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(pics)PLEASE HELP! gray/ashy blonde!!

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Topic: (pics)PLEASE HELP! gray/ashy blonde!!
Posted By: buttercup62003
Subject: (pics)PLEASE HELP! gray/ashy blonde!!
Date Posted: July 30 2005 at 2:08pm

someone please help...  i had orangy/blond highlights in my hair(1st pic) that i did myself and then i decided i wanted a more platinum blonde highlight and so i used a cap and pulled thru hair and used a bleach kit and my hair turned yellow and some pieces were bright white....looked terrible! (2nd pic) just yesterday i put in a very light natural blond hair color and now i have streaks of gray with a redder/blond on bottom(3rd pic). please i need advice! i have noooo money and i wanna have a light brown base with pretty light blonde highlights! if i really need to go to a salon...what would i get done? thanks any response would be awesome ASAP!!!

1st pic

2nd pic..not too happy w this one...was grosssss my roots were yellow and i had white streaks and i looked washed out.

3rd pic..took this pic today...gray!!




lori *

Posted By: Bambilee
Date Posted: August 01 2005 at 11:47am
Ur hair color looks like mine. the Ashy color does anyways... sept my roots are darker, more of a darker reddish blonde.
U used a natural extra light blonde? Hmmm... I really love the first color picture, I think it looks awesome. I dunno how you would get the color you want. If that is the color and your willing to go to a Salon, print the picture off and go, I WANT THIS! LOL. :) Show them a picture, they are pretty good,they'll do it. :)

~* Bambi Lee *~

Posted By: FabulousHairExt
Date Posted: August 01 2005 at 3:51pm
i dont think it look's grey at all, i love the current coor.  just my 2 cents.

fyi I know my spelling sux!

Posted By: Bryan
Date Posted: August 02 2005 at 12:12am
i agree with fabulous. i think the color now is fine. but obviously, you are not satisfied with it, so i support your decision to get it changed. its your hair after all.

as far as getting what you want, i think bambi's idea of printing the picture is probably the easiest route. good luck, and keep us updated.

learn to love what you were born with
you can do anything if you set your mindto it (just dont try this with hair,that could turn out bad)

Posted By: muneca
Date Posted: August 03 2005 at 5:14am
your current picture looks nice.. it even looks like you got the multi tonal thing going.. my suggestion is keep dying it the color you want and gradually youll achive what you want and since i see you want the warm colors off your hair.. try extra light ash blonde. the ash color has green in it which controls the reds and makes them yellow you know the works. good luck!

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