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Help! upstate NY or PA

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Topic: Help! upstate NY or PA
Posted By: JayKay
Subject: Help! upstate NY or PA
Date Posted: October 05 2006 at 6:42pm
Ive had SOCAP extensions in for about a little over 3 months and I want them out because my hair is growing and its all tangled up where the growth is and all the growth is sort of clumped up together in snarls. I'm looking for someone in upstate NY or PA that is affordable and can carefully take them out.  Also I want new extensions in but can't afford to spend thousands!!  Please I need someone ASAP, I'm so worried and scared for my hair. 

Posted By: Darling
Date Posted: December 01 2006 at 1:43pm
First let me say that although the matts and tangles look and feel very scary, They will come out once your extensions are removed.  they are largely due to the shedding of your natural hair that is trapped inside the extension and causing problems.  What happened to the person that applied them?  to get the matts to soften ..take a comb and GENTLY work on the part of the matt closest to your scalp by back combing toward your scalp.  Socap extensions can be removed with a bit of orange oil applied with a brush to the actual bond.  then take apair of pliers (preferably ones with ruffle type ridges..not sharp ones) and crunch the bond which will break it apart.  If you cannot find orange oil, acetone works well...and as your hair is made of basically the same protein as your nails..acetone will not damage it....It is  flammable , so no smoking!  after you alleveate the bond you will still have tangles and a bit of the resin left in your hair.  This is a good time to take a break.  Give your self time to rest before starting to work on getting the glue and tangles out...this will help insure that your are gentle with your hair.  Get a very moisturizing conditioner(i like  deep brillances "reconstuct" and really apply it heavily to your hair.  Wrap a hot towel aroud it and wait about 10 minutes.  then taking small pieces GENTLY comb out the matts and glue.  You are going to see alot of hair coming out...remember that your hair sheds about 100 strands a day and the 3 months of shed hair is stuck in thosed matts and glue...It will look scary but it's normal. this will probably take you about 3 hours to do your self. Take your time and treat your hair carefully..and you'll be fine.

Posted By: Sarah_wi
Date Posted: April 03 2007 at 8:34am
Wow sorry to hear that!

Posted By: Ms.Honey
Date Posted: April 03 2007 at 3:27pm
Darlings right. If you remain calm you can get the tangles and matted parts smooth without destroying your hair. When I first started getting fusions my fusionist told me to finger comb my hair 2-3 times a day. What, humph? Well, I did not listenUnhappy. My hair dreaded and matted at the roots. I had to sit there for about twenty minutes and go row by row gently pulling them apart. After that I checked the strands at the roots every time a thought about it. It only takes a few seconds but I think people thought that I thougt I was cute, always playing in my hair. Be discreetLOL.

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