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freestyle i made in my shower lol

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Topic: freestyle i made in my shower lol
Posted By: !tal!an485
Subject: freestyle i made in my shower lol
Date Posted: October 18 2006 at 8:17pm
jump in the shower the waters hot
now i gotta clean myself with this sh*tty soap my mom bought
walls are all nasty from my sisters hair
that girls only in grade 5 and she dosent care
man this water is scalding
just like my jump shot when im shootin with a spaldin
from the soap my skin is white
like my gurl when were done for the night
now i gotta shampoo my hair
so that all the gurls will stare
my hair is spiky
my rhymes are sharp
turn off the water
jump out the shower and now im lookin hotter

Posted By: BIG-
Date Posted: October 21 2006 at 8:17am

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Posted By: lyrical27
Date Posted: October 23 2006 at 7:37pm
now that ur out
it time to get dressed
gotcha pants laid out so they can be pressed
no starch just a lil water and some steam
to put a crease on both legs
cause ya like to look clean
brush you hair
just a bit
while in the mirror
you glit
wish you could be rich
but you just don your freshest
in hope to make an impression
take one last look in da mirror
and thank god for the days early blessin'
cause you didnt have to wake up
to take that shower
to wear those close
to live the life that u chose
but you hope to be happy today
because you life seems like a dream
no better to start the day off
than taking care of your personal hygiene

Posted By: Willie SKRILLA
Date Posted: March 02 2007 at 11:32pm

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