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Balding hairstyle....

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Topic: Balding hairstyle....
Posted By: joeydee
Subject: Balding hairstyle....
Date Posted: January 29 2006 at 9:34pm

hey hey

My name is Joey!!! I been searching for a forum relating to hairstyle or advice for about 2 hours.. finaly i found this... ok here we go...

Currently I have long hair and its thining from the top...  most my friends and family suggested me to shave my head bald, but i dont feel that it would look good because the back of my head is FLAT and not round like most people

So here's my question to you all, what hair style do you recommend me doing??? i will list what's going on with my hair..

-Long hair (black)

-Thin at the top back and a little in the front

-Back of my head is flat

I was thinking of doing somethign like this, becuase the front of the hair i can cut short and spike the middle and top back of my hair shorten it and keep the back a little long with layers.... -

Either folks, let me know would really apprecaite some advice here :)





Posted By: Sunduster
Date Posted: January 30 2006 at 2:08pm

Hello there. Thinning hair is usually a mineral deficientcy.

Kelp from the health food store, would supply you with the needed minerals for proper hair growth.

 Coenzme Q 10 would stimulate circulation. Just ask at the food store, about these. They'll help you.

 I'd also use natural products on my hair.

I'd even try laying my head down on a slant board. Do this for about 15 mins. It will allow the blood to reach the scalp. Also massage the head good daily.

No I wouldn't shave it bald. I'd try to repair it.

Eat more protein, fruits and vegetables. Just change your diet. Feed that hair in the morning. That's when hair folicles need most of their energy.

Exercise to. This will help with blood circulation.

No need to brush the day lights out of the hair either. Just 25 - 30 strokes is sufficient.

I'd use an animal type brush. Not that synthetic stuff.

Me I would twist up the back, stick pins in the sides.Then at the top use a curling iron. Do a flip around two, three fingers, and come back down about 2 1/2 " Then pull it out a little on the sides..        

Or take a rat tail comb and do love locks on top of the balding areas.


Posted By: katay
Date Posted: March 12 2006 at 9:25am

 Hi Joey!

 I like your post. I saw the pics you were showing about the spike a bit at the top and middle with a little length at back. Sounds and I'm sure it would look really good.

 Good luck, and let us know how you're doing, take care, and God Bless!;)

God Bless,...

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