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Category: 360 Waves
Forum Name: Men's 360 Waves - Part II
Forum Description: About 360 Waves
Printed Date: May 25 2022 at 5:44pm

Topic: BiggMike
Posted By: RIPZEEK
Subject: BiggMike
Date Posted: May 18 2005 at 11:11pm
yo bigg u use a kit? yo hair dont look like you do, how often do you use it? my hair isnt nappy and i like my waves the way they are but i wanted to know how yo stuff stay looken like that? do you have to kit it alot?

Posted By: BIGGMike
Date Posted: May 19 2005 at 3:53pm

S-curl playa, S-curl.....

I use it whenever I need a touch up. The key word is "touch up". My edges get nappy faster than any other part of my hair. The Sides and back are a problem sometimes too.

No I don't use it a lot but I use it when I need it. For the most part I use it to help relax my hair becuase it will curl up into naps once I let it grow out in about a month and half. I can brush my hair until the cows come home, it will still roll up because I have thin coarse hair.

"I don't leave the it on for the full time in the instructions. I use it maybe 1/4 or sometimes 1/2 of the time depending on how coarse my is." And it does get nappy looking if I have been lazy about brushing and pomad. If I sleep without my durag on too many times it will get "jacked up".

#1. Rule - Never break your pattern, if you do your waves can get messed up!

Sometimes I work 12 - 16 hours if HB Sales dept. get too crunk. By the time I make it home it's time to eat, _ _ _ _ , and sleep. No time for hair. Gotta get $$$$$$$$$. You dig!

Look to the skies and keep your eyes on the prize! I been through Hell but, STILL I RISE!

Posted By: BIGGMike
Date Posted: May 19 2005 at 4:46pm

1. Don't brush your hair or scratch your scalp  the night before if you plan on using a kit.

2. Put S curl relaxer on for only 1/2 or 1/4 of time listed in instructions. You can completely destroy you waves if you leave it on too long! What's to long it depends on your hair texure! 

Coarse hair - Longer time

Fine, thin, or straight - shorter time

3. Rinse hair relaxer out very good with warm or hot water. 

4. Rinse with a nuetralizing shampoo. It normally comes with the kit but you can also buy a nueralizer by itself. The nuetralizer keeps the kit from turning your hair a slight brownish redish color and it keeps it from straightening your too much. 

5. (Important) Apply a moisturizing conditioner to put the moister back in your hair so it will shine and be soft.  

6. While hair is still moist, brush it lightly, be carefull not to irratate your scalp after a kit has been applied.

7. Apply your favorite pomade, (I use Sportin Waves in gold can). What kind of pomade does not really matter because your hair is relaxed anyway.

8. Brush (softly!) for about 15 to 30 minutes.

7. Put on du rag, not a wave cap. Spray a little water on du rag to cool your scalp and to soften your hair. Always sleep in your durag.

Your hair will be relaxed for about a month or more depending on hair texture. Do not over relax your hair by leaving the kit on too long because you will look like "Jerome the Pimp" on the Martin Lawrence Show.

Look to the skies and keep your eyes on the prize! I been through Hell but, STILL I RISE!

Posted By: RIPZEEK
Date Posted: May 19 2005 at 10:27pm
good looken on the reply man, how old are you dogg, you look young as hell and you work some bigtime job? thats tight homie. thats bout it man.

Posted By: BIGGMike
Date Posted: May 20 2005 at 1:32pm

I'm just a young play trying to get in where I fit in.

Not trying to brag or nothing. My parents where Black panthers and they taught me about African American awareness. In other words, I know African culture very well because I studied African anthropology and played football for Oklahoma State University.  Right now I'm getting my 2nd degree at UNT in Sociology and working for HB in sales and running this board. Trying to stay productive.

Can let the GWB administration stop me or any other haters. That's the atitude us young men have to have now dayz to survive and stay freeee!

Look to the skies and keep your eyes on the prize! I been through Hell but, STILL I RISE!

Posted By: RIPZEEK
Date Posted: May 20 2005 at 11:56pm
thats cool man, how old are you? do you have pics up? thanks for keepin up on the replys too. keep up the hard work!

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