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a pixie cut

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Topic: a pixie cut
Posted By: ragdollragdoll
Subject: a pixie cut
Date Posted: December 13 2007 at 10:37pm
I will like to go for a pixie, but I do not know if my face can handle it. Here is a picture of face. -
 If i can do a picture can i please get some pictures to show my hairdresser. This website is one I found on webshots.

Posted By: rknoedler
Date Posted: December 14 2007 at 10:06am
Well you already have quite short hair and the pixie will add a little fringe here and there if you want and I think fringe is only a positive for all face shapes.  I'm a fan of top heavy cut to the chase and blonde pixie.  What do you think of those?  Would you dye your hair? 

Posted By: ragdollragdoll
Date Posted: December 14 2007 at 4:21pm
I think they are cute. I am thinking about dying my hair . I do  not think I will go blonde again. If I dye it it will be a reddish brown.

Posted By: ragdollragdoll
Date Posted: December 18 2007 at 7:34am
I still haven't decide to go for the pixie or keep the length in the back that it is or not. I have an appointment on the first friday of january.  It took me about 2 years to cut that short. I also have to wait to see if I dye my hair from the doctor because I have very dry and sensitive skin.

Posted By: Aishwarya Rai
Date Posted: December 19 2007 at 9:15am
When to decide?

long hair is asset, but cutting is awesome, makes a girl look sexier, hotter, modern and gorgeous. Not? Can you kindly tell why u shy, and if u have cutting, what inspried you for it.....AISHWARYA RAI

Posted By: ragdollragdoll
Date Posted: December 31 2007 at 7:05pm
I am planning to go this coming Thursday to cut it. I still am stronging thinking about going with the pixie. It took me almost 2 and ahalf years to finally cut it short that is in the pictures in november. My hair now is very thick. The back  part of the hair is now almost touching my shoulders. I feel this length is too long. Does anybody have any suggestion  showing the picture if the pixie is good for me. is there any websites that you can think of that I can look at for pixie.

Posted By: ragdollragdoll
Date Posted: January 04 2008 at 6:06pm
I didn't go today to get it done because the weather was bad. I am planning to go sometime next week. When I go i am going to ask my hairdresser for some ideas.

Posted By: paper
Date Posted: January 04 2008 at 6:26pm
Good luck with your hair cut.
Let us know how it turns out.


Posted By: ragdollragdoll
Date Posted: January 11 2008 at 8:11pm
I went on Monday and got it done. I mention to the hairdresser on what I wanted  and what will look good on me. She suggest that style will be good because it will bring my ringlets back. I got the messy pixie length.  I am happy with it and now I want to keep this style.

Posted By: paper
Date Posted: January 12 2008 at 8:46am

Thats good you like your new hair cut!


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