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Drunk Stories I'll go first.

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Topic: Drunk Stories I'll go first.
Posted By: Lil D.C.
Subject: Drunk Stories I'll go first.
Date Posted: October 27 2007 at 6:14am

I'm making this because of  Christians post.Before I start I just want to say be carefull who you get drunk around.If your friends ain't no good and you know it don't be stupid.

I was way out in the woods in Pennsylvania.It wasn't nothin but huge houses and woods I think it was Tobyhanna P.A.It was a family vacation so uncles aunts and every body went.It was a friday night my cousin took me my sister and my other cousins over one of his girlfriends family members house.I walk in the door go to the kitchen and see about 2 or 3 different bottles of liquor and we had ours so I'm like OH YEAH.I get my cran and bacardi I'm sippin playin pool liftin weights dancing and playin video games.We all go out on the back porch talkin gettin to know every body this when I went from feeling good to tipsy.I finish my first cup I go get some cran and goose now and sit down.We all in the house now every body laughin I'm drunk and my sister boyfriend kept laugh so I couldn't stop laughin.All of a sudden it really hit me I was twisted my arms started tingling and feeling heavy every thing seem like it started to slow down and now.I would turn my head and it was like my vision had to catch up.Now every body decides they want to mess with the drunk guy.They had phones out asking me questions I couldn't answer sh*t.The only question I remember is "where you at".I couldn't figure out where the hell I was I said so I said West Virginia.They like we went their last year.I downed 2 smirnoffs  and mixed the 3rd one with some kind of dark liquor.After that I'm at the point where I can't stand by my self.I stood up one of my cousins was doin something beside me I tryed to push him with my forearm and did a slow motion fall.They pick me up and sit me in a chair not a good idea I was doin the gangster lean in the chair.My dumb ass uncle gave me some milk next thing I remember is being in the back of his rental car throwing up non stop.We get to the gas station they pull me out the car and take my shirt off I vomit some more.Next thing I remember I'm at the hotel sitting on the toilet strugglin to take my pants off it was ridiculous.My sister came in the bathroom with her serious voice on "take your pants off I don't want to do it for you I'm not trying to see your meet young".Till this day I'm not completely sure if I changed my pants or if she did it.They walk me up to my room and yall know how them hotel blankets be slippery.I slid off the end of the bed into a split.My cousin and other sister they rollin now.They laughin and helpin me at the same time.
I wake up feeling like 100 percent pure sh*t.I woke up probably around 10 in the morning and didn't stop throwing up until 3.A simple walk down the hotel hallway to my sister room was torture.I get to the room throw up before they get to the door.I went in the room and talked to my sister boy friend thats when I found out it was a set-up.This bastard and my older cousin bought 100 proof or something like that Bacardi or it might have been smirnoff knowning me or one of my cousins was go get blasted and be entertainment for the night.Then him and my cousin pulled out their cell phones and showed me lookin stupid and my other cousin who was drunk.After that the whole entire family went to the beach and had a picnic.Next day we went to philly to see some other family members.
The moral of this story is know your drinking limits.Remember liquor is a creeper it doesn't effect your right away so take your time when you drink and don't drink it like WATER.

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Posted By: Jkid3
Date Posted: November 05 2007 at 6:30pm
lmfao!!!!......ahahahahahahahahahahahaa, aight im done. sike nah forreal tho damn, good story. 

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Posted By: joecool
Date Posted: November 10 2007 at 8:02pm


Posted By: Tru Texan
Date Posted: November 14 2007 at 11:17am
Yeah, they hit u w/the ol okie doke. Man, that 100 proof had u bentl like a boomerang!!!!!! LMAO....I was crackin up readin ur story, its like I could picture it and see it in my mind...

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