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formal styles for long haired men...HELP PLEASE..

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Topic: formal styles for long haired men...HELP PLEASE..
Posted By: rame
Subject: formal styles for long haired men...HELP PLEASE..
Date Posted: October 23 2010 at 11:48am
Hi all,
     I a male 25 years old. I have long hair..three to four inches below my shoulders. my hair texture is not very straight, its a little frizzy and wavy and black in color (Asian Indian hair). I recently got a job.(the office looks so cool with multi cultural environment) till now, i let my hair down freely or in ponytail. I would like to get some hairstyles suggestion for my hair that looks formal, so that i can wear it for my daily office. I just don't want the same hair style worn everyday.Experimenting with my hair keeps my energy level high and it reflects in the work.. I believe.. Also send me some links and photos of those hairstyles, and steps to do those hairstyles. I could do some funny or informal hairstyles on thursdays and fridays. But the three other days i need to be very formal. Also let me know about the accessories that i need to use for those formal hairstyles and informal hairstyles. Try to send some simple hairstyles that wont require other's help to do it. Also shall i straighten my hair to have a much better look..? I am ok with feminine hairstyles too (after all any long hairstyle is considered to be feminine, thats not a big deal)...Let me know asap..Have got ten more days to join, so that i can practice well..Thank you all in advance....

Posted By: Daisy :)
Date Posted: November 04 2010 at 6:31pm

I love it when men tie their hair up in any way but a low ponytail. What would be great, is if you straightened your hair then pulled it back and do a french twist and use a big claw clip to fasten it do the back. If you cannot do that, then just tie it in a high ponytail witha black scrunchie. Either looks great in my opinion. :)

Posted By: Jenny-B
Date Posted: November 13 2010 at 10:59am
Braids are your friend.  You can do so many different kinds of braids that it would take forever to list them.  They can also look very formal.  You've got a lot of options, especially if you don't mind the more femme looks (which I think is fantastic!). 

Jenny B.

Posted By: rame
Date Posted: November 15 2010 at 1:21pm
Hi daisy.. frinch twist. yes i happened to see some things in the internet.. but I could not do that perfectly. perhaps after a few more times of practice. regarding the high ponytail, i think can be done as an informal one.. I tried it. but with a small band not with a crunchie perhaps i should try it with a crunchie..let me try it and let you know..thanks for the sugesstion.
hi jenny. yes braids are really cool. and of course i don't mind about the femme looks. I have tried braiding it my best. But could be better..could you just list a few simple braids that i could do it by myself.
so far, i tried doing a half ponytail a couple of times to my office, i got some good comments.let me try these.thanks you both.

Posted By: sarah alfred
Date Posted: December 25 2010 at 8:51pm
nothing looks more beautiful than this


Posted By: rame
Date Posted: January 21 2011 at 11:56pm
Nice sarah, But, Mine is a little longer than this. Also, My hair is not this smooth somewhat frizzy. I don;t know.. Thanks.

Posted By: rame
Date Posted: July 04 2011 at 5:26pm
hi jenny,
daisy, sarah,

Just felt like showing my hair to you. Managed to click a photo with the half pony tail. But i believe, I need more maintenance. Kindly advise. I posted a question regarding this in long hair support with my image of hair on it. below is the link. Thank you in advance

Posted By: decken
Date Posted: September 13 2011 at 5:45pm
A woman with an oval face has a front that is wider than Chin and prominent cheekbones. If you have been blessed with an oval face, you can wear almost any hairstyle.


Posted By: lorymadon
Date Posted: September 29 2011 at 2:38pm
Hair is just hair. No, not when we as a race teach our children to dislike their texture and burn the scalp of children from two years to get a straight look more manageable. It's not just the hair when most of our women do not even know how to manage their natural texture.


Posted By: BobbedAtLast
Date Posted: October 21 2011 at 2:23pm
I have had long hair for many years, too--from plain all one length to my waist, waist-length with straight or feathered back bangs, to my current bob.   I really like the bob and it is certainly a feminine cut--angled , stacked in the back and I now have highlights in it.  I love it and wear it 'down' every day, although I used to tuck it back behind my ears, which will work for those formal days.  Oh, and not that it matters, but I am straight and married.

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