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Printed Date: April 18 2024 at 9:23pm

Topic: Proactiv?
Posted By: DeeNeedsWaves
Subject: Proactiv?
Date Posted: February 26 2006 at 2:04am

Does it work ?????????????

Im thinkin bout buying it jus want feed back

Posted By: Naked Eye
Date Posted: February 26 2006 at 7:58am
I didn't have any luck with it. It was too harsh and drying for my skin.
Usually people who see some results with it are people with really, really,
oily skin. Mine was more sensitive, so it made my skin all dry, red, flaky,
and itchy.

Posted By: baby*flower
Date Posted: March 04 2006 at 9:19pm

i had the exact same experience with Naked Eye, my skin got extremely dry to the point where i would  get scaly dry skin and couldnt even open my mouth because the skin would flake and peel it was prety gross it made my skin very clear though but my skin was so dry i couldnt put up with it so i got off of it, if u have normal to dry skin i suggest that you do not use the cleanser at all, do not purchase the cleanser as it is responsible for the overly dry skin. Just purchase a good acne fighting cleanser and use the toner after you finish follow with the repairing lotion let it dry and put a good moisterizer over the repairing lotion as it keeps the moisture in your skin that way then finish off with dabs of the repairing mask to spot treat your pimples this works for me and many others, my friend actually suggested this to me and it works well so i get the benefits of proactive without having dry skin.



btw Naked Eye if thats u in ure avatar you look amazingly beautiful and i adore your tanned skin!

Posted By: palikane
Date Posted: March 23 2006 at 3:28pm
I have used worked well..except my face became very shiny and oily-looking...I does help clear my acne however. I now only use ProActiv at night...and Velocity by Mary Kay in the morning...which I love!

Posted By: cocoabrown26
Date Posted: March 24 2006 at 10:27am
Well now I'm using Retin A, but before that I had started using Murad Acne Complex.  It was amazing!  I have the very sensitive combination skin, but Murad didn't dry my face, didn't irritate and it did clear up my acne.  Eventually I probably will have to stop the Retin A and go back to Murad, because the retin a  is too harsh.  I switched to see if the Retin A has better results, I can say it has cleared up my acne scarring, but the side effects are brutal.

Posted By: palikane
Date Posted: March 29 2006 at 4:40pm
I know I said that Proactiv works...but then over the weekend I went to a Lancome makeup counter...where I also got some skin tips. I found their products (although expensive) to help *amazingly!* Especially a product called Sensation Totale..which evened out redness throughout my face and Aqua Fusion moisturizer. I figured I should put this in to say that I have stopped using Proactiv...

Posted By: agirard
Date Posted: April 04 2006 at 5:53pm


   I Had severe acne and Proactive worked great. I have been using it for one year now and my skin has never looked better. I suggest you try it out. I know people who have had great luck with it and others not. I am faithful to it and would not even chance using anything else.


Good Luck.

Posted By: manstoppers
Date Posted: April 06 2006 at 4:02pm
I haven't tried proactiv yet, however for those of you with sensitive skin, I really had sucess with the Eucerin line for sensitive skin, they have a daily clearing lotion that really keeps my skin clear you should be able to find it at most drugstores IE walgreens. My sister uses proactiv now & she is a marykay rep, but their stuff didn't work for her. I was thinking about trying proactiv since I left California there is no walgreens in my town but there is one under construction now (yeh!) so I think I will wait...

Posted By: NDGthaDon
Date Posted: May 24 2006 at 10:51am
i got dat good skin i just give myself facials.


Posted By: SupaFresh208
Date Posted: June 06 2006 at 8:45am



Posted By: Cherryblsmgrl
Date Posted: June 15 2006 at 6:59pm
I haven't personally used the product but I have several friends who do and have seen great results. My sister swears by the stuff. She had a brief onset of adult acne and the Proactiv really helped. 

Follow Your Bliss

Posted By: caramel21
Date Posted: June 18 2006 at 1:47am
yes it works. My skin used to be really bad in high school. if you are sensitive to the benzoil peroxide, give it a week using less until you can build a tolerance to it. 
Another good product/s to try is by opaltech77 on ebay. They offer products that lighten and peel the skin. They are very effective and not too expensive compared to other companies selling less potent products.


Posted By: SupaFresh208
Date Posted: June 22 2006 at 1:17pm



Posted By: andremvp8
Date Posted: June 27 2006 at 12:46am
Does proactive work for black people?

The future

Posted By: memee1978
Date Posted: June 27 2006 at 11:58am
i use proactive and it works wonders for me.


Posted By: ctez4sho
Date Posted: June 28 2006 at 3:15pm
I have not ever tried it

Posted By: petro seals
Date Posted: July 18 2006 at 12:22pm
i think i will buy some soon cause i have some bumps to clear up

i keep tha steel in my hands like wolverine.

Posted By: Lucylu
Date Posted: August 23 2006 at 11:44am
I tired Proactiv and everything else - the BESt is AcneFree which is a similar system to Proactiv but not as harsh.  I started out using the whole system but seriously I thought my skin was going to crack and come off......I stopped using the repair lotion all over my face and just a light swipe on any blemishes and sometimes let it all sit there for a few minutes then use an oil lfree moiisturizer on top -  my skins so much better - You  can get acnefree online ( or costco - target - walgreens......cheaper than proactiv too.

Posted By: babycheeks24
Date Posted: August 23 2006 at 4:58pm
id never suggest using something like proactive that is way to much chemical to put on your skin, tea tree oil from a herbal store will give the same EFFECT and probably better results less drying of the skin!


Posted By: Hb is Massisi
Date Posted: August 28 2006 at 12:30am
my skin is perfect after using it now i just give facials


Posted By: mojojojo
Date Posted: September 17 2006 at 8:42am
I tried proactic years ago, and it was the only thing that really worked for me. I have super sensitive skin, so I had to adjust the regimen. The first time I used it I followed the directions exactly. I ended up looking like a tomato, a bumpy raggedy tomato. After my skin healed I just dabbed the tiniest amount on the pimples/zits themselves. Worked wonders. I used the toner and mask freely. My skin loved those two items.


Posted By: julesyjul88
Date Posted: September 20 2006 at 11:04pm
 Everything works differently for everyone. I have had friends who RAVE about it,but it made mine worse and I used it for 6 months.
I finally found a dermatologist and got put on differin gel which is wonderful. (yes,I STARTED with acne at 28,how lucky was I?) I use the differin gel once a day and I only get teeny tiny zits usually right before my period (but clear otherwise now) good luck to you,but if the proactiv doesnt work,dont feel discouraged! Dermatologist can work wonders and some really arent that expensive.(I paid more for proactiv then I did for my visit)

Posted By: Cherryblsmgrl
Date Posted: November 29 2006 at 10:05am

I'm a convert. I never had really bad skin, just an occasional break-out. For some reason my skin went from managable to bad in the last 8 months or so. I literally tried every remedy imaginable. I tried Proactiv years ago and it didn't seem to work for me. Well, I decided to give it another go and it is working beautifully! I'm thrilled. I guess it depends on your skin type and for some reason it is effective on my adult skin. So happy.

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