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No SERIOUSLY this won't affect your hair

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Topic: No SERIOUSLY this won't affect your hair
Posted By: Wendi41
Subject: No SERIOUSLY this won't affect your hair
Date Posted: March 31 2010 at 12:33am
I am a certified hair extension stylist and I use West Coast Hair. It is a glue free bond, not adhesive that bonds with the hair using strand by strand.

I went to Great Lengths 2 years ago and was told I could not have them in because my hair was too weak. They refused and I can see why now.

Well I've had my WCH extensions in for over a year with about 4 installs. My hair has grown out and is healthier than before. More shine and the breakage has grown out and new hair can grow in! No way can I do that with ANY other methods.

No tools or any chemicals to remove. Just human hands. Just break apart the bond which is sort of a waxy substance but secures very well. It crumbles off and you take a little brow comb and remove the rest from your hair. IN SECONDS you have removed it.

 I used glue before and spent hours in the bathroom pulling my hair out and using ACETONE. ick! And scary!

Again, this is all done with my hands and that is it. Applying and removing. You don't even need a stylist to remove them. As I said, you can remove it yourself and then bring the hair back when you are ready for an install again. Say if you want to color your hair or get a cut.

Yes bring the hair back in for a re-install. You can reuse the hair. NOTHING is done to the extension hair so you can reinstall it for up to 12 months! I mean every inch of it is in perfect shape. You save HUNDREDS on that alone plus the option of removing yourself if you choose.

The hair is exceptional and feels like silk. No tangling at all. As long as you care for it and use good products it will remain that way for months. Promise.

I even use a shower filter to preserve the hair and that added months to my extension hair. Made a huge difference. amazon for like $18

I live in Houston TX and I am a mobile stylist.

Learn more at my site. There is a bunch of educational info on there so I feel like I should share this even if I cannot do it for you. STOP damaging your hair and wasting money on hair you don't need to keep buying!

There is nothing like this and they have stylists all over the country. I have women fly in from CA and NYC because of this unique method. Seriously.

They can afford it becuase I charge hundreds less than salons. But never skimp on quality of hair or the work I do. I can't believe this is not mentioned in this forum! WHY?

Check out my site and if you live in the area or willing to travel. 
LOTS more info here -

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