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Halloween Hair!

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Topic: Halloween Hair!
Posted By: Jamin
Subject: Halloween Hair!
Date Posted: September 30 2009 at 11:04pm
Ok getting right down to business!

I am a guy and my girlfriend and I are going as a couple to a party this Halloween. We both decided to go as opposites and she will be dressed as a guy and I as the lady. So here is the deal, it is going to be too easy to get her hairstyle done, but mine is apparently going to take a little more consideration than the norm. I will be dressed in a blue forum_posts.asp?TID=65167#">prom dress and I have brown hair.

My hair in front comes down to my mouth, the sides come down to mid-ear and the back of my head has been feathered abit to give me balance when I have it brushed back.

I personally am looking to give her some ideas to make it easier. So I guess I am looking for prom or forum_posts.asp?TID=65167#">formal hairstyles that can fit within my length of hair. Before you ask yes we are going to be going all out on this years Halloween so please do not be afraid to make some outrageous recommendations. We will both take all of them into consideration and as an added bonus yes I will post pictures of the finished product with her and I all done up in our Halloween style!

My girlfriend will be going as charlie Chaplain this Halloween. Her hair Goes just beyond her shoulders and has short cut bangs in the front. I would have to say most of it is even for the most part. I am sure we can come up with a sly, smooth option that looks guy like, but where would the fun be in that without letting you all take part in the decision making process.

So again for the both of us please have fun in picking something you think would work great either for me or her and I will keep you all posted as to what was decided or if we went with something we came up with.

Again thank you ahead of hand for helping me out.

P.S. Also if need be I can post pics of my current hair as it is to give everyone a better feel for what I have to work with to get this done!
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