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Dealing with "job rejection"

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Topic: Dealing with "job rejection"
Posted By: aseya
Subject: Dealing with "job rejection"
Date Posted: October 09 2005 at 12:12pm
About a month ago I applied for a job with a major cosmetics company. I LOVED this company, knew everything about it (knew all of their main makeup artists by name and practically worshipped them!). This company was basically the reason I got into beauty. I went to meet with a human resources person and we talked. She didn't even ask me to show her any of my work or anything. Anyway, long story short, I didn't get the job. They didn't even call me to let me know and still aren't returning my phone calls or messages.

Let's just say I'm *CRUSHED*. My self esteem has dropped completely. I mean it had been my dream to work for this company since I was like 15! And what sucks is that I have met and seen the work of their other employees and they aren't that good. I've been so depressed, I feel like I did all this hard work for nothing.

So do you guys have any tips on dealing with this? How do you deal with getting turned down for jobs?

Posted By: cmesweet
Date Posted: October 15 2005 at 7:32pm

Aseya it's going to be alright. Just because they didn't hire you now doesn't mean that they will never hire you.  I been going to job interview after job interview for months...usually I didn't get a call back after the 2nd interview and I usually I would call back to see what happened to the position.   I'm sure your work is great. I suggest to apply to more than one place...also alot of places claim to be hiring but budget cuts make that difficult and so they usually go for someone with less experience which means less money out of the companies money.  Sometimes, its based on who you  know.

Keep doing your job! I'm sure you are great at what you do and apply again and to more companies as well.

BC May 9, 2004

Posted By: aseya
Date Posted: October 21 2005 at 2:29pm
Thanks Cmesweet! They actually put out an ad in the paper yesterday looking for 'makeup artists' they listed my exact qualifications as requirements!!!! I was like 'Wtf???'. The weird thing was that they did call me back a few days after the interview, but I missed the call. And I kept calling until finally the receptionist answered. I told him I was trying to get a hold of someone from the HR department that had called me and (he didn't even ask me who I was or who I was looking for) he said 'well they'll call you back' and I was like 'are you SURE' and hes like 'yes, they will call you back'. But they never did. And I kept calling back for about two weeks and eventually got the woman I had interviewd with who said she didn't call me, but she would find out who did and have them call me back..Well it's been over a month and I haven't heard anything.

The worst is that now whenever I go into their shops, I can tell that the people who work there know NOTHING about the store and I was so passionate about their makeup and everything. And now I refuse to buy from them or the company that sponsers them because I was so disgusted with their poor customer service skills. I think if it weren't a company I looked up to so much then I wouldn't mind so much.

But you're right, I'm just going to keep applying to more jobs (I think I may take a little break now to deal with everything) until I find the right one! Thanks again:)

Posted By: jamaicakid85
Date Posted: July 10 2007 at 6:19am
I don't deal with job rejection because whoever rejects me for a job is a fool. I know I'm smart I got an associates in criminal justice, and I'm as strong as a Polar Bear , I don't think there are many jobs out there that can just reject me.



Posted By: femmemuscle
Date Posted: August 12 2007 at 12:33am

aseya, believe me, rejection by this company is seem to have a good head on your shoulders, plus, you're passionate about your work. if they can't see that, then THEY have a problem, not you.

I do sense that you have so much conviction, that when you do get hired by a company that you like, your passion, and creativeness will make the competition take notice.

Take that break for now, aseya, but when you come back, use that energy from the rejection to energize your strategy.  You're going to be just fine!!  Believe in yourself, and you'll break down doors that you didn't think possible.  Thumbs%20Up


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