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One of last week’s installs

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Topic: One of last week’s installs
Posted By: Amanda8Beechwoo
Subject: One of last week’s installs
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 3:44am

This client had the shortest thickest hair I've ever done, it took me 8 hours with colours 4 and 4/22 blended around the top section, done with shrinkies and extend magic xxx I was really pleased with the outcome, I actually didn't think it was dooable.  She loved it, she said she looked like one of her daughters now x


Posted By: sherrie215
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 6:19am
Amazing Amanda! That blends so well...looks totally seamless! Great job!

------------- - -

Posted By: amm
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 6:31am
Gorgeous as always, A.

------------- - Extension Supplies & Virgin Brazilian Hair

Posted By: gsmilie
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 7:47am


I can't believe how seamless it is!! 

Posted By: pinkparadise42
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 8:06am

That looks great Amanda!

I really don't think you could ever possibly do an install that is less then perfect!

Posted By: nicey
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 8:11am
omg you should be doing them for the you could make a mint not to mention making them look thats looks great mate xx


Posted By: shel221
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 8:20am

Excellent work Amanda!  I bet she was over the moon!  8hrs though, you must have been shattered and your feet must have been killing you.



Posted By: pinkparadise42
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 8:21am
Nicey, you are so right!  She should be doing them for the stars!  She would do such a better job then the crappy jobs that most celeb. extensionists do!

Posted By: ccross6032
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 8:59am

that's amazing amanda -

how many strands/how much hair do you figure you used?

Posted By: Naked Eye
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 9:36am
I love the darker color underneath, I love the multi-tones you do, they
blend so well!! I'm so jealous!! It looks amazing!!!!! She must still be

Posted By: AngelDream
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 9:40am
Come to Sweden and do my hair!!!!!!!!!!!  

Posted By: sarytyr
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 10:03am
Amazing job Amanda! 

Posted By: malibu
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 11:39am
Great Job!!

Posted By: Amanda8Beechwoo
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 11:41am

Thanks guys .  Now I need a new challenge lol.

I used 8oz of 14inch hair but razored most of it back out lol, such a waste lol lol.



Posted By: TanglesRC
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 12:05pm
beautiful girl!

Bringing beauty, one head at a time...

Posted By: longhairaddict
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 2:11pm
That looks really good!  Wow, you are magic ;)

Wearing 22" 8oz Tease I tips installed with silicone microrings.

Posted By: nicey
Date Posted: March 31 2006 at 3:59pm
he he she did my hair for me...wooohoo when she is an extensionist to the stars i'll beable to say ive had my hair done by xx


Posted By: Synne
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 12:21am

Absolutly stunning Amanda.

I have just done something similar, but my result didnīt come anything near this.

You are a good, and I bow in your presence ...


Posted By: Amanda8Beechwoo
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 4:06am

Lol you're too funny Synne.  We all have to start somewhere, you'll get better and better chick, I assure you of that.  I love taking on new challenges now especially ones I think, how the heck am I gonna do that lol.

Nicey, you make me chuckle lol x


Posted By: I_am_Heather
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 6:00am
NICE JOB!!!!She looked so much younger after you did her  hair!!!

Posted By: nicey
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 8:14am you wait till you become famous and im telling everyone hey i had my hair done by her..pmsl


Posted By: sammyJB
Date Posted: April 02 2006 at 9:26am

Incredible blending. Brilliant.

And short hair is tough... 

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