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The lowdown on fast hair growth

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Topic: The lowdown on fast hair growth
Posted By: meghangel
Subject: The lowdown on fast hair growth
Date Posted: May 14 2003 at 1:34am
Hi guys!

I have a question for you. Is there REALLY stuff you can take or do that makes your hair grow quicker or is that just an old wives tale?

Posted By: Starburst
Date Posted: May 14 2003 at 3:51pm

Check out these articles on hair growth fact & fiction at: - - -

All the tales are told above. :-)



Posted By: Luthienc
Date Posted: February 08 2012 at 8:15pm
There are two methods that I know of that REALLY do work. The first is to apply monistat to your scalp every other day with washing in between. This can double your normal hair growth in a month, I've done it, much to my dismay, and it did work, however, I do not know how safe it is, and because I couldn't find any info on the safety of it, I stopped.

The other method I know is to trim your hair according to the cycle of the moon. I've used this chart for years, and I get 10 inches of growth, or more,(after trims) per year, to my usual 6 or less, just by cutting on the dates that coincide with the result you're looking for. This year I am thickening my hemline, after 2 years of no trims at all, and I am going to be using the dates specified for thickening.

Posted By: cvoor
Date Posted: February 10 2012 at 5:23am
Hi, I tried the Monistat, used it for one month,and did not notice any extra hair growth. I used it everyday, applied to several areas of scalp, but my hair looks the same, nothing noticeable, and I was hoping for more growth, for me it did not work. Hope others have more luck.

Posted By: Ericachristina
Date Posted: May 17 2012 at 4:23pm

Hair growth is determined by your genetics which you canít alter to make your hair grow any faster and it is also dependant on your health and your nutritional intake. If you are healthy and you take care of your hair and it isnít growing very fast then chances are your genetics has a lot to do with your slower rate of growth. Also your hair grows in a cycle so when your hair has reached its predetermined genetic length then it will shed and a new hair will grow in its place.


The average growth rate for hair is one half inch per month, that is a general estimate but as I said for some people it could be more and for some less. Some people can grow hair to their ankles and some can only grow hair to their shoulder blades before their hair sheds.


There are things you can do to make sure your hair is retaining length. Sometimes the problem that people have with growing their hair to achieve length is that they donít maintain their hair and ends well enough to retain growth. Everyoneís hair grows but if you have dry hair that splits and breaks off at the ends you are not going to see any progression.


Do daily or at least weekly scalp massage to improve the circulation to your hair follicles and stimulate them. Keep your hair healthy, which means eating right, being active, having enough protein and vitamins and using the right products. Make sure you are shampooing with a gentle shampoo, conditioning with a good quality conditioner and using whatever your hair needs to be healthy.


There are products out there that claim to help your hair grow but as I said your genetics predetermines your hair growth rate and these products cannot change that factor. Some stimulate your hair follicles to help your hair grow and it doesnít hurt to try them out. But for the most part just keep your hair healthy and protect it and it will grow to its full potential.

Posted By: devinhuke
Date Posted: May 24 2012 at 10:12am

Green tea works well

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