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Hot Oil Treatment Headgear?

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Topic: Hot Oil Treatment Headgear?
Posted By: Bratty
Subject: Hot Oil Treatment Headgear?
Date Posted: August 22 2006 at 4:57pm
When I apply hot oil or other conditioning treatments to my hair I have a tendency to drip all over my clothes and my bathroom. I have learned to apply the gooey hair treatments in the actual bathroom with towels on the floor and wearing an old paint shirt but I still leak sometimes even when I wrap my hair with something to contain the gushing.
Lately I have been wrapping Saran Warp around my head.  Someone else recommended cheap shower caps.  I used to use my good shower cap but it got caked with crud.
I get bored so I turn on music outside the door or I flip through magazines - trying not to leak on them.  I tried talking on the phone but got distracted and left the treatments on way too long.  I also completely got the phone oiled up and it was a pain to degrease.
Sometimes I will get in the bathtub and soak and apply the goop to my hair after I am in the tub and then wrap it and let the steam from the hot water help the treatment to penetrate better.
My poll question is:
What Do You Do To Deal With Messy Hair Conditioning Treatments?
Do you......
1.  Only condition in a special room with protective plastic or towel covering on the floor?
2.  Do you only do messy treatments in the bathtub while soaking or standing in the shower before turning it on?
3.  Do you have a special "uniform" that you wear to protect your clothes such as an old shirt or bathrobe?
4.  What do you wrap your head in?  Shower cap, plastic wrap, towel or something else?
5.  What is your secret trick to getting through a messy hair treatment with the least amount of goo leaking anywhere?
6.  Any other secret tricks for making the treatments less stressful in any way?  Do you listen to inspirational tapes or watch TV or talk on the phone with friends?
I look forward to any tips you might all share.  Thanks in advance.

Posted By: Karen Shelton
Date Posted: August 25 2006 at 7:15pm
I have tried all types of ways to protect oil from flying all over the place.  One thing to note, sometimes teeny tiny fragments of oil will splatter on the floor of my bathroom and I have had a few near slips.  Putting a thick down on the ceramic floor is a must at my house.
I actually like to do my hot oil treatments right before I get into the tub.  I will load up a warm bathtub with aromatherapy oils, light some candles and drag my timer into the bathroom.  While I soak and listen to music with the candles I will slather my favorite face masks on my face and then slather my hair with the hot oil treatment of my choice.  I also use my own personal HairTopia Hair Oil recipe that I developed about 8 years ago to help my hair and scalp.  I also love just jojoba oil that I mix and match some essential oils with depending on my mood.
As far as wrapping my oily mess of a head....I like Saran wrap.  Don't ask me why but I just love to sculpt my head in it.  I also love those cheap plastic headbands from the Dollar Store or wherever. 
I travel a lot for business these days so I collect plastic shower caps from the various hotels where I visit.  I just hope that the airport police don't start taking those as well.  :-(
Since I soak in the tub I don't need a special uniform.  HA HA.  But I do have an old bathroom that I use when I do a treatment and am not in the tub.  It is terry cloth and just about anything will wash out of it so I am in good shape.
I do NOT talk on the phone, watch TV or listen to anything but soft and soothing music.  We play loud "club volume" music at in the offices and warehouse and so by the time I get home I want absolute peace and quiet to think and reflect.
Great questions Bratty - thank you for the topic.

That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger or drives you totally insane. :-)

Posted By: Shanarana
Date Posted: July 07 2007 at 5:23pm
If I use oil, I use a plastic showercap and a turbin towel on my head, that seems to help although still do leak.  If I go to bed with it on, I'll sleep on a towel on my pillow.

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