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Need help with Regrowth Question ( PICS!)

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Topic: Need help with Regrowth Question ( PICS!)
Posted By: dolly16
Subject: Need help with Regrowth Question ( PICS!)
Date Posted: November 07 2008 at 2:53pm

Hi, I need help with my regrowth. I had previously had all my hair lightened up (single process) to this shade. Then my roots grew in so I went to the same hairstylist. Instead of just doing my roots, he dyed all my hair to a dark brown shade, then lightened it all at once to this shade.  But it seemed to damage my hair, and I had alot of tiny blonde frizzy strands that I eventually cut out.   I am now in need of my roots lightened to match the rest of my light brown hair.  But I dont want to do the same procedure of darkening all my hair, and then lightening it all again.

So I am wondering can the colorist just simply apply the  lightening mixture to  my regrowth only,  to  match the rest of my hair as best as possible?   Instead of  first darkening all my hair and lightening it all together.  

By the way, this light brown/ copper shade was done not using any bleach from what I was told.  Can it be done? Or is there any other methods?  My hair is fine in texture, a soft black shade, and it doesn't seem hard to lighten it.

 I plan to tone the hair afterwards to a light brown, or auburn. Any help would be appreciated thank you so much.


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