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Creating Hair Journals

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Category: Hair Journals & Polls & Related
Forum Name: Hair Journals
Forum Description: Create & Share your own hair journal.
Printed Date: April 20 2021 at 1:55pm

Topic: Creating Hair Journals
Posted By: Karen Shelton
Subject: Creating Hair Journals
Date Posted: March 20 2005 at 3:59pm

This forum is set up specifically so that you can create journals related to hair & beauty topics. 

How To Proceed:

1.  Create a New Thread

2.  Give the thread an appropriate title.....Example....Susie's (enter name desired) Hair Journal or Susies Weight Loss Journal or exercise plan....etc.,

3.  Post a regular journal by simply replying to your thread. You can update your journal constantly, from time to time or just once a year.  Whatever you like.  The journal becomes your own place to keep an online diary.

4.  The permissions for this section have been set so that ONLY the person creating the thread (you must be a registered user) OR the Admin, can actually reply or administer the thread.

5.  Post as often as you like and about topics you wish to share.  Remember that people can only READ your journal but can not RESPOND.

6.  If you have any problems, you can select the "Report" button OR you can email - .

7.  Polls have been turned off for this forum, you will not be able to use "sticky" topic as an option and you can post images to your own personal journal thread.

8.  As long as the Journal you create, is related to one of the threads here at HairTalk, that is fine.  For example, you could do a Journal on growing your hair, losing weight, exercising, studying a celebrity (Celebrity Talk) your thoughts about Reality TV shows, undergoing cosmetic surgery, shopping for a special item, your wedding, your prom, adding hair extensions...etc.,

We will soon be posting "Acceptable Use" rules and regulations for use of the new HairTalk boards....however, please follow normal accept board posting behaviros (no inappropriate language, images or other inappropriate behaviors such as using HairTalk to solicit, promote or sell products from your own company or business). 


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