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color removal

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Topic: color removal
Posted By: zzxx
Subject: color removal
Date Posted: March 04 2006 at 10:56am
Claude, what is the best product to remove color, and return to the
natural color of the hair?

Posted By: Rebekah
Date Posted: March 04 2006 at 9:14pm

I'm not Claude, but I've heard the most gentle color remover for permanent color is Colorfix.  Once you dye your hair, it's impossible to return to the "natural" color unless you grow it out.  Colorfix will remove the dye and leave the hair at the level it was lifted to when the dye was put on. 

Hope this helps.


Posted By: Claude
Date Posted: March 04 2006 at 10:33pm

Color Remover only removes permanent haircolor. If you used semi or demi Color Remover will not work. Color remover works kinda like bleach. It lifts the artificial pigment in stages.....might need to apply color remover a second time to fully lift out that artificial pigment....and sometimes after the haircolor might look brassy and need to be toned down with a toner. Remember when using haircolor it's no different than any color service. It's a chemical service being done to hair and thus typically the end result is the hair strands will loose moisture afterwards which means breakage is more likely so I recommend weekly deep conditioning treatments for 4-6 weeks....use a moisturizing shampoo daily for your color treated hair and condition daily or every other day.

As for going back to the natural color of your hair it is impossible to get it exactly the same color however...haircolor blends so a stylist as long as they can see your regrowth to closely match the level and shade desired they can get your hair very, very close in color that when the regrowth does come in in most instances you won't have what is called "LINE OF DEMARCATION" in the hair when the regrowth comes in and it will blend very closely to your natural hair.

The key is finding a good haircolorist who is experienced with haircolor and knows exactly what you are looking for in haircolor.

Hope that helps to explain it to ya....and Rebekah is right Colorfix although I haven't used it personally I hear from people on this board that it is a great color remover.


Posted By: pato
Date Posted: March 05 2006 at 7:04am
claude,or anyone out there,
i posted a message "major mishap" a couple days ago. could you please read that and let me know if this colorfix would work for me. my hair doesn't feel damaged at all. very soft. so i was wondering after all that it went through, and still being soft, can i get rid of this red with colorfix. i'm having trouble finding a color expert. is there a listing anywhere to look for one near reading or allentown PA?

patty o'

Posted By: aubergine
Date Posted: March 05 2006 at 7:19am
Colorfix will get a lot of permanent dye out, so will Goldwell color remover.  Theyre gentle and so won't completely ruin your hair or dry it out like bleaching will do.

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