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Help! Chi hair straightening system

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Topic: Help! Chi hair straightening system
Posted By: Paisleygirl
Subject: Help! Chi hair straightening system
Date Posted: October 29 2003 at 11:22pm
Hi everybody,

My first time here.

I just got the chi hair straightening system done on my hair yesterday - you know, the permanent kind of hair straightening. Well, I wonder if I made a mistake in doing this.

First off, my bangs. I have bangs and have always had them. My hair stylist (who's actually a Chi trainer) told me that my bangs would "relax and become normal in the next few days". But so far, they're just doing some wild stuff, going all sorts of directions and not relaxing straight down (instead they're going straight out). I'm hoping that I'm just panicking too soon on this one.

Secondly, my hair feels & looks SOOOO very thin now. I used to have natural curly hair, which gave my hair body and a thickness, even when I straightened my hair with a rod everyday after blow drying. I'm scared that I'm going to now look like I hardly have any hair, like it's thinning or something. I know that I can curl it just like I could before, but will it ever get back some thickness?

Lastly, and this will probably just take time, but my scalp feels very weird. It feels hard, like my skin isn't soft anymore around the cuticles. It's almost like I've got this thin, tight cap on my head where the hairs come out. Feels strange!

Is there anyone else out there that has had this procedure done? Has anyone heard any bad stories? Am I worrying about nothing? I love my hair when it's straight, never could hang with the natural curl. But after spending $500 on this procedure and hoping it would be the "cure" for my frizzy/nasty hair days, I'm really scared that I didn't do enough research before getting it done. *sighs*

Thanks for listening.


Posted By: Paisleygirl
Date Posted: November 02 2003 at 12:52am
Ok, here's an update.

My bangs are starting to get back to a normal state. The skin doesn't feel tight any longer like it did. I still have the very flat look going on, not much body to my hair, but I'm wondering if that's due to another problem I've discovered since I last posted.

The problem I'm now having is that when I feel the base of the hairs, in certain spots they feel very weird. Like they're hard, or bunched up (like hairs that are knotted together) or like they are wirey. I had my husband look at those areas that feel like that. He pulled out one of the hairs from those spots and the hair is bent at the base, and all of the other hairs in those areas are bent as well. It's about a quarter of a inch of the hair that's bent. It's not like that all over, but in a lot of areas it is.

I think my stylist might have messed up somehow. It's been 5 days now and I don't think it should feel like this.

I'm guessing since no one's responded to my post that they've not had the Chi transformation system done before.

Does anyone know of any other hair links out there that have advice? I've gone out to the Farouk website to see if I could find something and I couldn't. I've search around for other sites and I'm coming up short.



Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: November 02 2003 at 1:44am
I debated on whether or not to reply to your message just because i don't have any good news to tell you. I am a hair stylist in Los Gatos, CA. and my ex-salon does the CHI hair straightening (i am certified in the CHI system).
Your hair has been overprocessed, do you know which formula they used on you?? Is your hair colored/ highlighted/ virgin?
The weird feeling you have on your scalp (almost like your folicles are standing straight up, mostly around your cowlicks) is the feeling most people get before their hair starts falling out.
The places where your hair is "bent" (close to the root) is the part where your hair may start breaking off if you're not careful. No tight ponytails!!
Your hair probably isn't any thinner than it started off as, it just feels like it's less hair since it's considerably flatter. But most likely your hair will be thinner in a few months (don't worry it will grow back). I would call your stylist if i were you. Sorry for the bad news.

Posted By: Paisleygirl
Date Posted: November 02 2003 at 1:04pm
Ok, I'm gonna start crying now. I do thank you for your response, but this is really scaring me.

I'm not sure how to describe my hair before I went in for this. It had been about 3-4 months since my last coloring. I've used this lady and she's always done a great job and uses Farouk System products to color my hair. I had about 1 inch of grey hair when I went in last Tuesday. It wasn't all that unhealthy. It did have more split ends than it has had in a while just because I didn't go in for a trim since my last coloring (which was 3-4 months ago). But I use Farouk Biosilk products for my hair and to me it was only dry on the ends because of the splits, which weren't all that horrible. My hair is long and down to my back (bra line), however we took about 2 inches off after the straightening/coloring.

Wow, I just can't believe this. I wonder what, if anything, could be done. I just can't believe it...

thanks again for your response, even though it was bad news....

oh, and no I don't know what formula they used on me.

Ok, so do you think she overprocessed the coloring on my hair or was it when she did the straightening? Also, is this something where I should ask for my money back? I paid $500 for the straightening and $70 for the coloring. Something like this has never ever happened to me before...*sighs*



Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: November 02 2003 at 11:16pm
I don't think that it was the coloring that overprocessed your hair (unless you have had bleach highlights). There is a formula for tinted hair.
Most likely what happened was she took a long time applying the solution and then let it process for an additonal 15-20 mins rather that timing the back seperately than that front.
I wouldn't ask for your money back yet, but i would definately keep an eye on it and if there are any signs of breakage or shedding i would give her a call, don't be over paranoid about it though (keep in mind that you lose 100 hairs per day on average)
Ask your husband to look through the back of your hair to back sure that there aren't any "nubs" yet. Where are you located?

Posted By: Paisleygirl
Date Posted: November 03 2003 at 12:10pm
I think you're right. I've been reading some information from Vincent J's website about bent hairs and Chi, etc. From what they say, stylists using the Chi system aren't really trained well compared to other TR systems. '

I remember that she put the solution on all of my hair at the same time. She would come back every now and then and take one hair (from the back, same place each time) and do something with it, I guess testing it to see if it was ready. She did this like 2-3 times, each time saying I needed like 5 more minutes. She did not do the front vs. the back separately, but all at the same time.

The scarey thing is, she is certified by Farouk to do training for them for Chi (as well as coloring). I'm SO disappointed in myself for not doing the research like I should have done before getting this done. From what I've been reading, Chi is definitely not a trusted TR system with lots of unhappy customers.

I seriously do not like the way my hair looks right now. Because of all the bent hairs on top of my head, my hair just doesn't look good. I don't trust going back to her for her to fix it, although I may, I just don't know what I'll do. I tried calling her today, but her shop is closed. ~sighs sadly~

I'm in Texas. I've been using her for 2 years, and she mentioned the Chi system one day and I got very excited about the prospect of having straight hair all the time. I just didn't research it like I should have.

I'm ordering some products from vincentj that will deep condition my hair and give it some protein. Some people have mentioned that they did not have breakage after using these products (Crede shampoo/cond, PPT ID Care, Heatsilk). Hopefully they'll help.

My question is, I will have to get the bent hairs fixed, won't I? Because as they grow out, if they do not break off at the stress point, the bend will still be there, correct? I just don't think I should get another chemical treatment so quickly after the first. But, how long should I wait?

Thanks for all the info and help Cosmogirl!


Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: November 03 2003 at 4:46pm
I'm sorry to say that the bent hairs are not fixable, they may be masked, however.
Once your hair starts growing out and it gets curly at the root area again you may want to consider, bear with me here, a perm, body wave if you will.
If you keep having your roots done (with CHI) you may end up with bands of bent hairs (breakage). Unless, of corse, you're willing to put up with a little breakage for a straight look. If not, i would suggest going back to your original do, CHI is safe to perm over. I've done it before to a client who went to someone else to have her hair straightened, before i was certifed to do the job, and got sick of the upkeep. What do you think?

Posted By: Paisleygirl
Date Posted: November 05 2003 at 2:07am
Thanks again Cosmogirl. :) I'm thinking that for now I'm just going to really condition and protein my hair and try to take care of it and let it go back to it's original natural curly state. I'll wait and see how breakage goes. I'm really bummed. I'm always putting my hair up in ponytails or clips, etc and I can't even do that because it's so fragile. It's just so frustrating.

Anyhow, thanks again for your reponses. It seems pretty quiet on these boards. Glad someone's out there to listen and respond.



Posted By: Merlin
Date Posted: November 05 2003 at 4:51pm

I am so sorry to hear about your problem with the treatment. I certainly hope things improve for you. We are all pulling for you! I didn't answer your first message because I am totally unfamiliar with the Chi process and read the postings from Cosmogirl with great interest.

The description of the Chi process sounds very similar to the Yuko system. Is it? I have seen several Yukos and most were terrific but a few left the hair in terrible condition. The results seem to depend on the experience and talent of the stylist. (Haven't we heard heard that one before?) I do appreciate your informative posts. Thanks!!


Posted By: Paisleygirl
Date Posted: November 06 2003 at 10:21pm
Thanks for the well wishes Merlin.

I wish there was some site that listed the differences between all the different straightening systems. I know that Chi states their system being unique since they use Silk with "Cationic Hydration Interlink", and using negative ions & ceramic irons. My stylist swears that Chi is NOT like the others(the japanese systems)...~shrugs~

Dunno if that helps at all...


Posted By: SSassy
Date Posted: November 07 2003 at 5:31pm
I hopefully have a little good new for you..I had Liscio straightening on my hair about a year ago and absolutely LOVED it. However, instead of sticking with what worked, I went with the Phyto Specific relaxer with horrible results. The same experience you had with "bends" near the roots, and it fried about 4 inches off the bottom of my hair - it looked and felt like seaweed mush.

After weekly protein treatments and deepconditioning at home every other night, my hair FINALLY stopped feeling like doll hair after about 2 weeks. I tried to lay off my blowdryer as much as possible to give my hair a break, and I never experienced the breakage that my stylists felt were imminent.

I ended up getting a sassy shag cut to hide my hair blunder, and it actually ended up being a really cute cut! Nothing that I would have done had I not had the hair disaster, but it definately was something good that come of it.

My advise..don't cry over split milk. Do all of the things you are in getting your hair healthy again, but in the meantime, try a new cut since your hair is thin/flat now anyway!

btw..the CREED products work fantastic, as does Kerastase.


Posted By: Merlin
Date Posted: November 10 2003 at 7:46am

Actually, that does help. I have used Chi irons in the past (not presently) but didn't know they had a straightening system. I will have to get back up to speed.

I wish there was a web site that discussed the various systems too. I did find an article at by our own Karen Shelton that discusses chemical hair straighteners quite well (it is in three parts so click the other sections at the bottom of the page - you will also related articles there that you might find interesting). -

I hope your conditioning regime is showing improvement in your hair and that all will be well very soon. Hang in there! We're rooting for you!


Posted By: Paisleygirl
Date Posted: November 17 2003 at 11:02pm
Wanted to give an update. It'll be 3 weeks from tomorrow since my Chi TR.

Unfortunately my hair is breaking off from the bends and coming out at the roots. It's been getting gradually worse. It's especially bad on the days that I style it after shampooing. I'm losing lots of hair!

I'm very careful with my hair, and have been doing protein treatments, etc - but I guess it's just not helping as much as I had hoped.



Posted By: Merlin
Date Posted: November 18 2003 at 11:16am
OH NO! I am SO sorry to hear about your hair loss. Keep up the protein treatments - think how much worse it would be if you weren't doing them. Have you spoken with the shop? The least they can do is refund your money. Not a solution to your problem but SOME satisfaction.

Hang in there. We're all pulling for you!!


Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: November 19 2003 at 9:41am
Originally posted by Paisleygirl Paisleygirl wrote:

Wanted to give an update. It''ll be 3 weeks from tomorrow since my Chi TR.

Unfortunately my hair is breaking off from the bends and coming out at the roots. It''s been getting gradually worse. It''s especially bad on the days that I style it after shampooing. I''m losing lots of hair!

I''m very careful with my hair, and have been doing protein treatments, etc - but I guess it''s just not helping as much as I had hoped.



I just got my hair done with this treatment however I was the hair model for the Chi represntative. I paid close attention to everything that was being done and I feel your hairdresser did this incorrectly. It is only day two for me right now. At first I thought after having this done wow my hair is straight and looks thin, but after washing it with the Chi hair products and quickly styling it myself I still have body, shine and I love it. I have not experienced any hair loss yet. But I did notice that the instructor specifically told the class that you must go with the hair shaft and I believe your hairdresser did not and that is why you have bent hair. I am so sorry for your experience. I will keep you posted on mine. If you have any questions or I have any more problems I will let you know. Please e-mail me at All I can say is I am sure glad the Chi representative did my hair otherwise I would probably be experiencing the same thing as you. Hope it gets better. Heidi

Posted By: Paisleygirl
Date Posted: November 20 2003 at 12:30am

Thanks for your well wishes! :)

Just so you know, my stylist is certified with Chi and she actually trains other stylists on how to perform Chi across the U.S. So...I'm not really sure what happened, but I guess even those who train others can make mistakes. She said it's possible that she got the solution too close to my scalp and/or ironed my hair wrongly.

My strong opinion is that she left the solution on too long to my hair. I remember she came back 2 times after the initial time limit for the solution and did something with one of my hairs on the back of my head, testing it I guess, and told me I needed to bake about 5 more minutes. Hmmm or was it longer, I can't remember now. I just know it was two separate times she said I needed to sit longer. Which by the way, most of the hairs in the back (where she tested) are totally fine with no bends except for the very top and the nape. From what I hear, Chi's solution is thinner than other types and if it sits too long on your hair or is too close to the scalp, body heat (from it sitting too long) can cause the solution to be sucked into the scalp. I truly feel this is what happened to me. I knew something wasn't quite right, because after she completed my hair and styled it, most of my head (especially the areas of my hair that are now bent on the top and sides) felt VERY tight! It was if I had a helmet on...or better yet, it felt like my head had some kind of facial mask on it , you know the kind that pull and stretch your skin where it feels tight. That to me is proof alone that the solution got too close to my scalp. I had even mentioned this to her after she styled my hair, at how tight it felt and weird. It took 1 to 2 days for that to go away.

Anyhow, sorry, I'm rambling too much now. I just wanted to let you know more about my situation. :) I'm hanging in there and trying not to panic. Hairs are continuing to break, but I'm hoping it'll stop soon.

I'm glad to hear your experience was positive. I've done tons of searching about TR's since mine 3 weeks ago, and believe me, Chi seems to have the most horror stories out there from botched jobs. I really don't feel like Chi does enough training for their stylists. That, plus I don't believe it's as good of a system as others like Liscio.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your new hair!! :)


Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: November 20 2003 at 10:11am
Wow, I wonder if your stylist was the same as mine she is from Texas too. Pretty scary!!! It is day three for me and now I am stressed. Everything seems to be going okay. I have not noticed any breakage yet!!! key word yet. I do like the shampoo, treatment and keratin that they gave me to use. My hair is shiny. But I am still pretty new. I did blow dry this morning with a round brush to add body. I am hoping I just did the right thing by doing this. I looked for other stories regarding this propduct, and I couldnt find any, maybe I am not looking in the right place. Please keep me posted as well as I will keep you posted. you can e-mail my personal e-mail and that way I will know if we had the same stylist rather than sharing her name with everyone. Thanks for the support. Heidi

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: December 01 2003 at 10:32am
I am totally terrified now that i have read all this stuff of your horror story with the chi straightening system! I was actually considering having this done to my hair. I had not done it because i was scared since it's something so permanent. I would like to keep my hair slightly curly so i could switch between hairstyles. Thank goodness i waited!

My hair is extremely coarse and with extremely rebellious curls and top of that one side is curlier than the other. In the past i have tried products on myself that i have bought in Sally's Beauty Supply, called One n Only Curl Reducer. This product didn't really do anything drastic to my hair but i did notice that my hair would be a bit more flatter, not making my hair look so puffy, which was awesome, but still when i would blow dry it, it would immeadiately get frizzy.

Two years ago i started going to go to the beauty supply and getting this product from Quantum done. I loved this because it would soften my extremely curly hair and once i would blow dry the hair it would not frizz up even in high humidity. A month ago I went back to get it done again, but the hairstylist did not want to put that product on because my hair was not virgin anymore, because of my newly acquired highlights. It totally sucked because she then went on to use the one n only product i have used in the past that really does not work on my hair.

Do you know of any other products out there that could be strong enough to control my hair but gentle enough not to break/damage my highlighted hair?


Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: December 06 2003 at 9:45pm
What a nightmare reading all this! I did it too, and have been losing lots of hair too. I had ALOT to begin with but now it has been several months and it''s still coming out. Anyone have any good suggestions? What are the protien treatments mentioned?

Posted By: Paisleygirl
Date Posted: December 08 2003 at 2:43pm

I'm sorry to hear that you've had breakage too. It's been 6 weeks since my CHI TR and I've had tons of breakage from the damaged bent hairs and it's continuing to break off. I've got patches of small little hairs on the top and one side of my head. Luckily I have somewhat thick hair, plus I have some long hairs that are kinda hiding the patches of broken hairs, so for now no one would notice just by looking at me (unless they looked closely at my hair). However, the long hairs that are left that are hiding the patches are also damaged with sharp 90-degree bends and I'm afraid before long they'll break off (which by the way, my bends are at about 1 inch from the root right now). It'll be interesting to see what happens, especially once all those 1 inch hairs start growing out longer (which btw, I have long hair to mid back). I'm still not freaking out yet, or at least not trying to. I've definitely lost alot of hair and if it wasn't for my semi-thick hair, I'd probably look pretty bad because of the thin-ness. But for now it's not horrible, even though it is frustrating.

About the products. Here's what I've been using. I use the PPT ID Care for a protein treatment - if you have damaged hair then use it once every two weeks, if you have normal hair then use once a month. This is a very important product to have. Then I've been using Redken's Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner as well as Redken's All Soft Conditioner, Heavy Cream Conditioner, Addictive, and Anti-snap. I love these products and kinda change them out depending on what I feel that I need. My favorite is the Addictive. It works wonders. The bottle says to rinse it out, however I find that if I use about 3-4 squirts on my wet hair and leave it in and style that it gives my hair LOTS of bounce and body, and shine. Although, because my hair is damaged (some of the hair that's bent is actually splitting near the bend and then breaking off) it still doesn't look so great the day after shampoo/styling (i wash every other day), so no matter what products I use, my hair still ends up looking dry and dull right before I wash again. It may just take some time before my hair can really get healthy again (although I'm sure if I was faithful in taking my vitamins and eating right that that could help some...) Some people rave about the Crede products, however I won't use their shampoo because it's got sodium hydroxide in it which is Lye (look at a Draino bottle!!). Also I've read some negative responses in addition to all the positives on Crede.

Anyhow, those are the products I've been using. I would mainly suggest you get some protein into your hair so that it can become strong and repair itself. Keep us posted! Good luck to you!


Posted By: Paisleygirl
Date Posted: December 08 2003 at 2:54pm

I'm glad you've waited before getting a TR. Trust me, there are lots out there that have successful TR's and absolutely love their hair. If it wasn't for my damaged bent hairs, my hair would have been one of those cases because it is definitely straight. I love how quickly it takes for me to style my hair now, especially when blow drying - it really cut down on the time for styling, however now I use hot rollers more than I ever have because I want more volume than my straight hair now gives me. I personally don't like the plastered-down, flat looking straight hair on myself...on others it looks great though.

But if you are wanting to wear your natural curl at times and then go straight at other times, then I would suggest that you not get a TR/permanent straightening system done. I wouldn't miss my natural curl, so I didn't hesitate on that, however initially I regretted getting my TR (besides the damage issue) because I did miss my volume that my natural curl gave me - after the TR it seemed SO flat and lifeless. It's gotten better over time and doesn't seem so flat, only because I'm styling it different now. But I would imagine that you would miss your natural curl too much for you to put a permant chemical treatment on your hair.

I really don't know what to suggest for you. I never found any products that helped my hair not to frizz up or kink up in humidity. I could use products to get my hair straight when styling, but at the first sign of moisture my bangs and hair would start curling up.

I wish I could be of more help...good luck.


Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: December 10 2003 at 3:55pm
To Paisleygirl:
I'm doing research for a story on japanese straightening. Would like to speak with you about your experience. If you will email me at I'll give you direct contact info. No obligation to be quoted or otherwise part of story unless you agree. TIA

Posted By: Ally83
Date Posted: March 07 2004 at 8:51am
Hi paisleygirl, i am experiencing what you are going through with hair breakage and bent hair from the straightening system. please tell me what you did to improve the situation of your hair. how is your situation going as well!

thanks, ally

Posted By: Paisleygirl
Date Posted: March 10 2004 at 12:19am
Hi Ally,

I'm SO sorry to hear that you're going thru this as well!!

Here's an update on my hair. It's been about 4.5 months since my TR. My hair ended up getting tons of patches of short hairs, from where the hair broke off at the bends. My hair started breaking off around week 2, then the worst of it was around week 4. It continued until around week 6 or 7. Now, I only see the ocassional broken hairs - but they do still break off. I've not done anything to "fix" my bends chemically or to get them straightened. In fact, I've not colored or done anything chemically to my hair since last October. And boy am I in need of some hair color with my greys!! :-0 I've kinda been leary of doing anything to it since it was in pretty bad shape there for a while. The dryness has gotten better (thanks to some of the products I'm now using I believe). All of the broken patches can be seen if I show someone, but outright they're not horrible looking. I just thank God that I have thick hair because I've lost TONS of volume. Also, I'm so thankful for one patch of hairs on top in the middle that hung in there and didn't break off because they help hide my broken patches. If it weren't for them I'd be bawling most days from nappy hair! But all in all, my hair doesn't look horrible. My regrowth is over 2 inches now - the broken bang hairs that I got are about grown out to be the same length as my other bang hairs. I've had to cut off about 6 inches or so since my TR. I unfortunately still see lots of split ends and will probably have to get even more cut off to get all of the dead hair trimmed off.

Anywho, that's my update. Hope ya don't regret asking for it!

There are some suggestions that I would recommend you do to help your hair. Questions though - when did you get your TR? What system was it? When did you notice the bends - do you know what the stylist did wrong? Have you seen breakage? Just curious about what you've been going through.

Anyway, here's some of these things I did when I found out I got the bends, however some of it I didn't know about til later (sure wish I had known about some of it sooner than I did, maybe I could have saved my hair some). Here's my recommendations:

1. Make sure you get some protein treatments. Products such as PPT ID Care, Redken's Deep Fuel, Rene Furterer's Okara Hair repair treatment mask, or Frederic Fekkai's protein RX Hair Mask are some good products. Some are used different than others. PPT Id Care should only be used once every 3-4 weeks for damaged hair. I believe others you can use more regularly. If your stylist will do complimentary deep-conditioning treatments on your hair (complimentary of course since they botched your hair), I would highly recommend doing them about once a month.

2. You need deep moisturizing shampoo & conditioners. I regularly use Redken Allsoft Shampoo & Conditioner or Yuko Phiten Bella Shampoo & Treatment. There are other good brands out there.

3. Jojoba oil!!!!!! This is wonderful for dry hair or for lubricating the bends so that they don't split or break off. You can probably use other types of hair oil as well. I know of someone from the Lovely Loon forum who got the bends last summer and she's not gotten much breakage at all, possibly because of using this product (as well as taking great care of her hair). Some people douse this in their hair and sleep in it overnight (with a towel on your pillow) and then shampoo like normal. It's really helped my hair since I've been using it. I don't see the dryness like I did before.

4. Be gentle and take care of your hair. Don't tug, don't use tight ponytails, don't use clips if you can help it, don't use a brush on your hair while it's wet. Try to use a wide toothed pick to brush your hair - it'll run thru your hair smoother and won't tug on those dry/bent areas.

5. Get regular hair trims.

6. Taking vitamins and being healthy probably helps too! :)

I hope this advice helps. I've not really found a whole bunch of people who have tried to get their bended hairs chemically "fixed" or straightened - at least successfully. It's possible that fixes can be done, but if you even try one I'd recommend you wait at least 4-5 months or even longer for your hair to grow out from the scalp as well to try to get it more healthy. I decided that it's too risky for me to try to get them fixed since I've had so much breakage and the other hairs that haven't broken yet don't need any manipulation done to them cuz they'll probably break off as well. I'm not even sure if I'll ever get a TR again. I love having straight hair and it takes SO much less time getting my hair ready - but not sure it's worth it. If I do decide to get another TR, I'll probably travel to NYC or Toronto to some experts I've heard of that work there - but of course that means lots of $$$.

I wish you the best and hope you don't see breakage. Keep us posted!

Take care,


Posted By: Ally83
Date Posted: March 15 2004 at 8:13am
hi Paisleygirl! thank you so much for your suggestions. in reply to your questions i got my TR done early january and im not too sure what the system was. i regret not researching on the TR system before i got my hair done. i believe the stylist left the chemicals on too long approx 30 mins. i only had little knowledge of what the process involved. i also believe the stylist ironed my hair flat down and not at the right angle which is 90 degrees from the scalp i think. i believe that caused my bends. i noticed them only a few days after i got the procedure done and it felt weird like shaved hair. i then noticed that it was breaking off at the bent part because there are splits at the bent parts. did you notice that too? there is one part at the back of my head where there are little hairs sticking up and thank goodness thats the only part on my head. i am using the redken products because i can't find ppt id care in australia.

it took me ages to find what the problem with my hair was and stumbled across a website called verticalsinhair by steve tcherkezian who explained about bends in straightened hair. so its been 2.5 months now and my hair is not breaking much unless i tug at it real hard which i will not intend to do.

i was wondering what style you did with your hair while waiting for it to grow out because mine looks awful like i have a square on my head when i leave it out. i totally wish my hair would grow faster and go back to normal. i miss the natural way the roots look not like the squarish look i have!

do you recommend other websites or forums i should visit? thanks again for your reply and reading this loooooooooong msg!

hope all goes well for you and keep us updated on your situation as well!



Posted By: jenny1227
Date Posted: March 30 2004 at 8:24pm
Hi Paisley Girl,
I just finished reading all the postings about your Chi hair straightening experience and it''s really helped me alot! I went for a haircut a few weeks ago and my hairstylist was totally trying to sell me on this system. I was having doubts about it and I think after reading about your experience, I not going to get it done. He said he was giving me a "deal" at $400 :-). I''m sorry about your bad experience, but by putting in on the net, I''m sure you''ve prevented alot of others from going through this same thing, me included! So thanks alot for sharing your experence.

I see that it''s been a while since your last posting - how''s your hair now?

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: April 04 2004 at 6:54pm
okay..I need help..I have always had kinda frizzy wavy hair i I hate it!! I recently got it relaxed but it still doesnt do what i want tit to. I cant go ut of the house with out blowdrying AND flat ironing!!! I am starting to wrnder in the CHI straightening technique would work in my hiair? If you do the CHI, Do you still have to blow dry and flat iron your hiar? or does it dry straight! PLEASE HELP ME!!! thanx

Date Posted: April 14 2004 at 9:13pm

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: April 23 2004 at 2:44pm
OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!
I just had mine done yesterday and I came across this message board today. My stylist has done a few of them and they seem to have turned out OK. I will let you guys know what happens ot my hair.
By the way, can someone tell me what ot use on my hair to make it healthy. What's all this about proteins ?

Posted By: monique odom
Date Posted: April 25 2004 at 7:23pm
i had the chi treatment done six months ago and my hair is still breaking off and falling out. i had to threaten to sue her for her to give me my money back. i have bent hairs all over. immediatly after the procedure some hairs at my part were totally broken off at the scalp. my hair looks so thin now. i have had it cut 5 times in 6 months. i even had to go to a dermatologist. i wonder if nioxin would help me, but i do not want it to make it worse. i called the chi compnay and they told me that i should still use the chi shampoo, conditioner and inusion. so i have been. i am scared if i stopped that my hair would fall out more.

i definitly will not ever use any chemicals on my hair again. my hair has was virgin hair. and because my stylist was careless and did not do a strand test and left the product on too long, my hair is fallling out at age 32.


Date Posted: May 02 2004 at 8:57pm


Posted By: monique odom
Date Posted: May 05 2004 at 7:19pm
my hair is very thin now. at my hair line in the front it looks like i have a lot of baby hairs that go a couple of inches back. i have stopped putting it in a pony tail. my hair was in the middle of my back when i got it done. it is now at my shoulders and i am thinking of getting it cut even shorter, because it looks so thin. i have talked to different proffesionals and a dermatologist and they say there is nothing that you can do, but just wait for it to grow back. your hair usually grows about 1/2 inch a month. that is not very fast considering how long my hair was.

i am still considering the nioxin. does anyone know anything about this?

i finally got my money back plus a little more after settling with her insurance company. i was told by the chi company that a strand test is required on all straightners. she did not do a strand test on my hair. also she started the solution at my scalp and worked done. your scalp produces heat, which will make the product work more, which apparently fried my hair, because she left it on too long.

good luck.


Posted By: cmesweet
Date Posted: May 05 2004 at 11:08pm
You know before i do anything to my body I do plenty of research on it. Why do it seem like some people went in just blind?

Anytime you put something that alters your hair or body you should do as much research as possible. Usually you will find complaints and you will find people who were happy with it. Also, why wouldnt you expect hair breakage...anytime u put chemicals in your hair to alter its structure of course your hair is going to break. So if you thought about that you could have taken advance action to find ways to decrease the amount of breakage.

I would not use this process but I did look into on yahoo and when they showed the process step by step...well the process they used in china or wherever they put on so much heat...about 3 different times in the step after all of the chemicals. Shoot !!! Without the chemical all u had to do was flat iron your hair 3 times and it would be just as straight. See the pain we do to make us look l" american standard as cute" .....

Sorry to hear about your issue...but research research research. Even if you know someone from the country the stuff was created you should of asked how many people do you know there have used it? Is it common there? Have you used it was it your experience?Its not rude many people are happy to speak about their culture.
I have yet to have met anyone from china with curly hair so i do question that particular treatment. Also the people on the different sites I looked up none of the people who were getting their hair treated had straight hair...MAKES YOU SAY HMMMMM

now you have to do alot of deep conditionings basically start over. Just thought i should shine some light because these posts are getting out of hand. And if you guys take offense well don't get upset cause I spoke the truth

Posted By: cmesweet
Date Posted: May 05 2004 at 11:11pm
correcting* on the site none of the people had curly hair so how much were they really altering anyways.

BC May 9, 2004

Posted By: missydoodle
Date Posted: May 18 2004 at 9:10pm
Hey gals! I was actually trying to find a salon that does this starightening system to hair because I am do for a update on it. It has been about 6 months since my friend did the farouk japanese straightner on my hair. I absolutely LOVED it. I had extremley thick hair and it was very curly as well as having been bleached. So, while it did make my hair a lot thinner - I liked it; didnt even make it any unhealthy. It was actually her first time doing it, but she did a great job. She just watched some video and made notes throughout, so I guess I got lucky that it came out so good. It really sounds like she did overprocess your hair paisleygirl. My friend that did it mentioned that leaving it on too long was a HUGE mistake and she was being EXTRA careful not to do that. If she even had the time to check back a few times then it sounds like it was on way too long. Like I said, I LOVED the straightner and I am now trying to find a salon that will do it near me(raleigh, nc). I just dont want to pay $500 or more to get it done. I was spoiled my friend that only did it for cost of product. If anyone knows where to buy the product along with an instructional video - please let me know! Thanks! And by now, I hope you hair is doing better paisleygirl! O - BTW, the hairdresser that first responded to paisleygirl - you sound very well educated on it and I would love to know where you are located to see if it is near me!


Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: May 19 2004 at 4:02am
i just wanted to drop a wuick note to say that my girlfriend and another hairstylist gave me the CHI treatment and used #1 (i guess there's something like 3 different kinds of formulas). they were pretty strict about the length of time that they did everything (including the washing, rinsing and conditioning) as well as being extra careful to let just my girlfriend do the flat-iron part alone while the other stylist parted my hair in sections and went in the direction of the growth of that particular section.
it's been 2 weeks so far and i've not experienced any of the scalp problems or bent hairs that you have, paisleygirl. that is horribly scary and i'm sorry it happened to you. my hair is still just as soft and shiny as the day i got it done and i still love it. (my hair was really curly!)
i use the shampoo, conditioner, keratin mist and silk infusion from the CHI line. i don't, however, use each product on a daily basis. my girlfriend told me that the keratin mist adds a lot to your hair, so once or twice a week is sufficient to "feed" your hair. i use the silk infusion every 2 or 3 days, when i wash my hair. (i live in hawaii, so i don't find much cause to wash my hair daily unless i've been in the ocean for a long time.)
i read the previous replies and thought you might want to hear from someone who liked the treatment.

Posted By: KITTEN
Date Posted: June 03 2004 at 7:23pm
Whoa... I was curious about this system, I have slightly curly hair, and I usually use irons to get it straight. The stylist I asked about this said it was completely safe and does not stress the hair at all; since I have just managed to get my hair healthy and nice again after a rather generous cut I was cauchious about trying it, not being able to beive there was a perm that didnt damage the hair at all...So I descided to research a bit, and Im glad I did! After reading this; - no chi for me!

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: June 04 2004 at 11:44pm
i am quite surprised with these horror stories! i am a stylist who performs the service and i've never had a problem....i went the extra mile and had the service performed on myself and said goodbye to my curls. i can't wait to touch up my roots!

paisley,my guess is that during the flat ironing stage she probably went too close to your roots....causing the hair to be too straight/too flat...and now as your hair is is the total opposite texture which is a shock. the solution is to be applied a bit after the root and not directly on is not to be combed at all during the first stage!

as for over processing....i find it unlikely to cause "bends". it would cause dryness. "bends" are caused from the physical method it is done and not the chemical.

keep up your treatments!!!

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: June 08 2004 at 9:00pm
I totally LOVE my Chi Process! Just make sure someone good does it! Mine was only 100 and she used two number twos on it because my hair is all crazy, lol

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: June 20 2004 at 3:45pm
Wow, I really wish I had known this stuff before I had it done.

I had my chi treatment done a year ago. To this day my damned hair is still breaking and it's driving me nuts. My hair is very thick, which is probably why I am not flipping out and suing her because only on very rare occasions can I actually see where clumps have come out. But every day I do my hair I look on the ground and there is a massive amount of hair that has fallen out. And that is just when I am styling it, I know it constantly falls out during the day because they catch on my arm, shirt, etc.

I went back to the girl who did my hair 3 months ago and told her I had some breaking. She looked at it and saw it as well. She recommended Nexus Keraphix Restorative Protean Creme Reconstructor. So I bought that and have been using it for 3 months and STILL everything is the same and my hair is breaking constantly.

I refuse to cut my hair because the whole reason I got this treatment was so it would be easier to grow my hair long and I wouldn't have to take an hour + to iron it. Now my hair is mid back, my goal for my hair is still another 5 inches longer than what it is now. Unfortunately I don't know if my hair will last that long, I might have to get it cut which I would really hate to do.

I'm going to start using some products that were recommended in this thread and really hope that they work. I definately do not recommend this treatment though. Too many stylist here I think are messing up on it. Anyway, thanks everyone for sharing your experiences with it.

Posted By: Paisleygirl
Date Posted: August 14 2004 at 2:42am
Gosh, it's been a while since I posted here. Sorry to leave y'all hanging there some. The 20/20 article on TR's tonight prompted me to come back here.

Here's an update. My hair continues to break off, not like it used to, but from time to time I'm still amazed at how it continues to break and I'll see multiple hairs in my hand when running my hand thru it. The broken hairs have definitely grown out - they're probably about 5 inches long or so now, but I have lots of huge clumps of broken hairs.

It's most noticeable (to me and hair stylists, not to others who don't know any better) on the top, sides and crown of my hair. I think it looks worst on the top side and crown of my hair. Thank GOD I have/had thick hair - otherwise I would have been a basket case long before now. My hair is so thin on one side of my head. I luckily didn't have the bald patches like some people have gotten from bad TR's.

I'm doing better now than I used to. I'm still not happy with how my hair looks because it "ripples" where the clumps of short hairs meet the long hairs - if that makes sense. Eventually it'll get long enough & to the point of me feeling comfortable to get shorter layers to help blend in those broken off areas.

I did get my money back from my stylist, and because of what happened to my hair she no longer does TR's. She felt awful that this happened to me and she still doesn't understand what she did wrong.

I know that people have successful TR's and there's lots of happy customers, but I doubt I will ever get another TR in my lifetime. Wishing for straight hair all of the time was not worth all of this pain and suffering I've been through. I can't believe it's already been almost 10 months since my TR.

For any others who have damage from TR's - don't believe what the Chi company tells you in buying only their Chi shampoo/cond/etc products. Get yourself some good products that will give you both moisture & protein. Be gentle and nice to your hair - try to avoid any chemicals being put on your hair for a while.

Here's some products that I use and would recommend. I believe they've helped keep my hair from becoming like straw and even more damaged:

Redken All Soft line (moisture)
Phi-tenbella Repair Shampoo/Treatment (moisture)
Redken Smooth Down line (moisture, esp Butter Treat)
Rene Furter - Okara Repairing Treatment Mask (protein conditioner)
ID Care PPT (very deep protein - need info to use since it's intense protein - also need moisture when using this)
Jojoba Oil (for dry/brittle hair, leave in overnight then shampoo - other oils are available too I think)
Heat Silk Lotion (heat protectant when blow drying, ironing)
Redken Anti-Snap (leave in conditioner for fragile hair)

I hope this continues to help others out there. Happy hair days!


Posted By: jan
Date Posted: August 26 2004 at 4:16pm
I had the CHI straightening system done about 3 months ago. I have breakage on the back of my head along the cowlic line... At this point it looks like a mohawk after I wash it.. I went back to my salon and they taught me how to "tease" my longer hair to hide the 1" that sticks straight up.
Other than that I love the feel of my straightened hair! At first it was limp and very thin.. but perked up after about a month.

Posted By: intears
Date Posted: September 23 2004 at 12:37am
I am so in tears!!
i got this Chi done on my hair yesterday...and i can kill myself for not doing the reaserch before i got it done!!! I started doing the reserach because my scalp was feeling funny as if it is shaved. I went to some salon (not my regular)...she said that she has done it several times and no complaints....And me for the greed of straight hair gave in!!!!

I am so scared that my hair will start falling out...i have very thin hair..and now it looks as if i have no hair..I cant imagine what my situation will be once i have the breakage :( :(.

She didnt do a strand test on me...obviously i will wait for few more days before i call for a refund ! ..Someone here mentioned talking to the Chi u still have the # handy? i could not find the #..and now i am so freaked that i cant see anything clearly !!!

As the stylist advised me to buy the Chi after care kit i bought that...should i buy Redkin or can i continue to use this?

Somebody please help !!!system


Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: September 28 2004 at 12:37pm
I had the CHI method done on my hair in June of this year. I grew up always wanting straight hair..I thought my son's wedding would be a nice treat for a new "do". What a mistake. I couldn't believe when I read the posts this morning. You have all had exactly the same things as I have..this product should not be on the market. I never said a thing to anyone as I didn't want to make a big deal. My scalp felt weird for hair is very thick and wavy and comes out in bunches..I color my hair and will not go grey, so I deal with it. It was a good thing that it looked ok for the wedding or there would be a lawsuit. I am not having touch-ups and will just let it go back to being is not perfectly still has waves in places...NOT worth the time $$$ or pain!!!

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: September 30 2004 at 1:51am
Holy crap.... well.... I've recently decided to get a "Japanese Style Perm". I'm not sure if this and Chi are synonimous, but the results seem to go 50/50 at this point *at least with the Japanese style perm*.... I'm supposed to have this done in two days- so I'm going to see the stylist again today and make sure there are no questions. If there are any pearls of wisdom any of you could offer I would greatly appreciate them now. My hair has only had highlights once- but that was about 4&1/2 years ago.... My hair is fine and curly- and I all ready shed a lot. I'm kind of freaked now that if I get this done- my hair will fall out. And my hair grows SLOW- I'm talking about 1 inch per 6 months...

Posted By: aliaa
Date Posted: October 11 2004 at 1:35pm
hi, i did the yuko system 2 months ago and am experiencing the 'bends"

is there anything i can do to get rid of em :(

what if i apply a thio chemical relaxer on them? will they straighten out?


ps. whats the difference between chi and yuko?


Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: October 14 2004 at 10:42pm
Bends come from sloppy application. Roche Salon in DC has done over 2000 services and it is hard to correct for at least two months (1 inch regrowth) Do not use heavy protein treatments , it will make the hair more brittle, leave- in moisturizing conditioner, dry with moderate tention and seal in conditioner with a moderately hot flat oe curling iron. T/R treated hair has a heat memory and heat helps, but you must seal in moisture, it softens the hair. As for the flat look or lack of volume spray a volumizing styling lotion over the conditioner and dry. Remember that too much conditioner does not work better.

Posted By: QbanGal
Date Posted: December 04 2004 at 10:16pm
I wish I would have found this site before I had the CHI treatment done. Everything Paiselygirl explained has and is happening to me. My hairdresser claims she is not at fault that she did everything right and she has done it many times before and never had a problem. I plan on printing some info from here and showing her so she can she that she over did my hair. I have gotten to where I am terrified to wash, comb or brush my hair for fear I will lose more hair. I have patches where I see my hair has grown and I its been 2 months. I am so miserable and depressed, this is terrible.
Paisely girl and people responding thanks for all your info though for me it comes a bit late, but hopefully others will read before doing this treatment.



Posted By: cmesweet
Date Posted: December 05 2004 at 11:17am
Your stylist is right she probably did not do anything wrong. If you are BREAKING the bonds in your hair it will most likely get weak and start to break off. They showed this a bout a month ago on 20/20 or dateline about women who were using this system. Many of them were bald. I have read about the process of this system and there is way too much heat at one time and chemicals to use. You can give her this info so she can warn her other clients about the risk but if she followed the instructions than it is probably not her fault. If you wanted your hair to be chemically straightened then it had to be damaged to get it that way, that is what breaking a bond does.

BC May 9, 2004

Posted By: QbanGal
Date Posted: December 05 2004 at 5:38pm
Sorry , but I totally disagree. My hair was just curly. It was not damaged or mistreated and that day when she started to do my hair she took on 4 other clients. I think she took on more than she can chew and I was the unlucky one. From that day on I experienced my hair falling out not to mention a huge scab on my scalp. I did all she said to not use ponytails and to use CHI products. So she was defintely and totally at fault.


Posted By: cmesweet
Date Posted: December 05 2004 at 5:48pm
I did not say your hair was damaged before the procedure BUT permanently straightening your hair is is breaking the bonds of your hair. I have read and seen the info all the heat and the chemicals, any perm or straightening can make hair break, fall off or melt. If Any perm can damage your scalp and leave burns, if it is doing that to your scalp than think what it is doing to your hair.

And we can agree to we can disagree, you also can blame it on your stylist. But I used to have a perm for along time now I am natural and I know my hair is alot healthier since.

BC May 9, 2004

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: January 05 2005 at 4:28pm
i am getting really nervous... I am supposed to have the "chi" done in 2 weeks and from all the stories I have heard I am a little worried. Paisley, did u go to a good salon or an okay 1? one of my friends had hers done at this salon(the one im going to) and her hair looks awesome! I am even going to the same person that did hers. I am worried that I will have the same results as some og u guys and I am freaked out... and this isn't even where I normally go. What should I do? should i have it done or skip it and find another treatment... and if so what treatment?

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: January 05 2005 at 6:21pm
i am also curious... is it good to have your hair tested before you have this treatment done? The place that I am going to told my mom to bring me in there. Is this the sign of a good salon?

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: January 06 2005 at 11:19pm
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to offer a little bit of reassurance...
I've had the CHI system done now three times. I just got my third time done 2 days ago. The first time I did it, I experienced a lot of what everyone else has experienced. I had bends, and I wondered whether it was normal to have hair so stiff at the scalp. I had a little breakage in one spot, but I think this was due to the fact that I went swimming shortly after the treatment, and neglected to treat my hair gently. Although I was worried about how it felt, after I washed it and it grew out a little, it felt just fine! I'm so sorry about what happened to those who had bad experiences... but I think sometimes it just depends on the person and their hair. Though mine had bends, it grew out and straightened itself out pretty well. The second time I did it, I had better results, still with the stiffness, but it went away after a while, and looked great. I know it doesn't turn out this way for everyone... =( But don't give up hope! Sometimes things have a way of working out. Good luck to you all!

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: February 04 2005 at 1:02am
Hi everyone,

I had Chi done to my hair one week ago. No breakage, stiffness in a tiny little spot, and no bends. BUT... I still have curly hair. It made it slightly straighter, but I still have to blow dry w/ a round brush for a long time. Bottom line... if you are going to spend this much on your hair, do not go somewhere that uses the Chi product. Obv. it can be ineffective or damaging, so I would definately reccomend just steering clear. Good luck to everyone out there with problems, I'm so sorry to hear about it and you are in my prayers.

Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Date Posted: February 20 2005 at 10:33am
I had the chi done about a month ago and i went and had it cut yeterday.(i went 2 a different salon 2 have the chi done) and i went to the one i have gome to for years. My stylist was about 2 wash my hair and she was searchinf thru my scalp and told me that i have a LOT of breakage in the front and on the crown of my head. I had been noticing more and more hair coming out. Anyway she told me to go back to the other salon and tell them about this. I have to call 2morrow and demand that they give me FREE deep conditioning treatments. I am really scared. What else should I do? My mom is freaking out and so am i. i dont want to experience hair loss like that at 15. I got this done to make my life easier and now it is the hair from hell. Anyone considering the CHI dont do it. I read this b4 i had it done, but my friend that had it done convinced me to do it... hers came out gr8 and we even went to the same lady
Thanks everyone!

Posted By: malishka31
Date Posted: March 07 2005 at 11:00am
I have curly hair, and my stylist has offered to "straighted" it various times.. and i always say no.
Regardless of the system that is used, IT IS DAMAGING TO YOUR HAIR.
Nothing is worth that, everyones goal should be HEALTHY hair, not brittle and damaged hair.

I personally would never straighten just because of what these products do. They are attempting to permantly break the protein bonds of your hair and to change their shape.

I enjoy having straight hair and i have spend over 500 on Kerastase and T3 Tourmaline blowdryers and irons, ... it only takes me 20-30 minutes to perfectly straighten my mid back hair, usually it takes me 3+ hours, but for some reason this dryer and iron make a huge huge diffrence.

All i am saying is that everyone who wants to straighten should really give a higher consideration to these horror stories b/c even the small chance that any of this may happen is to big .

PS. Hugs and Kisses to the people who suffered through this.


Posted By: Nicki
Date Posted: June 23 2006 at 2:32am
I know that this topic hasn't been discussed since December of 2003 but I just came across this site this week.  I think I may have some good news about the Chi Transformation System for some people.  I know not everyone will benefit from this but I hope I can help.  I have been using The CHI System for 1 1/2 years now.  I get my roots done every 6 months and I have never felt better about myself.  My last treatment was in April and this past week, I noticed 4 bald spots that were extremely painful and itchy and red.  I freaked out.  I was so scared that I was losing hair so quickly.  Was I sick?  Lupus???  Was I going bald??  Was it the CHI?  It had to was the most aggressive thing I have done to my hair.  I found this forum and immediately was convinced it was the Chi even though my hairdresser did a terrific job on me.  On Tuesday, I went to a dermatologist and she wasn't convinced my hairdresser was to blame...or the potency of the product for that matter.  She suspected I had contact allergies.  She did a T.R.U.E. Allergen Patch Test on me and we found that I am allergic to one of the ingredients in the CHI.  THE SAME INGREDIENT IS ALSO IN MY SHAMPOO!!!  My hair dresser did do an allergy spot test on me before using the product and I didn't have any reactions.  However, a reaction won't always occur immediately.  The more you are exposed to the allergen, the worse your body reacts.  That is why my reaction was so delayed.  After I did the treatment the last time, my scalp felt the hair was being tugged in spots.  I realize now that it was a MILD allergic reaction but by washing my hair with shampoo I am MILDLY allergic to, after time, it caused my scalp to become inflamed and my hair to fall out.  I think if people want straight hair, the CHI system is still a fantastic way to get amazing hair that you have always dreamed of.  But before you do, do yourself a favor and see a dermatologist and ask to have the T.R.U.E. Allergen Patch Test done.  Compare the results of the test with the ingredients in the bottles to see if you may be allergic to anything.  If so, avoid it.  If not, enjoy the hair you have always dreamed of! 

Posted By: Nicki
Date Posted: June 23 2006 at 2:35am
My mistake....I just realized the topic HAS been discussed since Dec of 2003!  Glad to see that.  I hope my last post helps someone.  By the way, my hair has always been Thick, coarse, curly and frizzy.  The CHI made my hair look beautiful, smoothe, soft and healthy.  I am going to miss having it done so much!!!!  Just be sure you go to a good salon and be tested for any allergies beforehand.

Posted By: delta4ever
Date Posted: July 12 2006 at 9:29pm
I also just had my hair straightened with the Chi system today, and I am really worried about the results.  I have had it done in the past with a different system (can't remember the name), this time was the first time I had the Chi.  My hair seems to be "stuck" in place, and in some places has "doll hair" texture.  Has anyone had this experience?  Is this a normal thing that will go away when I wash it?  When I say stuck in place, I mean if I try to move hair over the part it flops back exactly where it was. 
Hope someone can enlighten me.

Posted By: Nicki
Date Posted: July 13 2006 at 4:01pm
The first time I had my hair straightened with the CHI, it felt very soft and smoothe but has a slight waxy feeling to it.  It also stuck out in spots and wouldn't go down when I tried to make it.  But after about 2 months, It was better.  After that, it was fine everytime I got it straightened.  Don't quote me on this but maybe it is because the CHI completely changes the texture of your hair and your hair needs to be "trained" all over again.  Or maybe you have cowlicks? 

Posted By: michelleinGA
Date Posted: July 14 2006 at 6:08am

Hi All,

I am hearing many comments on the CHI products but I am under the impression that The Liscio Japanese product is by far the best of the straightening TR forms. Has anyone had experience with that product? I do not think I would use the CHI. I want to doit but want to find a salon using LISCIO,,, Any info would be a great help!!

Posted By: baby*flower
Date Posted: July 25 2006 at 6:45pm
I had xtenso done to my hair which is a "smoothing system" probably the same thing as the straightening ones you guys have had bad experiences with but milder. Anyway my hair was super straight after she did the treatment and I went through some of the same things, my hair started forming a 90 degree angle at the top and breaking off, It didnt breakoff too much but it gave me fly away hair and i had to be very very careful with my hair  untill that part grew out, i have to say that it did make my hair more managable but I had thick hair to begin with and it wasnt manageable, after i got this done even though i experienced some hair loss it grew back and its been over a year now since i got this treatment done and my hair is about half way down my back. Overall I dont really regret getting this done but it would have been nice to see how my hair would have turned out at this point if i didnt loose hair, not sure if it made a diff or not.

Posted By: Sharyg11
Date Posted: July 25 2006 at 10:27pm

Michelle, the best person to get that information from is Steve Tcherkezian. Just find any post on this forum where he has posted an answer and ask him. Or log on to his website You will find all the info you need. Steve is the number one TR expert in north america. You can't go wrong with any advice he gives you.

The advice I found on his site, saved my hair after my horrible experience with TR. And it could prevent you from going to the wrong stylist or using the wrong product. He is also an expert on Xtenso which baby flower mentioned above. Just so you know, when done correctly(either TR or Xtenso) you should not experience any breakage or damage at all. If you do, your stylists is not a chemical expert (most stylists aren't). See, after my horrible experience I did alot of research. And found out that chemicals are a whole other deal for stylist. Just like different doctors have different specialties, which they must study after getting out to school, stylist have to study further to make chemicals their specialty. I'll tell you though, there are very few. And just like you will read on Steve's site, even the ones that are "teachers" at their salons, aren't experts. They learn through the training provided by the companies which manufacture the product, which to my surprise, acording to experts like Steve, is totally wrong. So make sure you do your homework on this one.

Good luck and Beautiful hair,

Posted By: aurora
Date Posted: December 09 2006 at 6:00pm
I have very fine, curly hair.  I have a TR treatment scheduled for a few days from now.  I have read a lot of bad reviews but some real good ones.  Does anyone have any advice?  I don't know which treatment my salon uses....
I have terrible hair but would die if it started falling out or breaking off..
The good reviews have said that it makes your hair a lot more healthy and honestly it seems that the chemicals can't be any more damaging than a blowdryer and flat iron.  Does that still need to be done everyday or does this treatment help to make it easier, depending on the hairstyle of course?

Hope someone can shed some light.  If all reviews were bad I wouldn't be still considering it but the good ones seem to make up for the bad.

Keep on shinin'

Posted By: Sharyg11
Date Posted: December 10 2006 at 2:26am

My advice to you is find out what treatment is going to be used. Stay away from anything that is not Japanese (Bioionics, Matrix etc). Find out how many clients has your stylist performed the treatment on. If they tell you two stylists will be performing the service, don't get it done. That means they don't have enough experience and lack the speed of hands. That also means you will end up with two different textures in your hair, since two different people will have different methods, different speed of hands, and different pressure when straightening the hair. DON'T BE AFFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS. This is your hair we are talking about. My hair is not as thick as it used to be before the TR. I would say I lost a good third of my hair. I had alot of hair to begin with, so that saved me from being baldCry. And the process  to regrow the hair was painfull to say the least. If you have the soft, loose type of curls, then you won't need to blow dry for you hair to remain straight. If your hair is really curly, then you will still have to blow dry your hair straight. However it will stay straight even if you sweat.

And it is not true that the treatment makes your hair healthier. No chemical process does. You are actually changing the texture of your hair. How healthy can that be?Wink All chemical process will cause some damage to the hair. The difference is the degree of damage. If performed correctly, the damage will be the normal, undetectable damage. When performed incorrectly, it will be disaster. It can leave you with minor problems like the 90 degree angle spoken of above (which happens when the product is comed against the scalp, which should never be done)which will eventually become breakage, or it can cause permanent hair loss. Take into consideration the comitment that this is, as well as the expense. This is a serious process. If you have the slightest doubt about the people performing the service, do not get it done. Check out You will find alot of information there.

Hope this helps. Good luck and beautiful hair
Much love, Shary

Posted By: aurora
Date Posted: December 10 2006 at 10:34am
I appreciate the info.  I am leaning towards not getting it done after reading the postings here.  My hair is fine, frizzy and very curly.  Any advice on products that will help?  It seems that I have tried just about everything and nothing seems to help.  Once I turned 30 it seems the health has deteriorated.  It used to be shiny and not so frizzy (of course I do live in Houston now vs MN--could be a factor).  Now it looks like a rat's nest.  I have to wear it up everyday because it is just so unmanageable.  ???  The stylist was telling me that she didn't recommend the Japanese products for my hair???  I am so confused and just fed up with it.  I don't know if I should find a different salon or what.  It just takes me so long to really trust anyone.  With fine, curly hair you have to be so careful because the wrong cut is disaster!  Believe me, I have had many!  I go home in tears. 
Oh well, guess I need to learn to live with it.  I so badly want straight hair, it would be that much easier and could get real cute haircuts.  I do flat iron it on occasion it is just so much work and seems to be very bad for my hair. 
Thanks again!

Keep on shinin'

Posted By: aurora
Date Posted: December 10 2006 at 1:37pm
What do you think about the Bio Ionic treatment?  I scheduled a consultation at another salon to discuss this one.  The salon claims that the stylist is in high demand to perform this treatment.  We'll see.  It is a lot more expensive than the CHI tr. 
Is it worth it?  Heck maybe when I go in the stylist will tell me that she will fix my curly hair so that I will like it...

Keep on shinin'

Posted By: Sharyg11
Date Posted: December 10 2006 at 8:04pm

Hi Aurora,

Bio Ionic is an american made product. That was actually the product used on my hair. The real experts don't like it, and most bad reviews are about the Bio Ionic system. That being said, if the person applying the treatment is in fact a chemical expert you should have no problem.

However here is the problem that I see with your stylist: She told you she doesn't recommend the Japanese products for your hair? Did you ask her why?  I bet if you do, she won't be able to provide a convincing argument. Both American and Japanese formulas have the same chemical, Thio. The difference is in the formulation. Remember, you can give 10 different chefs eggs, flour and sugar, and each one would come back with a different cake.

The Japanese are the ones who invented the product to begin with, and were perfoming the service for years before it was brought up to the U.S. Who do you think makes a better product?
Also find out who trainned the stylist. If it was the company that makes the Bio-Ionic, she wasn't trainned properly. Their trainning according to the Japanese experts is incorrect. I believe it is as well. When I got it done, my stilyst (who I love) had a big certificate hanging on the wall, which stated she was certified to perform Bio-Ionics TR. I thought that was enough. Well, $600 and a head of damaged hair later, I figured I was wrong. Don't get me wrong, my stilyst is a great stilyst, I still go to her for hair cuts, and would go to her for color if I colored my hair. I just won't go to her for chemical straightening. And she had an album with a bunch of clients she had performed the service on. Of course the won't show you pictures of the same client 6 months later.
I don't blame her. It was my fault for not doing my homework. At the time the treatment had just come out and there was not as much information available as there is now.
I also don't like the fact that the stylist is insisting on you getting the service. If she was in such high demand, she wouldn't be doing that.
And a good stilyst never insists on a client getting a service that they are not 100% sure about. The fact that she told you she doesn't recommend the japanese products for your hair, tells me she is not a chemical expert, just another stylist trainned by the company.  A real expert would have taken the time at your initial appoinment to answer all your questions in detail, and explain exactly what the process is, so you could be at ease. If someone tells you they don't recommend a product for your hair, they should be able to tell you why, from a chemical point of view. If they are not able to, then they simply just don't know, and they are BS'ing you. Which I think is what she is doing.
If the Japanese products are not right for your hair, then that means TR as a whole is not recommended for you.
I have fine, super curly, super frizzie type 3B hair. TR is just not for me, because #1 I still had to blow dry my hair to get it straight (it just didn't frizz afterwards, even if I would sweat) and #2 the regrowth was just too noticesable around my frontal hair line. Is a latin thing. We have the curliest hair in that area. The rest of my head is fine and the regrowth is OK.
I found I can get the same results with a regular Thio relaxer (Rusk radical anticurl, L'oreal Xtenso). Once I blow dry and slightly flat iron, my hair stays just as straight as with the TR. I use a real good flat iron though. I have a Sedu. Which allows me to just quickly pass the iron over my hair and voila! beautifull, smooth, shiny and frizz free hair until the next time I wash. I wash my hair every 3 days, because you are not supposed to wash every day when you have curly hair. So that means I only have to do it twice a week. No one, except for the people that know me well, knows that my hair is curly. Everyone thinks I have naturally straight hair. It only costs a fraction of what TR costs, and the best thing is, if you want to wear your hair curly you can. The curls will be smooth, looser and shiny as opposed to TR'd hair, which will be stiff and frizzie if is not blow dried (that is for people with naturally super curly hair). So there is an alternative, and it will give you much better results at a fraction of the price. So look into it. Look in the straight talk forum, for the post tittled the fight against humidity. You can read the products I use and my hair regimen there. You might just find the answer you are looking for. As for that stylist, I wouldn't let her touch my hair. But that is my personal opinion.
Hope this helps. Good luck and great hair.
Much love, Shary

Posted By: aurora
Date Posted: December 11 2006 at 10:33am
Thanks for your help.  I switched salons and set up a consultation with a stylist there.  She sounds very knowledgeable and has years of experience.  She does a variety of relaxing treatments so we will see.  I will be asking a lot of questions before I decide. 
Thanks again, it is much appreciated!  Happy holidays!

Keep on shinin'

Posted By: Sharyg11
Date Posted: December 11 2006 at 12:19pm
You're very welcome.
So glad to hear I was able to help, and that you found another salon. Let me know how the consultation goes. Good for you for doing your researchSmile
Much love, Shary

Posted By: jbrime123
Date Posted: February 19 2008 at 6:43pm
I just posted something here about my same experience.  You can take a look at it if you want.
I am sooooo sorry to read of your misfortune.  I have spoke with a number of hair stylists and none but one of them said that it COULD be fixed but the chances of finding anyone who wouldn't make more of a wreck of my hair would be slim to none.  He suggested that instead of risking the very delicate process of having the hair mended, that I use protien and conditioners in my hair and sadly I should consider having it cut in order to lessen the weight on my already fragile thining hair.
I spent 3 years growing my hair out and now it has all been in vein.  I do think though that I am able to feel for those that have cancer and lose their hair.  I guess I should feel blessed that I am not bald........YET!
Anyway.  Just look for my name in the posts and you will find it.

Almost Bald

Posted By: jbrime123
Date Posted: March 24 2008 at 7:35pm


I don't mean to sound mean but I don't feel so all alone any more!

I had the Matrix Opti-smooth system used on mine about a month and a half ago with the same results. The horrible thing about it is now that the bends are about 3/4 of an inch, my hair is starting to look like a spiders legs right at the crown of my head.  Dead  It looks horrible.  I have to tell you my bad news though...I had to have my shoulder length hair cut almost Boy short. CryCryCry  It is about 3 inches long with 3/4 inch patches of short hair.  I bought and used the biolustre treatment for my hair and it slowed down alot of the breakage but I spoke with a hair stylist that told me I will probably continue to lose hair until the bends are completely cut out which means I wont be able to grow my hair out any time soon. Confused  I spoke with the lady that did my hair and she tried to act like it wasn't her fault.  She tried to say that there was something wrong with me Angry I have never had hair like this.  I had REAL bad dandruff for the first 2 weeks and I have never had dandruff a day in my life.  I still get the itchies every once in a while too.  At first it was real bad, now I just get them off and on every once in a while.  It is embarrasing because you feel like people might think you have bugs.

Any way.  I too am sooooo sorry about your hair mis-adventure.  I know how it feels and I hope that things have gotten better.  I am from Killeen Texas by the way.  I live in Alabama now. 

Almost Bald

Posted By: southern_cowgir
Date Posted: July 26 2008 at 9:53am
Hello, I came across this thread 2 days before I was to have my Chi straightening done. Here's some info
I have really thick super curly hair, although I have native american background. I have always hated it and could do nothing with it except put it in a ponytail. I hated humid days because it would go everywhere. About 4 years ago my stylist suggested that she straighten it with a Chi iron. I loved it!!! I could finally have straight hair. Problem~ I work with horses and sweat alot! So of course at that point I was going back twice a week to have it straightened. Then I tried doing it myself,and ended up burning my hair badly over a years period. I've now spent the past year trying to revitalize my hair & get it back long like it was. When my hair is curly it sits about shoulder length
Present day~
I made the appointment Wensday afternoon for friday (yesterday)and up until then I didn't even know what it was called that she was going to do to my hair. After I knew I logged back on and researched it and the first link I clicked  on was for this forum. I then read through all of the bad things that had happened to everyone that had this done. I browsed other websites and couldn't find any other bad expereinces. Kinda eased my mind.
  I went for my appt. friday at 2:00 pm, slightly worried, All she had done was look at & ran her fingers through my hair wensday, no strand test nothing. In talking to her when we started she got certified in 2002 and hadn't done one of these in about 2 yrs! ok slightly more worried at this point
She washed my hair , blow dried it and added a thick gooy cream. Set her timer stepped outside for a quick smoke, came back in within 2 minutes. She then pulled up a small piece of my hair with her nail, wrapped it around her finger and test pulled it with her other hand and said "Your' ready lets go!" We went over to the basin and she washed it all out. then put in another conditioner.Sat 5 minutes -rinsed it out. Now back to the chair for actual straightening. After it was straightened she put in what was called the "Bonding Agent" she said this is what will hold my hair straight. sat with it on for about 2 minutes, back to the basin to rinse & condition again.Another 5 minutes sitting.Then back to the chair for a quick dry with the drier and few touch up straightenings and VOILA! I am curl free & loving it!!! Sat in the chair from 2:00 until 7:10 gosh my booty hurt! LOL
I never had any of the tightness on my scalp other posters had mentioned, no funky smell, no hair loss at ALL! not even when she washed it all 3 times!
Slept on it last night woke up this morning was able to use hubby's comb to run through it and I was good to go!! Not even 1 hair came out on the comb which is usually half way full after I'm done with it with curls & tangles.
It cost $500 slightly steep but she said with the length and weight of my hair she doesn't expect to see me back for a touch up for at least a year! I did buy the Chi shampoo & stuff becasue she said she did not recommend me keep using my Fructis shampoo after the treatment.
My hair is baby soft and so touchable now! Hubby loves it I love it it was well worth the $500 I saved for it!! I am definetly recommending it.  It now reaches about 2 inches below my bra line AND she trimmed off about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of icky stuff
Just thought I would post about my experince.
East Texas
Straight & Lovin It

Posted By: Jocose9
Date Posted: October 29 2008 at 12:55pm
I've had the same treatment done on my hair and since then it came to half its natural size, i loose hair every time i attempt to comb my hair or even if i run my hands through it! i would not advise anyone to have CHI hair transformation system done. My hair is originally fine and wavy, it has been coloured many times and it became very dry, i was promised by my stylist that CHI will restore my hairs original appearance and will prevent my hair loss. It was all a big lie! i dont know what do to know to fix my hair, if someone can help i'd be more than gratefull. Plus i would like to have my roots done, is that a good idea now?

Posted By: crystalsi
Date Posted: December 01 2008 at 7:08pm
I wish I have found this site sooner so I won't do japenese thermal straightening last month.  It has been a month since I've done my thermal straightening at a korean salon using japenese product with a brand of "PM".  I am so regret after I've done this process at this store because 2 inexperience hairstylist did the whole process for me.  Everything went fine even after a month, I am not seeing any hair loss, itching, irritation, redness at all.  But my hair is not straight, the bottom part is starting to flip out a little bit and looks quite frizzy.  Plus I start to see some hair breakage on the top of my head.  I am so unhappy, depress, worry that I went to see a doctor and had some blood work to make sure that I am still healthy.  As a result, the doctor said I have - anxiety , depression, and sleeping disorder all due my hair.  I have been so worry about the look and the result of my hair because I have done thermal straightening for 4 times already and each time turned out to be pretty nice.  Even though, I often experience hair loss and itchy if I don't wash my hair for 2 days.  It has been a month and I am totally unhappy with the result of my hair.  I am planning to wait for another 4 months and will get a better thermal straightening done at a trusted salon that I just found.  I went back to my other salon asking for a refund but they couldn't see anything big damage with my hair so they refused to refund the money. 
I am so worry ... will my hair stop growing because of the chemical and the unsucessful result?  Is it ok to get TR again after 5 or 6 months?  Will the chemical cause any damage to my brain or memory?  I couldn't - sleep and eat well at all after I got my hair done last month.  PLUS .. the chemical smell stay on my hair for 2 weeks which I think was very weird??

Posted By: sexzkitten
Date Posted: April 10 2009 at 1:33am
Thank you everyone for posting this...I was going to attempt the chi system but have since changed my mind.  I've had curly extremely hilighted fine hair since I was 20.  I am now 34.  My hair has always grown extremely slow since I was a teen and my teenage hairstyles speak for themselves....I've tried just about everything since I was young...the first time I had my hair straightened was a nightmare.  They used a solution for african american hair and I am caucasian.  Not only did it actually straighten....they had to cut off 6 inches of my hair, my hilighted hair was fried and felt like hay,my scalp had no feeling for about 1 month.  My hair was straight but looked worse than before since it was cut above my shoulders.  This was basically the last time I saw my long hair.  It took 1 full year before the process wore off.  About 6 years later I tried another straightening system, this one was one of the 1st ones available to hairstylists for caucasian hair.  Very depressing.  My hair ended up wavy with straight sections, all my hilights were fried yet again and it looked a mess.  After that I gave up.  I dont believe that anything out there will straigten hair without breakage.  I know the systems do work on virgin hair....well thats great, but who nowadays has virgin hair!!!!! All I can say is take prenatals to grow the hair, olive oil treatments boost my hair to grow and fight frizzies....I dont know why but it works wonders....Buy a deep conditioner to use once a week.  A hair serum will work great to to smooth the hair.  I use a straightening iron every day on my hair and for now I have bought clip on extensions which really help while waiting for my hair to grow.  DONT STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR CHEMICALLY.  Work with what you've got.

Posted By: roro0202
Date Posted: April 14 2009 at 9:25pm
Since I bought my new iron, my hair has been getting thinner and thinner. Should I buy a new iron? My friend said a ceramic one works the best. Is that true? Or is there something I can use to make my hair thicker/thicker-looking?


Posted By: SoClumsy
Date Posted: June 13 2009 at 3:55am
Wow, I have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM.Actaully,I had a regular straightening perm from a random salon. Yes, EXTREME state of being stupid !Well, I'm 18 and wanted to have straight silky hair, thats all !But it was my second time, and my first went great, sadly i moved, so I just wanted to try somewhere new. STUPIDITY. My hair was also itchy. 5 mins after I got home, I was wanting to pull my hair off. I asked for natural straight bangs, but instead, IT WAS STRAIGHT STRAIGHT STRAIGHT. Nothing but a curtain of hair in front of my left eye. Then I noticed a "scrunchy"and dry feeling,thinking it was my scalp. But i looked closer and MY HAIR WAS ALL BENT. I asked for VOLUME, OR AT LEAST NOT TO STRAIGHTEN WITH A BENT ! I didn't want the FLAT FLAT look, since I don't have think hair. So, the next day, I washed it all off. I was so mad, I thought it would help get the chemicals off. And I did the worst things anyone can do, not knowingly. I play a lot of sports(student body athletic officer) and ALWAYS TIE up my hair. I blowed dry everyday, hopiing to cover up the ONE INCH HAIR THAT STICKS UP NEAR THE ROOTS, CAUSED FROM THOSE BENTS. TRUST ME, THERE are a LOT OF THOSE !! It's been like 3 months, and hair are still breaking off. I was too scared to go back to the salon to SCREAM AT THAT LADY, but i dealed with it. Sad, my graduation picture is messed up with frizzy short hair sticking up & split ends. I really don't know what else to do. I have hair down to my bra stap, and colored it a year ago. Didn't go for a trim every since that lady ruined my hair. My fault for not searching it up and paying attention. Hair are really thin,but thank god it's long. If it weren't for the "longness" then I'd look like a Freak Losing Hair. Anyone have any suggestions for what hair product to use ? I want to be gentle (since i've read all the post, starting from 2003) and want to know if hair heat protectent spray is okay for the hair. Its REALLY AWEFUL,though i might not sound like it, believe me, I was crying for few weeks here and there. So:
Is there a way to help the hair that are sticking out to "calm down" and just NOT stick up ==__== ?
And, should i blow dry my hair?Because I think when i don't, the hair STICKS UP . And, my COLORED HAIR WAS DEAD UGLY. Just like SEXZKITTEN,my colored part of my hair, is too, FRIED AND A COMPLETE MESS. How do I really cover up those hair that stick up ? When Will this ever stop ?!?!

Posted By: BeautyXpert2009
Date Posted: October 06 2009 at 2:10pm
wow... how has this post been kept alive for 6 years. Or is my computer displaying the wrong date. I see 2003 for the original post date? I'm new to the hairtalk forum but somehow came across this thread. I personally have not had any permanent treatment experiences. I usually stick to flat irons.


Posted By: marialbertini
Date Posted: May 11 2010 at 2:52pm
I am sooooooo sorry that I didn't find this forum before I had my CHI treatment done. I won't describe the same results that so many didi before me. Hair breaking, falling, looking like a doll hair, etc,etc, etc. I feel like killing myself or shaving my hair. It has been 2 weeks now and I have spent a lot of money buying all kinds of products to see if I can save whatever hair has been left. So far couldn't find any. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ANY CHI TREATMENT if you love your hair... I hope this help someone before have the CHI done.

Posted By: marialbertini
Date Posted: May 18 2010 at 3:19pm
I finally see some hope for what was left of my hair. If you have had your hair damaged by any chemical you don't have to spend tons of money. I found a hair stylist that is helping my hair to recover. She told me to buy Hair Porosity Control and Hair Cholesterol and use it with a warm towel after washing my hair. They cost a fraction of the products that I was using before and made a miracle with my hair. Before I was using Kerastase Ciment and Redken, both helped the damaged, but are much more expensive and didn't worked as good as the other two that I said before. Hope it helps.

Posted By: Penelope1
Date Posted: May 28 2010 at 11:58am
I'm glad I found this forum. I too had the CHI system applied about 5 years ago. I had all the same symptoms (bent hair, crusty areas and had some hair at the scalpline acually melt off).
My hair is really thin but curly and FRIZZY. I picked CHI because the stylist said it was the best system out there to DEFRIZZ and straighten. I love the silky & straight feel of it but the other side efeects aren't worth it.
I am so confused at the difference of all the straighting systems. CHI is $500 where Anti-Curl is $75 - why the huge gap?
I really want to straighten my hair again but don't know which one to choose? The thing I liked best about the CHI was that is lessed my frizz to almost Zero. I want something like that again but obviously don't want to go back to CHI.
I need advise!

Posted By: kikki
Date Posted: July 15 2010 at 4:59am
Hi, I know that this topic was discussed long time ago. I'm getting my CHI straightening done next week. After reading all the bad experiences I'm a bit  afraid. I already consulted my hairdresser and she already done it on others and never experiences hair loss. My hair is thick and very frizzy. I will also buy the chi kit for better care. Shall I do it or cancel?? please help.

I saw some vids and pics with hair that out pretty good.


Posted By: lanter
Date Posted: August 12 2010 at 2:37pm
I've read a few of the remarks on the Chi straightening systems. For those of you still thinking about having it done I want to say that I've had it done every 6 months for the last 2 1/2 years and it's wonderful. I have never had a problem and people I have worked with for years can't get over how nice it looks. I have red hair with natural gray highlights, something in the Chi makes the gray look like blonde and people ask me who does my hair all time. When it was curly you couldn't see the highlights. Anyway I've never had a problem but I am sorry for those that have.

Posted By: hairguru
Date Posted: August 20 2010 at 12:46pm
I have not had the CHI treatment done on my hair, but I did have my hair straightened when I was in high school.  A few days after the treatment, some of the hair on the top of my head fell out.  It was a relatively large patch where my part would normally be.  When my hair started growing back, it looked like I had a mohawk!  I recently went to a different hair stylists and I told her this story.  She told me that my hair would never be able to stand up to the chemicals in straightening products because my hair is thin.  My hair is extremely fuzzy and appears to be thick, but apparently it isn't!  I'm not sharing this to scare anyone.  I just don't want anyone to go through what I did.  If you have thin or damaged hair, don't use chemical straighteners!

------------- - haircut

Posted By: nyctexan
Date Posted: February 10 2011 at 10:52am
I just wanted to throw in my experience here, in case it might help anyone else with their decision about whether to get the Chi chemical straightening done to their hair.  I had read these posts before I made the leap, but figured that it was probably a small portion of people who had bad experiences so I did it anyway.  Well, it may be that more people are happy than bald after having this done, but I fell into the hair loss category.  I definitely wish I could undo it and go back to a full head of wavy hair rather than this. 

My hair is naturally wavy-curly, and while I could straighten it with a blow-dry and flat ironing, it would wave again as soon as I stepped outside into any humidity.  So I was eager to try something that would give me straight hair, but I took six months to examine options and make a careful choice of treatments.  I have a friend who has been getting the Chi treatment for years and her hair was gorgeous, so I went to the same stylist she used.  I asked tons of questions about the process, whether it was right for my hair type, etc.  I even sent the stylist this forum link and asked if there was a chance this could happen to me, since losing my hair would be the worst possible outcome.  She assured me that my hair was the healthiest she'd ever seen (never dyed, not often blow-dryed or ironed, etc), that I would be thrilled with the results, and that she'd never had any clients have a bad outcome.  I believed her and got the treatment.  She also cut two inches off the ends of my hair after the treatment, so I would be rid of any previous split ends. 

Within two days, I knew something was wrong, since I could feel that my hair had bends as they began to grow out.  It felt rough like the fuzzy side of velcro on these patches of my scalp with bends.  About 5-7 days after the treatment, the hair with bends began to break off at the bent point.  Two weeks after the treatment, I counted one day to see how many hairs were falling out, because I had the sickening feeling that it was way more than "normal" hair loss of 50-100 per day.  I counted 340 in one day.  And I assume it was higher because plenty of hairs fall off behind my back without me noticing.  This was typical of my daily hair loss for the first month...which means I lost a lot of hair.  A lot of hair was lost in the shower when I washed it, and more when I blow dryed (which I had to do sometimes since it was cold outside).  So I stopped washing daily and tried to avoid blow drying it.  I tried conditioning it extra (which, frankly, was necessary anyway since my hair was much less elastic than it was before the treatment, so it would tangle like crazy if I didn't put something in it from root to ends to smooth it out).  This decrease in elasticity also meant I would find elaborate tangles in my hair that were tied in such tight knots I had to cut them out.  By the way - the test that is done to determine if the Chi chemicals have set long enough in your hair is to tie a knot in few strands and see if it bounces loose.  When it doesn't bounce loose (i.e., when the elasticity is gone), then your hair is "done." 

Now it's been about 6 weeks post-Chi, and the hairs that broke off at the bends are now about an inch long and they stick straight up, so the damage is visible when I wear my normal hair styles.  Most of the broken hairs seem to be on the top of my hair, around my face/hairline, on the crown of my head (near a cowlick), and along the part...but it's possible that the broken hairs are all over and they're just most visible here.  The worst part is on the very top of my head, just past where I can see in the mirror head-on, where there is a patch of hairs (about a two inch circle, I think) that are only 1 inch long and there aren't long pieces there to cover it.  I really hope other people don't notice this; I am not sure how noticeable it is from behind.  I am dreading the long process of letting these grow out...I'm sure it will take over a year.  And my hair continues to fall out every time I touch my hair and also when I don't.  I constantly find hair on my coat, my clothes, my arm, etc.  I haven't counted again because it is too disturbing to know how extreme the problem is.  I am hoping it's not as high as 340 hairs lost per day any more. 

That's the worst part, but what does not help at all is that my hair is not straight now.  It's still wavy in the back, but now it's a lumpy uneven wave instead of the pretty waves I had before.  If I blow dry it, the wave is not as visible, but I'm frustrated that my hair isn't straight after all of this.  Plus, it's super damaged.  The texture is different than before - when individual strands fall out, they are often wiry.  Or the thickness changes along the length of the hair, like the chemicals ate away at portions of the strand.  And many of the pieces that fall out have splits along the middle of the strand, which I have never seen happen in my hair before.  I had no idea how horrible having damaged hair could be.  I just hope that as my new hair grows in that it won't be affected by all this damage in any way.  If I don't blow dry it or flat iron it now, the ends point in every different direction and it's not cute.  So basically, after all of this, I still have to spend time styling it with heat to make it presentable. 

This is to say - you don't have to have damaged hair before getting a Chi to have this happen to you.  Your hair can be super healthy and it may fall out after the Chi.  You can also go to a reputable stylist who has never had a problem with the treatment before (by her own admission, granted) and who comes highly recommended by trusted sources and still have your hair fall out afterwards.  (I have told the stylist what is happening, and she initially sent me a bottle of conditioner, and then when I said I counted 340 hairs that fell out in one day, she stopped responding to me.  Classy, no?  I don't care about a refund, I just want my hair back.  And for this not to happen to anyone else.)  I don't know of any "mistakes" my stylist made, and since I had made my concerns clear to her, I believe she did a careful job on my hair.  The best I can figure is that the Chi chemicals are too strong for some hair, and I fell into that unfortunate group.  So be careful and don't make this decision lightly.  Bald is not a good look for those of us who aren't Demi Moore or Natalie Portman.  It wasn't that cute on Cameron Diaz or Britney either. 

Posted By: ani001
Date Posted: June 16 2011 at 3:38pm
Hii, I was wondering...are you referring to the Enviro Chi Treatment, or this is another treatment??.. so far everyone is telling me is the best thing ever and is safe, not unhealthy like the Keratin.
But, after reading this I just dont want to get bold . My hair is wavy, but my main issue is the frizz !! its horrible. I'm planning to go to the beach with my in laws and I'm afraid I can't control my horrible frizzy hair. Any suggestion? this the enviro chi?

Posted By: kikki
Date Posted: July 24 2011 at 12:09pm
I did the Chi transformation system (Straightening) a year ago. I had frizzy and thick hair. The result: it was straight but with the iron straightening, after washing it i still need to blow dry it. Not worth the money, the only advantage was that the blow dry will hold in humidity.

After one year I have to trim my hair every month due to excessive split ends.

Fortunately, I had no hair loss.

Nowadays I use, swarzkopf - Zero frizz  shampoo and conditioner, and John Frida Frizz ease serum. They do miracles. I love these products as they do their job.

Hope this helps!!

Posted By: nyctexan
Date Posted: July 24 2011 at 1:48pm
Ani001 - I don't believe I had the Enviro Chi.  That seems to be a new product since my treatment.  But no matter what they say, none of these straightening treatments are healthy for your hair.  If it doesn't make your hair fall out or break off, and even if it makes your hair very smooth for a month or 6 weeks, it disrupts the wave patterns in your hair for far longer so that you can't wear your hair wavy and have it look pretty for a long long time.  I do not believe in straight hair miracles any more!

Posted By: imane
Date Posted: December 30 2013 at 8:00am
thanks for all the great data.
I hope someone sheds light more on elchim hair dryer and spa company


Posted By: Rinams
Date Posted: April 22 2018 at 12:12am
Hello , i wanted to ask what happened to your hair now ,
I did the chi treatment (unfortunately before i find this forum) :( my hair started falling out 3 weeks into the treatment ( 2 years ago) i went to a dermatologist and he said my hair is damaged but there is no way to find out if it’s permanent
I never had very thick hair but it was good enough , very dry and a bit curly ; now i lost almost 40%of my hair thickness and its all lumpy and fragile
It keeps falling now matter what i do ! I took biotin , multivitamin, tried ecrial ampules, it falls even in ponytails all i do now is wear it in a bun and even then when i comb it it hairs alot
Please help , tell me what did u do and if ur hair stopped falling and after how long :(
Thank you

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