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Closing Rhymes

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Topic: Closing Rhymes
Posted By: Dem504waves
Subject: Closing Rhymes
Date Posted: January 21 2005 at 12:18pm
Its about time that someone spit some real shyt instead of that bubblegum fake shyt that niggas call rap. So ima start wit dat gangsta and leave wit that shyt that make a nigga think.

Uzis and tech make niggas hold they breathe/
release your stress/hollow points penetrate vests/
A whole in ya chest is what you will feel/clippin dat
dope u will get killed/these modem thugs cant even afford DSL/ barrels in ya face will make a black nigga
turn pale/Now mtv wanna say leave drugs alone/
they wasnt preaching that shyt until them pills got
in the white kids home/now you wanna ask"how did
it get in the states"/ the white man gave us the ingredients we just baked the cake/Why now do we
choose to explore our options/from the pistol on my
waste till the nikes im rockin/theres no place for a black man in a white mans war/ these *****es better
lock me up or show me the door/another nigga died
today on channel 6 news/Tryin to hold down them 8s
and sling back them 2s/too many rappers out there beefin and reppin/ when really 75% of em hasnt even
fingered a weapon/So ima leave this thread on a positive note/start rhymin bout sum real problems and not the glock that you tote/

Yeah yall im not beefin no more wit nobody. Im just gonna better my skills and Rhyme to the fullest spittin that real shyr for now on. I know it wasnt all that great but I spitted from the heart. So yall holla if ya hear me.

------------- -
Its Ya boy Dem504waves aka 504HotBoy4Life
Cant nobody do it like us in the N.O.

Posted By: chessbum
Date Posted: January 21 2005 at 12:35pm

We climb together on this site!

Posted By: J Mos
Date Posted: January 21 2005 at 12:46pm
i think we should keep it in tha freestyle thread tho...

"rappers not from Cali like to copy 'Pac hella/
so in every song I give my 'state props' like Roc-a-Fella"

1 plus 2

Posted By: 1800FabFlow
Date Posted: January 21 2005 at 12:53pm
yeah niggas thinkin im one dimensional
but i can give u that real twista "hope" type ish or that "slow motion" type ish

but later cuz i gotta pick up my check and run to the bank b4 it close

------------- -
we're the real wavers stay

Posted By: Dem504waves
Date Posted: January 21 2005 at 2:07pm
yeah i know wat you mean niggas always thinking that bout me thats why I just sayed fuk it and started spittin that real shyt.

------------- -
Its Ya boy Dem504waves aka 504HotBoy4Life
Cant nobody do it like us in the N.O.

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