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Clueless in the Wack

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Topic: Clueless in the Wack
Posted By: Di_102
Subject: Clueless in the Wack
Date Posted: May 26 2006 at 2:36am
*Wow* How fabulous is this site...???
I have VERY thin, fine blonde hair. It's a nightmare. On top of that I have a cowlick on the back of my head, so at times I look like I have a huge bald spot...!!!!
I spend forever styling it - gently - and when I go out it manages to look okay - but it's so much work...
I have to curl & style it everyday & it really takes a beating...
AND... for the last 3 years I have been streaking my hair blonde - it's dark blonde & I really like the way it brightens my face & I can leave most of my hair natural... but a couple of months back I decided to do all of my whole head, not just aroung my face and to make a long story short - now I have this section of hair on the back of my head that feels like absolute straw...!!!
I have been babying it & bought this sulfate free shampoo & condtioner - but its still so dry & brittle.
What should/could I do for now...??? I really do not want short hair...!!! (it's shoulder length right now)
Oh!!! And are those ionic blow dryers & hot curlers really better for your hair...??? I understand how the blowdryer works - but these Ion shine hot curlers my husband bought for me - how can they use ions...???

Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: May 26 2006 at 7:29am
Some of the sulfate free conditioners are pretty light (I've only tried a couple, but all the ones I tried were anyway).  Maybe you need a heavier conditioner to smooth that piece out. 

Heat styling is going to be damaging, so I don't know about any that claim to be better (maybe someone else knows).  For your blow dryer, the best thing you can do is use it on a cool setting instead of hot.

If your hair is shoulderlength, it should be long enough now, or almost long enough to pull the cowlick hair down so it lays flat naturally (providing you don't have short layers back there).  I have the same thing in the back of my head, and it sticks up with shorter hair, but lays flat when it gets longer.  Then maybe you won't need to mess with it so much to style it.

Making metal barettes/concord clips hair safe, long hair style how to:

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