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Long hair in Real Estate

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Topic: Long hair in Real Estate
Posted By: junjo
Subject: Long hair in Real Estate
Date Posted: April 19 2011 at 4:24am
Hello everyone this is my first post here but I was wondering if anybody knew about men having long hair in the real estate profession.

I am a gay guy with long hair that I take really good care of, it never looks frizzy, dirty or greasy. I like to look a little more feminine but am not opposed to a low, loose pony tail. Also I live in San Francisco, California but might move to Los Angeles. Does anyone have experience in these locations with long haired men in the real estate business? Would long hair be acceptable for Real Estate?

Essentially I want to start with an apartment job but have yet to see any men working in an apartment with long hair.

Posted By: richa121
Date Posted: April 23 2012 at 1:22am
Well no body will have any deals with your hairs. If you are honest in your profession then it will be definitely accepted.

Posted By: Ericachristina
Date Posted: April 23 2012 at 1:22pm

As long as you look professional and well maintained your hair shouldn’t be an issue. You said you were willing to pull it back so I think that would be fine.  People are going to want to hire you based on your ability do to the job, and if you do get the odd few that have something against you because of how you look and who you are then cut your losses and move on because there are all types of people in the world some of whom are very negative and in business you will come across everyone. The people who are interested in the work you do will be fine with your demeanour and the others...well you win some you lose some.


Posted By: junjo
Date Posted: April 23 2012 at 2:13pm
Thank you for your reply. I posted this about a year ago and was so worried that people would want to change who I am because I moved to San Francisco from a really conservative area. Since this post I did get a job at an apartment community and they actually like my hair! They will even let me wear it down sometimes   

Thank you~!

Posted By: Sparrowhawk1161
Date Posted: September 29 2012 at 6:47pm
This is for anyone else who is in this situation.
Someone thought I was gay...and hurt me... But?  I am enough of a man to accept that just doesn't happen all the time.  Even if I am straight, which "I am."  Respect my styraightness, please!
Yet, "gay" guys are interesting because they drop that "old" and "sorry" stupid thing called "macho"... which allows guys to express themselves as they should express themselves.  The masculine, nurturing side.  So, I am not gay.  But, you deserve the best possible treatment from a straight guy... because I believe it should be so!
So?  We live in a masculine world!  Where masculine means "macho"... which means that you should have no emotion.  But, it's that same emotion that the world needs.  Women look for guys who open up, so the world also needs guys who open up... yet, the world hasn't figured it out yet...right?  So, your feminine side, the nurturing side must adapt to the world.
Your long hair must be treated as women must treat their hair.  Luckily, long hair has come into play in places it never had... like news casting and professionalism.  Ladies are starting to find that they can wear there hair long in "macho" jobs... be girly and yet, show everyone that stereotypes are the thing of history.
Which means that gay guys will follow suit.  They will be recognised and be treated as such, too.  But until that time... I suggest what I suggest to the girls.
"How long... How long will the femine side be treated as un-equals?"  How long, how long will gay guys be treated as unequals?  Just like women, gay guys can be natural nuclear-physicists.  So, it's matter of perspective?"  Yet, that doesn't mean the situation should not be rectified.  So, adaption to the situation must be noted for now!
So, if you have long-hair, guys, and you have taken great care of it.  In a macho world, it's best to show an image, of not machoism, but professionalism that the macho world can understand.
Put your hair back, so the macho idiot doesn't see it during an interview.  Lean forward and have interest, not only in the job, but everything going on.  Psych yourself out to a point that you are so sharp that, even when the interviewer takes a breather, you know what he will say next.  That means, you must lean forward and want the job, and anticipate the next question... and the next.  Think the interview though. If he/she leans back... guess what?  Your coming on strong and you are in complete control.  The questions asked you, you give.  Get, that job!
Oh... If the post seems incomplete, well my post was too long!  Sorry!

Guys like me notice!

Posted By: Ricc
Date Posted: October 03 2012 at 12:16pm
I don't have experience in real estate there, but San Francisco and LA are two of the most progressive areas of the country, so I doubt that long hair would be any obstacle in the r.e. business there-- assuming you keep it neat. Personally, I wouldn't wear a ponytail every single day, though. Ponytails can be rough on the hair and scalp over time-- causing breakage, and, possibly, contributing to receding of the hairline.

I'm a male whose worn long hair on work situations for years and I've always found that if you keep it in super good condition with a great cut, I'm about as acceptable to people as a woman with long hair. People tend to respond well to people who look very good-- regardless. I say keep it long, keep it neat and wear it loose.

Posted By: gendolly
Date Posted: November 07 2012 at 5:08am
Agree. Just look professional and all will be fine.

Posted By: americanbeauty
Date Posted: January 15 2013 at 11:33pm
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