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Liquid Gold vs. Latex glue

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Topic: Liquid Gold vs. Latex glue
Posted By: KidRobot
Subject: Liquid Gold vs. Latex glue
Date Posted: December 31 2007 at 4:29pm
Just wondering about peoples experiences with the two.  I have only used LG and didnt really care for it. 
LG: CONS = strong smell and not so easy to remove
LG: PROS = not so easy to remove, easy to use, seems most prefer it
So I know most of you avoid the latex glue but i am not so sure why?  Recenly when i went to a BSS store the clerk highly recommended the latex over the LG mostly becasue of its antifungal properties.
Any thoughts or experiences you can share?please

Posted By: GoodyGal
Date Posted: December 31 2007 at 10:35pm
Most ppl don't use glue because it rips out your hair. It's better to sew it in. Plus glue clogs the pores in ur scalp preventing growth and causing dryness.

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Posted By: malibu
Date Posted: January 01 2008 at 12:01pm
!!! I agree with GoodyGal !!!
If you get the sew in done properly you won't have the bad experience you had.


Posted By: JeepGirl
Date Posted: January 01 2008 at 12:19pm
I've used the latex..still have some just incase I'm out of LG. My take on it...well it is thick and holds very well....but hard to getout unless  you have a good remover. I had one that I bought from Sally's but I ran out and bought something else from another supplyer....didn't work so well.
I think I still have the empty bottle in my stash.
That latex STINKS to high heaven....once it dries it's fine. Hard to get out of your extensions and the only colors they have are black or white.
Now I don't know about long term  use and it damaging my hair....didn't use it long enough to find out. I just prefer the LG....and it breaks down slowly but is easier to remove if you take your time and let your remover works its magic...then it comes right out. My problem in the begining was I was impatient and ripped hair out trying to remove to fast.


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Posted By: metalgirl
Date Posted: January 01 2008 at 12:46pm

I have used the - latex glue and it is really good.  It is WAY better than any other latex glue you will find at the beauty supply store.  It holds up to 8 weeks and comes out easy with acetone.  The downside, it's really expensive, has an odor, and can string or burn the head when applied. ( it goes away within seconds).

Do I prefer it over LG?  Yes and No.  It is easier to remove than liquid gold.  But because of the expense, I can't say I use it a lot anymore. 
Have you tried any of the tapes (proflex, supertape, etc).  I get really good hold with them and they can also be combined with a smaller amount of liquid gold which provides an excellent hold for most clients.

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Posted By: Ms.Honey
Date Posted: January 01 2008 at 3:27pm
I've used both. The glue doesn't rip out your hair, impatiently removing it does. They both have an unpleasant odor until they dry.
  I removed them both with coconut oil sheen but I'm sure just about any oil will do. I rub the oil into the glue and let it sit for a few minutes under a plastic cap and slowly remove the extensions.  If there's any residue, I work in more oil sheen and gently and patiently comb it out.


Posted By: sherrie215
Date Posted: January 01 2008 at 7:26pm
Agree with mshoney, its not the glue that rips out hair its improper removal. ALOT of people use glue. 
My opinion of Latex (as in BSS latex like salon pro and some of the others.)...they dont hold for me AT ALL. And most ANY adhesive holds like cement in my hair. The latex usually would only make it to the first wash, and if they didnt fall out completely, they would be loose and gooey after one shampoo. And the stuff is difficult to get out. I would have to use the remover and pick, and comb, and shampoo over and over and OVER.  I used latex way back when...before all of these new techniques and methods were around. And the latex was nearly impossible to get off the wefts, they stayed gooey, no matter how much remover and shampoos I did. I never tried acetone on the BSS latex (back before I knew all of the stuff I have learned).
I will agree with Metalgirl on the ChrissyV....its good stuff. I used that for quite awhile and it is in a whole different league than BSS latex glue. And it removes easily with acetone. The chrissyv held very well for me for 5-7 weeks at a time. I switched to LG at the time, due to the price.
Alot of BSS's dont stock LG and some dont even know what it is. Just like alot of them look at you like your insane when you start talking about remy hair. (at least where I am from the BSS's caryy alot of cheap hair, and latex is cheap so I think thats why they have it)

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Posted By: babygirl720
Date Posted: January 03 2008 at 1:58am

Personally, I hate the stuff. It holds extensions well enough, but it's a nightmare to remove from your hair. I had beautiful extensions but I won't use that set anymore because the wefts are all descusting and sticky from the latex. You think you could just peel off the glue but it gets all saturated in it and the build up after a few installs just gets too much.

I placed an order with Your Hair Shop for some D-Lux and got a bottle of LG too, should be here any day now. I've never used LG so I'll have to compare the two.

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Posted By: Lavish
Date Posted: January 03 2008 at 8:50am
I agree with everyone! the bss latex glue is horrible once you remove it. It sticks in the wefts forever, I usually I have to throw away the hair after 2 uses. I would like to try liquid gold to compare. But now ive switched to sew ins. I am trying to grow out my hair.

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Posted By: KidRobot
Date Posted: January 03 2008 at 10:58am
well i did another install with protac/airflex on tuesday so I went ahead and tried the latex on my one double wefted row - just to keep the two wefts together.  I hope it will work out allright but i have to agree with JeegGirl - it really has a strong odor Dead but then so does LG. 
After reading some of the posts I hope my removal wont be so awful!!! 
I will try super tape after this install and if that doesnt work for me - i will go back to sew ins for sure! 

Posted By: Ms.Honey
Date Posted: January 03 2008 at 2:42pm
  I never tried bonding wefts together with the latex. I hoped it works, just keep a close eye on it to see if it starts to separate.
  Try an oil sheen or baby oil to remove it. I just removed my daughter's with baby oil gel, row by row, massaging it on the weft and glued sides and by the time I went to remove the first row they just slid out. It worked faster and was easier than the oil sheen. It must be the mineral oil. I like the oil gel because it didn't run allover the place like the other removers, it stayed where I applied it.


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