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Saturday Morning Cereal Part 1

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Topic: Saturday Morning Cereal Part 1
Posted By: Willie SKRILLA
Subject: Saturday Morning Cereal Part 1
Date Posted: October 21 2007 at 12:12pm
I knocked at the door with twin pistols like death sickles
He flew back with a thud no homo like mr pickles
He was all over the rug no tommy pickles
Cracked my knuckles as my made my way up the stairs
His daughter saw me with eyes wide open like Worlds Fairs
Had to put two in her skull her scalp flew off like she was using Nair
Some call me cold hearted n**** I just don't care
This was his house now I'm mayor
Or pres as I made way up the steps
Seen a n**** in a white polo Mr. Preps
I fired and he was rocking burgundy
What can I say it fits him like Ron Burgundy
Another n**** popped out seen my girls and was like Sir Wait A Sec See
I was like naw n**** you the opposite of that Common album Be
He crumpled to the floor like an accordion
And I stepped into the booth in the studio and
I spoke into the mic skillfully
I spoke on my life how I kill willfully
Just ask  and its done Willy Nilly
Trust I ain't going to jail like my n**** Billy
Feel Me
I stepped out the booth looking like I came from Hades
I was surrounded by the leading ladies
Jenny and Penny and thats when he turned towards them gats
He was full of holes
And I ran like Ol Boy with them autographed bats

You can't win with women. You just have to maintain."
- Wave Connection

Real Recognize Real

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