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oily skin and large pores

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Topic: oily skin and large pores
Posted By: Lickalime
Subject: oily skin and large pores
Date Posted: September 27 2008 at 2:47pm
is there anything out there good for oily skin and shrinking pores?

I have tried numerous products from Garnier, Dove, Burts Bees to Neutrogena.  most products have left my skin feeling very oily.  most days I have to wipe down my face due to excessive oil
I've been using (I believe) Be Fine face scrub and Witch Hazel as toner


I am at 32"
~goal length 36"

Posted By: SybariteGator
Date Posted: October 01 2008 at 10:03pm
I always found that witch hazel dried out my skin so much that it would react by producing tons more oil than necessary.

You could try not using the toner and instead just use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.

Good luck. :)

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Posted By: RDYRED25
Date Posted: October 06 2008 at 10:21am
i would suggest seeing a dermatologist, i too, had oily skin and large pores, after about 2 yrs he put me on a regiment that included a morning wash and a benzoyl wash at night and also retin-a, after 2 yrs i started getting chemical peels i am on my 4th one and i definitely see a significant change...consider it...yes, you will have to spend money but it is worth it...

Posted By: wvulovey
Date Posted: October 17 2008 at 2:08pm
I suggest derm also. Are you familair with Levualn? Shrinks pores and helps wiht oily skin. Getting it done soon, will report back.

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