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True Blood is a well-written, well-acted televisio

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Topic: True Blood is a well-written, well-acted televisio
Posted By: shadow222
Subject: True Blood is a well-written, well-acted televisio
Date Posted: August 13 2010 at 2:57am - True blood is amazing. I was hooked the moment I starting watching the first - episode of - season one, which I totally turned to by accident. I am really intrigued with it's quirky, witty, and dark - characters . The situations they get themselves in are great to watch as well. People complain about the sex in - True blood , but in a day and age where more violence is seen as acceptable than sexuality, this is refreshing to see. Sexuality is normal, violence sadly is too, but sexuality is something that happens all the time, while violence shouldn't. So those who view it as vampire porn need to rethink your values and such. Yes, the show is violent as well, but I like that they don't shy from the sex, like so many other shows do. If you're gonna have violence you might as well have sexuality as well. Those how don't like - True blood are usually the ones who either watch crappy comedy shows or snooze-fests like Mad Men. - True blood is a well-written, well-acted television show that deserves all the attention it is getting and more. While other shows are just viewed as "amazing" just because of the elegance, and politics of the show (Mad Men). And I'm not bashing Mad Men here, it's an okay show and I'm just saying it is thoroughly overrated. I love that - True blood doesn't shy away from hurting it's characters in order for them to learn from their mistakes. Many other shows don't do so. I never really cared for vampires, but I really have gotten into them now. Most of the characters in this - show , I can relate to in someway or another. It's a very human show for a supernatural television drama.

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Posted By: Ernie123
Date Posted: September 04 2010 at 2:22am

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