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Thermal Straightening

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Topic: Thermal Straightening
Posted By: crystalsi
Subject: Thermal Straightening
Date Posted: December 01 2008 at 7:06pm
I wish I have found this site sooner so I won't do japenese thermal straightening last month.  It has been a month since I've done my thermal straightening at a korean salon using japenese product with a brand of "PM".  I am so regret after I've done this process at this store because 2 inexperience hairstylist did the whole process for me.  Everything went fine even after a month, I am not seeing any hair loss, itching, irritation, redness at all.  But my hair is not straight, the bottom part is starting to flip out a little bit and looks quite frizzy.  Plus I start to see some hair breakage on the top of my head.  I am so unhappy, depress, worry that I went to see a doctor and had some blood work to make sure that I am still healthy.  As a result, the doctor said I have anxiety, depression, and sleeping disorder all due my hair.  I have been so worry about the look and the result of my hair because I have done thermal straightening for 4 times already and each time turned out to be pretty nice.  Even though, I often experience hair loss and itchy if I don't wash my hair for 2 days.  It has been a month and I am totally unhappy with the result of my hair.  I am planning to wait for another 4 months and will get a better thermal straightening done at a trusted salon that I just found.  I went back to my other salon asking for a refund but they couldn't see anything big damage with my hair so they refused to refund the money. 
I am so worry ... will my hair stop growing because of the chemical and the unsucessful result?  Is it ok to get TR again after 5 or 6 months?  Will the chemical cause any damage to my brain or memory?  I couldn't sleep and eat well at all after I got my hair done last month.  PLUS .. the chemical smell stay on my hair for 2 weeks which I think was very weird??

Posted By: Sharyg11
Date Posted: December 02 2008 at 6:47am
I knew it. I hadn't read this before I posted an answer to your question about the chemical smell in your hair. I knew you probably had damage. As I said before, over worring about the problem will only make it worst. And it will make your hair fall out even more. I know it is not easy. I went thru the same thing. I ended up with really nasty breakage on my crown and a bald spot on my frontal hair line. It wasn't permanent thought. But it took a really long time to grow it back to normal lenght.
No, your hair wont stop growing, and you will not get brain damage, so relax. You will have to however, do some serious conditioning and protein treatments to counter act the damage and make the best of the hair you have left. I posted about that on another thread and I'm sure you'll see it. Follow the advice there and it will help you.
For future reference, You should never experience an itchie scalp. That means the product was applied to the scalp which should never be done. That is what causes the most damage and could result in permanent hair loss. I don't think that is your case though, so take it easy.
The damage is already done. We can't go back in time. What we can do is take the necessary steps to protect and "fix" our hair the best we can, until we slowly cut off the damage. If you want to do the process again in 6 months, you can do it. But only on the new growth. And PLEASE do not go back to the same stylist. The person is clearly not a chemical expert. You need to do your research. This is your hair we're talking about. It can be very traumatic, as you already know.
So I hope this helps.

Posted By: LivLuv
Date Posted: March 05 2009 at 8:00pm

BKT can be done immediately after thermo straightening to repair damage.

I've done Japanese thermo ionic straightening many times over the years in Vegas, Atlanta and LA.  I'll never ever do it again.  There is a much better way to straighten called Brazilian Keratin Treatment or BKT for short.  It's so much better for your hair than Japanese thermo ionic straightening. 

I can answer any questions about BKT.  Maybe we should start a whole new topic about Brazilian Keratin Treatment. 

Posted By: Ashbychique
Date Posted: April 29 2009 at 2:23pm
I heard from my stylist that BKT is highly toxic and doesn't even do them because of that reason.  Doesn't it have lots of formaldehyde in it?

Posted By: LivLuv
Date Posted: April 29 2009 at 9:15pm
IMO perm solution, hair dye and Japanese straightening are much more caustic than BKT.  Med students and morticians work with formaldehyde all the time.  Formaldehyde acts as a preservative in many products.  For instance, formaldehyde is a component used in sealing acrylic nails, as nails are also formed of keratin. And it works the same with hair. ALL Keratin hair treatments need a certain quantity of formaldehyde in order to help seal and mold the keratin in each strand of hair, and the heat of the flat iron reinforces that process. This may also explain those funny smells if you got it done in a salon.

Would this make the keratin treatment dangerous? Absolutely not. In minimal exposure and proportions, as it's often used and still has a strong smell, formaldehyde does not cause any damage or health complications. It is recommended, though, as with all chemical products such as hair-dyes, that you use a protective mask and gloves.
What is "Formaldehyde Free"? An open letter regarding marketing and information based upon BRAZILIAN KERATIN BASED PRODUCTS:  

Although formaldehyde is not listed as an ingredient in our products, we do not advertise them as "formaldehyde free". This is mainly because in the US there is currently a great deal of confusion and false advertising regarding formaldehyde. We feel that advertising genuine Brazilian Keratin products as "formaldehyde free" is usually a disingenuous marketing gimmick, and potentially even harmful. You may have heard that many, if not all "formaldehyde free" BKT products actually still carry significant amounts of substances that are either formaldehyde under a different name, or a slightly altered form of formaldehyde. It is true. The first problem is the basic dishonesty of the marketing. The second problem is the fact that if stylists and their clients think that a product is formaldehyde free, they may not follow the same safety protocols as they would with standard formaldehyde products. This is compounded by the fact that many of these brews, whether ether, aldehydes, urea, or similar mixes, absolutely share the characteristics of, or convert into, a potent cousin of formaldehyde. Often the resulting compound, when heated converts into a form of raw unrefined formaldehyde..

How can stylists navigate this confusing mix of contradictory information? Its relatively simple; If a Brazilian Keratin product greatly reduces volume and maintains smooth shine and a reduction in volume for several months, it either has formaldehyde or a similar aldehyde. If something is called a "formaldehyde free" Brazilian Keratin formula, and it lasts only until the next washing, than it may truly be without Formaldehyde or any derivatives. The bottom line is that there is not a "magic formula". It does not exist. Any genuinely effective Brazilian Keratin either has a type of aldehyde or a derivative - there is no short cut. - This excerpt came from this website: -

Posted By: andriyam
Date Posted: May 02 2009 at 3:45am
our whole body is a very complexly built interlinked system. we often tend to forget it. even a simple deviation from our daily routine is capable of causing massive effect to our body. hair loss is just an instance of one such effects.
i would suggest you to increase the water intake. also you must have at least 8 hours of sleep a day.this is the minimum requirement of our body. and for long term solution for multiple problems i would suggest you to start yoga. it not only cleans up all your stresses, but also help you to stay away from many diseases. more over it makes you strong from inside that increases your resistance power. -

Posted By: LivLuv
Date Posted: May 03 2009 at 1:10pm

Good advice, Andriyam!

I want to get hair extensions in a carmel shade to put highlights in my brown hair without having to dye my hair.  What extension method do you recommend, and will I still be able to blow dry my hair with a round brush without catching and pulling on the extensions?

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