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Something off the top

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Category: Hip Hop
Forum Name: Hip Hop - You Against Me - Battle Forum
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Printed Date: September 27 2022 at 5:44am

Topic: Something off the top
Posted By: Willie SKRILLA
Subject: Something off the top
Date Posted: July 20 2007 at 6:50am
I'm a cold blood assasin
Have you screamin like Phil Jackson
Kobe start passin
I'm the kingpin wit this fortune I'm amassin
Wack niccas I be trashin
No subliminal
I'm not the criminal
I'm taking over similar to digital
Yall niccas need a late pass like analog
Speaking a language I don't understand like Tagalog
I'm that dude like me
I'm part of a dying breed a true MC
And for real don't scuff the shoes
Or I'm gonna pass out a serious case of the black and blues
Like Jordan 3 I'm true Blue
I'm a run through the game like a tornado
I'm hot like Laredo
I'm getting my cream like Alfredo
I'm the fuking batman
You the fuking hat man
Never slung rocks but I'm that trap man
My flow is something special
Make a Muslim call out god damn
Turn you upside down like a hand stand
I'm the last real nicca
Like the Alamo I'm a part of the last stand
Its a losing fight but wack sh*t ain't never gonna make it back on American bandstand
I'm the repo man so there goes you're chain
I'm the lone wolf so fuk a gang
Though ya chick no I'm like dynamite with some extra bang
Don't got a rock but I'll damn sure slang
I'm known to raise the dead
I'm hear for the reaping
Why ya'll still sleeping
I'm doing my thang have y'all punks weeping
I'm known like Flair
Stay gold like the dragons lair
I'm changing the globe like the worlds fair
I'm a win the race so there goes the hare
Watch my shyt like the Au Pair
Yeah thats right I go there
I'm the N
And this is the end

You can't win with women. You just have to maintain."
- Wave Connection

Real Recognize Real

Posted By: jamaicakid85
Date Posted: July 20 2007 at 7:23am
Willie Skrillz you need a rematch with Stormy Seas I can set that up for you later so save your raps
Next: Willie Skrillz vs. Stormy Seas  The 2nd Battle



Posted By: 25cent
Date Posted: July 20 2007 at 12:05pm
yeah ya should have a rematch 

Captain Of Blackspinnas
Thats why they call us black spinnas
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