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Re: Advice about perms

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Topic: Re: Advice about perms
Posted By: Guest21
Subject: Re: Advice about perms
Date Posted: April 22 2006 at 1:04am


Can anyone give some advice about perms.  I live in the UK and have fine hair and I used to have perms because they gave hair body and I had more self confidence as a result and although my hair can look nice straight I sort of miss not having perms. 

The the thing is I have stopped having perms for a while because I wasn't sure they were in fashion anymore.  I would really like to think they are in fashion since I think they suit my hair.  In other words, can you have a perm and still be in fashion?

I hope you will reply?


Posted By: demodoll
Date Posted: May 10 2006 at 9:26am
If your hair can handle perms I think that a wavy look is very fashionable right now.  All the red carpet looks seem to be with wavy long hair.  I know my hair would never do that in a million years, not even with a perm but I think if yours will just go for it!

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Posted By: auramae
Date Posted: July 15 2006 at 8:38pm
Put away your flat irons, ladies, and dig out the hot rollers!  Flat hair is "so yesterday!"  Lucky for us fine haired girls.  Bigger, fuller hair hides the bare scalp that affects so many.  Use a product that you can comb through your hair when it is wet (glaze, diluted gel, or mousse) and then blowdry.  Use rollers that your hair can wrap around at least twice.  Let them cool completely before removing (hit with the cold shot on your dryer if you are short of time...or just set your hair first, then put on make-up, etc.)  Flip upside down, shake the curls loose with your fingers at your scalp and apply a little hairspray to the under side.  Then flip it back up and finger it into place and add a little hairspray and go!  !!!Bonus!!!!  Loosley brush it out the next day for a softer style.  Great time saver!!!!

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