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Help me roots!!

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Topic: Help me roots!!
Posted By: crazysusie
Subject: Help me roots!!
Date Posted: July 09 2005 at 8:27am

Hello there

I need all the help i get muster!!!

Right...a long story cut short. On my way home from travelling, I had had me hair coloured by a she was supposed to highlight it...but due to communication problems it turned orange, tried again...yellow, then orange...then orange/brown. Basically my hair was wrecked. I have since been to a hairdresser or two who both say I should condition my hair as it is snapping (proved by a test) and to dye it again, whether blonde or brown would only weaken it, and make some of the hair that is only four inches long ...two inches and so on till i have no hair. Therefore I am stuck with these roots tilll my hair is in a better condition...

So, what can i do? I have ugly, black roots...longer than an inch seeping through my very blonde hair. I look like a tramp! I am wearing hats, hairbands. However, i start my new job next week in which these accessories will look a bit peculair.

I am conditioing my hair with good treatments, not using any electrical hair equipment on it, covering it in olive oil!

What remedies/solutions does anyone have? Any natural stuff i can use, any root sprays that don't cause damage, I'm finding it more and more harder to disguise.

Cheers, for anyone who can help!!



Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: July 11 2005 at 6:49am
Personally, I'd keep shopping until I found someone who was competent enough to dye it your natural color, then let it grow out and don't dye it again until you have all virgin hair to work with again.  A pro can get it dark again choosing dyes that are less harsh, and they should also be willing to do strand tests on it first to make sure that not only is it going to come out the right color, but that it doesn't break off in the process. 

Dying it again IS going to only make it weaker - I don't know what they did for this "snapping test" to see how much - did they pull hair and try to snap it in two?  But a strand test with the products you are going to do will let you know if it will break before you do anything.

Making metal barettes/concord clips hair safe, long hair style how to:

Posted By: crazysusie
Date Posted: July 11 2005 at 7:52am


Cheers Susan....the test...they took a few strands of my hair and tested it and came back 10mins later...she said my hair was too weak to hold the brown colour and would snap.

Must run



Posted By: Alexia81189
Date Posted: July 11 2005 at 8:45am

hey susie,

I had the same problem except with dark red permanent color on dark blonde hair. I went to a sallys beauty supply store and bought ions deep conditioning treatments, such as the hair mask and regular conditioners. Maybe a protein filler will be a good option. Also, I went to a professional hair color specialist and she removed the color with no notticable damage at all and redyed my hair its natural color. My hair actually feels better than it did with the dark red color in my hair. My hair at that point felt like straw and was breaking off, but after these changes it felt normal again. Best of luck with your hair!

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