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Damaged/ Patchy Hairline Help Please

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Printed Date: June 26 2022 at 9:29pm

Topic: Damaged/ Patchy Hairline Help Please
Posted By: Nanalu
Subject: Damaged/ Patchy Hairline Help Please
Date Posted: September 01 2010 at 8:50am
Hi, this has eally been getting me down, i hate the way it looks and feels.
In the last year the front part of my hair, along the hairline seems to have thinned, it doesnt run in the family or anything, its just broken and damaged.
 I have quite a high forehead already but this makes it look worse. The hairline is thin and broken and kinda patchy. Kind of what happens on people who tie back their hair tightly. I dont, i think its probably a combination of heat damage and stress. I get spots along my hailine quite often recently too. Apart from chilling out a bit and making sure i eat healthy and drink loads of water , is there anyone else who has had or has the same problem.
 Is there anything i can do to help renew the hair in this area?

Posted By: Inika
Date Posted: November 29 2010 at 3:28pm
First... whatever un-natural (shampoos, conditioners, make up) anything that you might be applying to this area...stop using it completely. Some people have very noticeable reactions to any kind of chemicals and this may be one of those situations.
By not using them you can find out if this is the cause.

Second...I have been doing some more research recently and discover that cow colostrum (while used as a natural supplement to restore natural  health and beauty) it can also be applied as a paste externally to heal skin and hair conditions.

A tablespoon of - cow colostrum powder mixed with a small amount of spring water to make a paste and applied to your hair line might work. (wash off after 30 minutes or so).
 I would recommend doing this for a week or 2 to see if there is any noticeable difference. - cow colostrum has been used by ancient Ayurveda practitioners for thousands of years and has had huge benefits in fighting disease, skin and other conditions.
I wish you the best.

Posted By: Jnelson
Date Posted: September 27 2011 at 9:04am
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