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king cash vs ME

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Printed Date: September 28 2022 at 8:21am

Topic: king cash vs ME
Posted By: BIG-
Subject: king cash vs ME
Date Posted: May 03 2007 at 6:38pm
When you look up in the sky i am all you see
no not the birds not no planes, nutin but me
im so high dat when i spit it turn to rain
open the flood gates watch my flow turn into rain
king cash trust me its all bout the cash
best believe i got the shank no mask(fencin)
u bout to be history,dat mean a thing of the past
i get the money i hand u defeat
im the king of dis now bow att defeat(thee feet)
u da homie but now u on the hit list
dont enter myspace or get rejected by the fistes
i lurk in the dark,and murk in the light
i just pull triggers lord knows i dont fight
i always do wrong so why it feel right?
im so sick but the doctor said im healty
flow so hot,cant contain it like its  goin to melt me
i spit knowlege but it dont make sence
rap apart of me like i was born wit an extra sence

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Posted By: King Cash
Date Posted: May 03 2007 at 8:40pm
I only did 12 bars because my bars are longer than yours.
Dummy Disclaimer (explanations):
*a RAZR is a phone
*Another Level is the name of his squad and Black Tide is the name of mine
*Osteoperosis is a bone disease
I’m lyrically sick bruh, but there’s no CURE FOR THIS BEAST

So I’ll scare you “half to death twice” to make SURE YOU’RE DECEASED!!

If you mess with me…I’ll leave your body SLUMPED IN THE WOODS

Cuz like a “car’s dead battery” you’ll get JUMPED IN THE HOOD!!!           

Let me watch my mouth…I got an OBSESSION WIT MADNESS
You’ll get hit with bullets that’s from my TECHS -N- MY RATCHETS

They’ll be "pains in your @$$" like you’ve had SEX WITH A CACTUS!!!

And didn’t you say you’re gonna shank me?!? DUDE, YA SCREWS LOOSE

Because you barely touch razors (RZRS) like you’re USIN BLUE TOOTH!!!

Another Level?!? I hope your POSSE DON'T PROVOKE THIS

Cuz Black Tide’s "bad to the bone" like OSTEOPEROSIS!!

Punchline King...'Nough said!!

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc

Posted By: Sleepy B
Date Posted: May 03 2007 at 8:46pm
D*mn dis gone b a tough 1


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