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new freestyle

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Printed Date: August 09 2022 at 10:12pm

Topic: new freestyle
Posted By: vokal
Subject: new freestyle
Date Posted: June 11 2009 at 7:34am
ok here go my first flow
here go my first light
up in smoke goes my first dro
in my nose after my first show
back it up on me
put it in reverse ho
play with my money game
put you in a hurse slow
or maybe quick fast in a flash i dash in the club
i blast with the snub with extended clip and a laser dot
my flow shock you hard like a hit from a tazer shot
as i sit and cop major guap
nothin but a spliff in hand
no paper no pencil
i got this rap game drawed out
in order for you to do it you need a paper, pencil and a stencil

Posted By: Syco C
Date Posted: July 04 2009 at 12:00pm
well hello welcome to crack pipes from bagdad
smell yellow smoke step back yikes im that sad

hazy fellow comin through put my dick in your jello
me crazy hell no made my new pipe witta chello

plays a tune everytime you take a deep puff
blaze at noon get the lube jack off to snuff

raise the moon im that high thats notta bluff
gaze then resume to chief hey tre thats enough

no touch back up aight you hit it twice no fair
so much crack heart might quit need some air

heart violently pumps sit down in the lawn chair
sit silently hear a sound no time to prepare

behind the tree came my ex with a knife runnin
remind me that my sex had her cousins wife cummin

karate kid swan kick followed with an elbow
probly did crush her face but back to my chello

Syco C keepin the underground alive!!!!!

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