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The Word is Out!! Aldan Work Garments last Decade

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Topic: The Word is Out!! Aldan Work Garments last Decade
Posted By: aldanint
Subject: The Word is Out!! Aldan Work Garments last Decade
Date Posted: December 16 2009 at 9:06am
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Our uniquely tailored, form-fitting designs will keep you looking sharp in the work place, while simultaneously our convenient pockets and straps add to the functionality of the garment and to the productivity of the worker. Our - Soho Apron Collection is the first ever totally unique apron collection: eight designs that can be worn seventeen different ways. We are the first to present the "snap on snap off" detachable concept, in which you are actually getting two aprons in one. Each apron can be worn with or without the top, and you can mix and match different styles.

Yes, our designs are pleasing to the eye, however, what makes our garments so valuable is their unbelievable lifespan. We have clients who have not bought new garments from us in over 10 years. They tell us that they do not need new garments:

“They look just as good as they did ten years ago!!! We just love your aprons, and we would be more than happy to testify on your website or over the phone.”


Hair Flare Salon

New York, N.Y.

Due to client outbursts like the one above, we are currently putting together a Testimonials page that will feature the client's name, salon, and a picture of the garment. In times of economic hardship such as the one we face today, we can provide you with durable products that you can get the most out of. Our products will get you so many uses out of them they will not only pay for themselves, but they will make your business more efficient and you will look good doing it.

We are currently dressing Avon, Elizabeth Arden, Vidal Sassoon, and a handful of Aveda salons and spas across the country, among many others. Our tailored - aprons , - robes and - capes , have also been used by barber shops, restaurants, and plastic surgeons. Let this be your turn to experience Aldan.

For more information please visit Aldan's website at - . If you would like to make purchases by volume, or to speak to a representative you may contact us at (718) 665-8699.


242 East 137th Street

Bronx. NY 10451

tel: 718.665.8699

fax: 212.473.7003



our QUALITY is the BEST,

and our PRIDE is AMERICAN.


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