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sublimnal member

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Topic: sublimnal member
Posted By: masonbetha
Subject: sublimnal member
Date Posted: November 15 2005 at 10:23pm
sublimnal member

a yo yo check Who give u the right to say my name

EARN ya RESPECT"..u come WEAK like yu wanna "MUMER-ur-TEXT"..light this on fire..Still aint BURNING THE BEST
Got ya 'Crawling' like theres "WORMS in ya VEST" ..U aint a fagget?? then explain the "SPERM in ya CHEST
You like dick, Try tits; You’ve ‘been on more ‘Nuts’ then a vice grip!!!
You’ll get sliced quick, I can easily turn ya whole flow into ‘dry spit’
Leave U lifeless, If ya want something cool to say then lick a ice pick!!!
You aint nice kid, Even if that was typed quick, It still wasnt ‘on key’
Honestly, You’ll think I’m Dem Franshize boyz the way I ‘Rock Te’s!!!
You stop me?.. I’ll hit you so hard you’ll see the ‘stars’ in Hollywood
When I throw punches, Rence gets ‘pound’ quicker then a doggy would!!!
I'm sick with the thoughts, Ill enough to make you spit when u cough
Son, I told myself to put me agianst u, Only so that I could rip u apart!!!
I'm strange w/ the concepts, I'll easily destroy a page of ya nonsense
U'd think FS’s the galaxy, da way we all 'space on ya comments'!!!
I'll breeze thru this kid only time he'll spit ill is w/ a disease on his lips
His verses are like porn magazines, no ones really 'readin his scripts'


Posted By: skillz21
Date Posted: November 16 2005 at 3:14pm
oh boy that was cold no ice cold

The color of the truth

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