direct Link To This Post c May 30 2003 at 8:11am  Quote c Quote  Post Reply Reply
My .02

Robin Meade is beautiful either way, but I loved her curly style. I hope we see it again some day...
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Direct Link To This Post JerkyFlea May 29 2003 at 12:03pm  Quote JerkyFlea Quote  Post Reply Reply
Just a few...

Maria Bartialomo - Excellent example of great hair that is COMPLETELY wrong for the person. Does nothing for her big eyes and petite features. Short cut was oh so much more flattering

Elizabeth Vargas - Grown out to her shoulders with very long layers. Not sure how I feel about it, since I was surprised it had grown that much while she was off having the baby. I actually think it would look great if she let it go curly like it would naturally if she didn't straighten it. Straight makes it look sorta blah. Kinda like Kim Delaney, who's cuts can look great curly, but kinda plain straight.

Renee Syler (The Early Show) - Like the natural curls. Differentiates her from all the other women in the morning.

Ann Curry - I know it's usually on the ragged edge of control and looks a bit too long, but I love it. I have a thing for overgrown short styles or messy styles that are just wrangled into a "regular" style and that's what she has. Keep it long and let it fall where it may, Ann.

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Direct Link To This Post loveshorthair May 29 2003 at 10:09am  Quote loveshorthair Quote  Post Reply Reply
OK, I will throw my 2 cents worth.

Carol Costello - I like the lighter color - though I think she needs the rest shaped up.
Daryn Kagan - I think it is getting too long but better than real short.
Linda Stouffer - now on maternity leave but always liked her hair (and every thing else).
E.D. Hill - Awful - wish she would go back on maternity leave. Very outdated. Never saw what the fuss over her was in the first place.
Juliet Huddy - let her bob get too long - needs to go back to chin length.
Kyra Phillips - Not bad. Thought her hair looked a little better when it was slightly longer.
Heidi Collins = HOT. Was even better with the lighter red color.

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