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Perm Cause hair loss

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Topic: Perm Cause hair loss
Posted By: CornrowLover
Subject: Perm Cause hair loss
Date Posted: September 27 2004 at 10:59pm
I am 15 i got a perm about 6 months ago while i had it i cut it from about 6 inch to about 1 inch and spiked it now my hair is 6 inchs again i always had curley hair but not the type that perms give you alot looser more fine type. Well i was thinking about getting a perm again, my mom says perms are bad for your hair and make you go bald is this true? Yes i loose the amount normal people lose hair atleat 10 to 26 a day around there if i play with it, so i dont stress?

Will a perm damage my hair and make me go bald or am i OK

Posted By: LaCerca
Date Posted: September 28 2004 at 10:12pm
So what you have now is all virgin new growth?

Then you should be fine. Just use a formula for fine or colored hair (they are milder) and be very careful with the timing.

and yes, perms are bad for your hair. Bad. But if they are done correctly and far apart in time, they can produce good results.

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