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Hair Color

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Haircoloring Introduction to Color....
--Lili-- March 16 2014 3:11pm
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From dark brown to med brown hair only? Why?
ShannonC June 23 2015 10:07am
Liquid hair color
Girlsmom68 October 06 2021 7:54pm
Stubborn grey hair, unnatural colors
Briary August 08 2021 7:15am
Which hair color for middle eastern dark color?
sparkling_girl July 02 2021 1:15pm
Help! Redken Shades EQ gloss
AlfieBB March 25 2021 7:40am
Have You Tried Wella Hair Products?
flawlesshairandspa March 19 2021 2:03am
How often can i use Redken EQ
strawberryfine April 20 2020 2:22pm
Feria Hair Color, Get Out!
KeelyAnne March 24 2020 6:40pm
Problems dying hair from dark brown to light brown
Hair2020 January 12 2020 7:33am
Help me match my natural color please! :)
Molls045 November 25 2019 2:21am
1b/27 ombre hair color
lsybeauty June 23 2019 9:15pm
too bright
smithcynthia1 June 01 2019 10:26am
Clarifying Shampoo Rec
esmith7713 May 08 2019 7:50am
These toners are angering me!!! HELP!!
Ant_Man March 12 2019 10:09am
Best organic hair dyes on the market?
Curlz July 23 2017 3:25pm
Bleach First Or Not?
Hal December 07 2016 9:26am
926 Million & Climbing - Spent on Home Haircolor
JenniferHebert April 02 2016 8:00pm
dying medium brown hair with gray to red
esmith7713 January 12 2016 3:15pm
Going brown to platinum
Bighairdntcare December 11 2015 9:49am
Brunette to Dirty Blonde
badpup August 09 2015 1:31pm
Natural Hair Colour Issue
charlotte1990avery July 04 2015 6:15pm
What hair color dye damages your hair the
mariad June 23 2015 8:44am
L'oréal Majirel Permanent Hair color
OhLaLa June 14 2015 6:09pm
Balayage ok for past dying?
Exotic_Vortex May 04 2015 11:22am
As a boy; should I get highlights in my hair?
DeterminedWolf May 01 2015 4:44pm
Mission Strawberry Blonde Impossible
Nimue April 23 2015 10:34pm
Color oops
lovetocolor February 22 2015 1:52pm
Lightening hair help
lovetocolor February 22 2015 1:42pm
Hair Help
SeizeTheDay February 15 2015 6:25pm
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