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What Does Saturn Do To Hair?

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Category: Hair Talk
Forum Name: Astrology & Hair
Forum Description: Are your bad hair days predestined or purely dumb luck?
Printed Date: December 01 2022 at 9:06pm

Topic: What Does Saturn Do To Hair?
Posted By: Bratty
Subject: What Does Saturn Do To Hair?
Date Posted: July 01 2003 at 7:16pm
I just read that when you have transiting Saturn on your Sun or in your first house that you may have hair issues? Karen or anyone, do you know if this is true?


Posted By: uzma
Date Posted: July 02 2003 at 1:11am
Yeah, you'll be pulling it out in frustration .

Seriously, I have no idea.
Would love to know, though.........................


Posted By: Kintaro
Date Posted: July 02 2003 at 1:28am
Dent-resistent hair.... I mean doors....

The secret is in what you eat and how you live, not how high in the sky you look. Sorry.

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Posted By: uzma
Date Posted: July 02 2003 at 2:16pm
Been thinking about this some more.

Saturn in transit has been called the bringer of "divine discontent".

It shakes you up and wakes you up (a little like Kintaro) and turns your world over into chaos.

If you are prepared and respond appropriately to the thunder-storm of Saturnian energy, than you have a wonderful transformative power with which to create new paradigms and realities in your life.

If you are totally reactive than you moan, complain, ***** and generally go into a deep depression because you assess that life sucks.
Saturn ate his own children in some you an idea of the raw compulsion and brutality we are dealing with here.

On the hair front, in case of a positive Saturnian impact, I guess you would change your hair style, colour, etc.
If you have a negative reaction to Saturn, then figure on what I said originally. You'll be pulling it out!!

Paging Karen.... resident astrology expert!!!


Posted By: Grace912
Date Posted: November 16 2003 at 2:27pm
The return of Saturn is when Gwen Stefani dyed her hair pink. For what that's worth. All I know is that Saturn's return to the place where it was when you were born coincides with your 30th birthday or thereabouts, so you may be somewhat agitated anyway. That agitation may manifest itself either in a hairstyle change or just plain pulling it out in frustration! So yeah, ITA with what other people said, I guess.

I'm listening to "Simple Kind Of Life" at the moment; I swear that it's a coincidence!

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