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Yall Can't Tell Me Nothing

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Printed Date: August 11 2022 at 6:00am

Topic: Yall Can't Tell Me Nothing
Posted By: Willie SKRILLA
Subject: Yall Can't Tell Me Nothing
Date Posted: October 06 2007 at 2:47am
I'm like that old so so def money ain't a thing
Type of dude to use a bill to light a cigar
Got the streets going how you figar
Oh yall some cat n****s I'm bigar
And yall n****s cut rhymes straight bizzare
Oh and yall no I don't buy drinks I am the bar
My charisma is so large its effects are felt from far
Roll off in a chevy yeah a car
Oh I'm a pharoah so I'm egyptian so call me young tut
Running trains doing gang bangs the whole she bang
And my rhymes cut through skin like white fang
Or fog I creep like in the back of the jeep D.E.E.P.
Life is like poker you read em and weep
Going over n****s heads rewing and let it seep
In then you can can comprehend the lyrics I spew
Its all party and bullsh*t don't take nothing to start something its just me and my crew
Have yall n****s like Bushwick Bill hitting the ground
have your hands looking like stumps or rather mounds
I knock off hands and lives with pounds
I got that Diplomatic Immunity
Wanna come knock me come take your opportunity
f**k Queensbridge I got unity
I punish for impunity
Why is yall nigas cooning B
I shout at a n**** as I fight like C C
Alphabetical don't even got enough letters to add up the medical
I'm federal or rather collateral
As long as I'm on earth God takes a sabbatical
cus ain't no one f**king with me

You can't win with women. You just have to maintain."
- Wave Connection

Real Recognize Real

Posted By: 25cent
Date Posted: October 09 2007 at 4:23pm

Captain Of Blackspinnas
Thats why they call us black spinnas
[IMG]" />

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