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Love Affair

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Topic: Love Affair
Posted By: Willie SKRILLA
Subject: Love Affair
Date Posted: November 21 2007 at 1:27am
Yo so we met when I was born
way back when ya boy was yella like corn
Back before Frisco was known for gay porn
I was young little tyke known for riding on his bike
she had a warm heart but sometimes was cold
but every time it rained on us I wanted it more
She had a luscious yard bright green
type to have golfers yelling fore
let erryone get in the bed but she wasnt no whore
wore a bright neckalce that shown with the stars
lets call it hollywood
she had a few kids so the burgers was good
she new movie stars but she couldn't commit
she was multiracial meaning a n**** wasnt sure what he hit
So remember when you hit up the CA shes a pretty lady crazy lazy hell arnold was one of her adopted babies
If you from Ny no lie them honies in LA is supa fly
If you from the A she'll love your special ed ass like K
And if you from the H she'll let you rep it like Triple H
She grew that good that green that mean
that okurland gene champ
she pumped in Venice like Machamp
Had sugar daddies in the hills type to donate 20 bills
Never discriminate hell she real loved administrate
pain and love dominatrix status
that was her apparatus
her p***y was the fattest
but man was it dry so we called it death valley
but her brain was her best asset so we called it north cali
she was fit like Balley
She created the game
left a tear in my eye when i left her fame
But I'll never forget her name
Its that California Game

You can't win with women. You just have to maintain."
- Wave Connection

Real Recognize Real

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