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A little bit of advice required, Please! :)

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Topic: A little bit of advice required, Please! :)
Posted By: *snowqueen*
Subject: A little bit of advice required, Please! :)
Date Posted: September 09 2007 at 7:43pm
I have tried asking this question on an UK hairdressing forum but I did not get any responses, so I thought I'd give this one a try to see if I get any futher! Smile
I have just got my level 2 qualification and I would like to get more experience from working in a salon. The only thing is that I have worked in a salon previously (just before I started my 2nd year) and the way that I was treated at that salon has kind of made me reluctant to venture into another one. Cry
I was in the previous salon for about 6 months before the manager decided to let me go because 'I was not competant enoough' - at this stage I had only got the 1 year of training and they treated me as if I was a fully qualified stylist. They booked clients in for me that wanted services that I had not yet covered at college then got mad at me when I said that I didn't know what I was doing.
They also deliberately mis-booked clients in, e.g. I had a lady booked in for a wet cut, they booked me out 15 minutes to do this and they booked some else after that client that wanted a cut and blow-dry. When I had finished my wet cut, the lady told me that she was booked in for a CBD and that she would not leave until it had been dried, she got particularly angry with me, when I asked one of the other girls if they could either do the blowdry or wash my next clients hair whilst I dried the ladies hair, they refused even though they did not have clients themselves.
Having never been in that situation before I handled it as best I could without being given any help from my colleagues. I was lucky that my next client was understanding about what had happened and was willing to wait whilst I did the blowdrying.
I know that I should be working in a salon but I am not sure on the best way to approach a potential salon and I am looking for some advice with regards to how I should do this.
Due to commitments at home I am unable to work full time and I am worried that this will make me less appealing to possible salons.
If you could give me any help at all, I would very much appreciate it because I am at a crossroads at the moments without any direction!
Thanks in advance
Victoria Jane

Posted By: ShadesOf
Date Posted: August 23 2009 at 6:21am
Hi Vicki,
As I have stated before on this forum this industry is very cut throat, however the behavour you decribed from your fellow workers both angers and upsets me. (If it had happened in my salon the 'Stylists' that refused to help would have been the ones more upset in the long term)
It sounds as though the salons you have been working in do now value you as a person, and so do you really want to send your time there?
As for aproaching a new salon - be honest, tell them that you are newly qualified, but willing to work hard and support the salon staff and grow your customer base. The fact the you only want part time work may actually work to your advantage in the current employment crisis, also there are salons that would be willing for you to work self employed too. If they can't offer you a paid job, waybe they would be willing to offer you space on a 50/50 basis of your takings? This gives you experiance and salon time, and them an extra income at little to no outlay.

Aim to become all you can be, and enjoy your journey whilst becoming it.

Posted By: pennysalon
Date Posted: October 09 2009 at 6:29am
I think you shouldnt let your past experiences effect your enthusiasm.. Working in one salon is totally different to working in another...  its the people and clients that make the salon and not the salon itself :P

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