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Chemical Straightening

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Topic: Chemical Straightening
Posted By: [initial steve]
Subject: Chemical Straightening
Date Posted: February 11 2003 at 8:58pm
Hi, i have wavvy/curly hair. I recently got my hair chemically straghtened at one of the top local salons, anyway the results are good but not as good as i expected! i wanted dead straight hair but i still have a bit of a wave in my hair, and it also kinks out at the ends a little :(

Is my hair ment to go dead straight? or should i be complaining?

thanks in advance for you help

Posted By: CarrieM
Date Posted: February 20 2003 at 5:50pm
Unfortunately, I don't think hair is meant to go dead straight unless it is naturally that way. I had a similar experience, wanting very straight hair after a chemical relaxer, and it was still a little wavy. However, it was much more manageable, and I'm thinking of getting a straightenening treatment done again since it's grown out and curlier than before! One thing that might have affected your results is that fine hair does not take as well to chemical straighteners as medium or coarse hair. My friend got her hair straightened (it was curlier than mine), and it turned out straighter than mine had. I didn't understand how that could be. Then our stylist told me it was because my hair has such a fine texture, it's not as porous, and does not absorb the chemicals as well. That might be your problem too. Try to be happy with how it turned out, it's the only hair you've got anyway. I've spent WAY too much time and money trying to make my hair superstraight; it's not worth it!

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