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Breaks in the intake of biotin!

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Topic: Breaks in the intake of biotin!
Posted By: Sylphadora
Subject: Breaks in the intake of biotin!
Date Posted: September 11 2010 at 6:46am
Hi everyone! I'm a newbie new

I have some questions about biotin... Some time ago I took 1.5 mg of biotin daily. They were 500 mcg capsules of a herbalist's brand called Lamberts and I took three each day. I took it mainly for my nails, but hoping that if would also improve my hair's condition. I was very happy with the results in my nails, but didn't notice anything spectacular in my hair.

Since I read that you have to take 2.5 mg of biotin to see results in your hair, and in the prescription of Lamberts' biotin it said that you could only take 3 pills a day (which is 1.5 mg) I decided to look for another brand of biotin so that I could up my dosage.

Then I found a pharmacy brand which sold tiny little tablets of 5 mg of biotin. I swapped Lamberts' biotin for the 5 mg pharmacy one called Medebiotin Fuerte, but the results were disastrous!! My nails came back to normal, but the worst thing of all is that I started shedding hair like crazy!! Cry I suppose it was the result of stopping to take Lamberts' biotin. So it was really doing something in my hair, even though I hadn't noticed anything special at the time!!

My question is if somebody had similar problems when they stopped taking a certain brand of biotin. Another thing I wanted to ask is if it is really necessary to take breaks in the intake of biotin to let the organism have a rest, or if the results keep always being the same even if you take biotin all year round. Because I don't know if it's like other supplements that lose their effectiveness after you've been taking them for a long time. Can you take biotin nonstop?

I have one small request. Please, could you tell me which brands of biotin are you/have you been taking? It's important for me to know this detail, since my problem with the hair loss started when I switched to the pharmacy biotin It's incredible that 1.5 mg of a herbalist's biotin worked loads better than 5 mg of a pharmacy biotin!! I swear that taking the pharmacy biotin was like taking water... Medebiotin Fuerte was crap!! No wonder it was so ridiculously cheap compared to Lamberts' biotin and that the tablets were so tiny... This is my advice: NEVER get biotin in a pharmacy!! Always choose a herbalist's brand!!

BTW, I stopped my crazy hair shedding period with Solgar's Hair, Skin and Nails supplement. That thing works wonders!! ;) But I don't know what I'll do when I have to take a rest from this supplement. That's why I'm interested in getting to know your experiences with other brands of biotin...

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