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PH Pinchbraids Pix
Direct Link To This Post Syren123 May 24 2005 at 9:47pm  Quote Syren123 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Hi gals! Update time.

Pinchbraid count: Closest I can get is around 150, maybe a few more. I lost count alot since many parts of my head are not installed in perfect rows but are scattered. Some areas are more densely braided than others, too. Hard to keep track but 150 + or - about 10 feels right.

Pinchbraids feel fine. I've only had one "blowout" and that was the night I got home...brushing hair and a strand just came right out. Since then, some shedding is going on (which confuses can the hair shed? It's doubled over and braided in...hmmm), but the braids are holding tight as ever. I cannot feel them pulling on my scalp at all - in that respect, it's as if they aren't there. And talk about invisible! Even though the braids are big by attachment standards (vs. say shrinkies), you can't even see them - my hair covers and blends with them totally. There are some braids on the sides that are maybe 1" in from my hairline and you can't even see those. This method really far less detectible than I thought it would be. I think the dark hair helps, tho.

Monday I thought maybe the whole thing was too bulky. Today, not so much. I think it's 2 things: getting used to the new attachment method, and the fact that it's 4 bags of hair! Granted, a lot got cut off, but what's braided into my hair is 4 bags of PH! Serina insisted that putting in all that hair is the only way to make it look natural and not piecey, and she's right. Once my own hair grows, less total hair will be necessary. I've got to say...more hair means less mullet, and I have NO mullet effects.

$400 is a good price for a full head, amm. After my install, I see Serina raised her price to $475 and up (not including hair) for a full head. It's a lot of work for the stylist, so I don't think that's unreasonable, and therefore $400 is totally reasonable! I say do it up there, save yourself some $ and a long drive. The results will be the same and you will be stoked beyond your wildest dreams.

I can totally see this method staying in and looking good well into 2 months. For me, that's an eternity and totally liberating. Jacking around maintaining my hair gets exhausting, and when things start to fall apart and needing maintenance, it looks really bad. With pinchbraids, it doesn't deteriorate - just grows out over time. I'm loving that.

PH so far is awesome. It acts much more like hh than I thought it would - I have to brush it through several times a day, it gets cranky like hh does by late afternoon, then after some tlc at home, it's beautiful again! When I brush the underlayers, I brush it pretty hard like I do my own hair, and those pinchbraids don't budge. I know I'd lose a few shrinkies or fusion bonds brushing like this, but not with PBs. They are truly the answer for me.

So far, everything the PB pioneers have said is true. They are great.

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Direct Link To This Post Syren123 May 24 2005 at 9:51pm  Quote Syren123 Quote  Post Reply Reply
Hey Gina...what are you doing up at this hour? Shouldn't you be in bed? Don't you have a boob job tomorrow?!!??!

GOOD LUCK!! You're gonna be soooo happy!
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Direct Link To This Post Kimbearly May 24 2005 at 10:48pm  Quote Kimbearly Quote  Post Reply Reply
I love the color of your hair and the style is fantastic.  I really love the long length of the plastikhaar on you (before it was cut) - do you think you will ever keep it that long?
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Direct Link To This Post Syren123 May 24 2005 at 10:58pm  Quote Syren123 Quote  Post Reply Reply vixen you! Funny you should mention that...

Friday night, bf came over and saw those pictures and that's what he said - something to the effect of playing Lady Godiva with that long hair! Bless his heart...he's been soo good during my slide into bald blobhood and sickness, so nice and attentive and still took me out when I felt like it - he's a wonderful person. He most definitely deserves a night with Lady Godiva if that's what he wants...but after that, I think I'd have to cut it to a manageable lenght. It looks a bit theatrical when it's that long, at least on me.

I don't know how anyone could manage with hair that long. It would rule your life! But for one day, maybe...
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Direct Link To This Post amm May 24 2005 at 11:42pm  Quote amm Quote  Post Reply Reply
Heehee! Oh, I love me the long tresses. What's fun is trimming up when the hair is nearing its lifespan. It's like a new 'do every couple days. I wore the WaWa between shoulder and bra strap length for the last couple days and it was fun, flippy and fabulous. Then I came back to work and I had 30" PH. Yeah baby!

150 braids? That's awesome. I'm definitely going to do the pinchbraids now. The reviews are just too positive everywhere I turn. I would love to take a break from the DIY for an install or two or three. I'm at 4 weeks now with zero maintenence but I know it's just around the corner.

I'm so glad you're loving it so far.

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Direct Link To This Post zapevaj May 25 2005 at 1:50am  Quote zapevaj Quote  Post Reply Reply
Syren: synth can break off if you brush it too hard, just like human, so maybe that's what the shedding is?

And yeah, the shorter the natural hair is, the more hair you need to cover it up! Otherwise it looks kinda mushroom-shaped. :)

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Direct Link To This Post Chris H. May 25 2005 at 7:56am  Quote Chris H. Quote  Post Reply Reply
Hey, Gina, I'm definately up for the job, if we're both feeling good. Maybe next weekend? We'll see!!! Right this second they are putting boobies in you
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