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major hair help..

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Topic: major hair help..
Posted By: sg14
Subject: major hair help..
Date Posted: February 23 2006 at 7:50pm
my hair is so awful. I've worn my hair in a ponytail, everysingle day for the past 8 years. It's so damaged, that I can't ever wear it down, so i just put it back into a pony tail. I want to wear it down, but it looks so awful. It's broken, and has a permanent pony tail hump, it's frizzed everywhere because the hair is broken where it is in the pony tail. Any advice to make it better? I've tried shampoos and conditioners, but they never do good. When i get my hair cut, whatever they use makes it looks better. What can I do besides shaving my head? I need help bad, please!

Posted By: cathysales
Date Posted: February 24 2006 at 1:40am


i know three method

1 they glue the hair wefe in their own hair 

2  wear wigs .there are synthetic and human wigs.

3 synthetic tails

Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: February 28 2006 at 7:31am
You've got to stop damaging it with whatever you're using.  For the past 8 years?  Give us more detail on what you're doing to it to make it so damaged.  You also may find lots of tips on keeping hair undamaged on the Long Hair Support forum here.  (You don't say you're hair is long, but if you need help on avoiding damage, that's a good place to find it).

Making metal barettes/concord clips hair safe, long hair style how to:

Posted By: ocalagirl1
Date Posted: March 21 2006 at 12:23pm
First get a long layered cut.  Deep condition 2x's a week there is a good conditionor called Siliconmax that is Dominican. ( I use to get it in Miami) Youve got to let go of the ponytail because it will cont to damage  your hair.  Find a good stylist that can blow dry hair really good and doit often.  Dominicans and Prican can do it super nice. Where do you live? I lived in Miami and on everycorner they could do it.  They could take really bad hair and they just have a technique to blow dry it and it makes it look like you had perfect hair and they you dont have to wear it in a pony tail.   It takes time to restore your hair but you are worth it.  email me at - about the hair condit. if you want.

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