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How to get my hair to look like Robert Downey Jrs?

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Topic: How to get my hair to look like Robert Downey Jrs?
Posted By: wikitiki10
Subject: How to get my hair to look like Robert Downey Jrs?
Date Posted: July 21 2011 at 3:00pm
What products would I need... pomade? And what kind of comb or brush would I use? Facial hair not included :P

Posted By: alan1111
Date Posted: July 31 2011 at 7:03am
Good look for Robert.  He has some natural texture in his hair like a light wave or even natural curl.  He also appears to have medium to thick hair which is why he appears to have such full hair that is so nicely tousled. 

Make sure you have someone cut your hair so that it has the same general flow so you can tousle the sides and top. 

If your own hair isn't thick use a volume enhancing shampoo, skip rinse or leave in conditioner which might make your hair too soft (unless it's damaged) and then go for a volume spray along the roots. 

I use PhytoVolume Actif spray.  It really works for lots of root fullness. 

Pomade or gel will make the hair too defined and not allow for that full airy tousled look he's rocking. 

You could combine the volume root lift with a light volumizing mousse but I would avoid gel, paste or wax because it would make it too flat.  This is a really great hairstyle.

Here's some steps:
1.  Wash hair in lukewarm water with volumizing shampoo
2.  Unless hair's damaged, skip any rinse-out conditioner or use a volumizing one.
3.  Rinse well, finish with cool water which closes cuticle and makes it fuller.
4.  Towel blot (don't rub)
5.  Apply volume spray to roots ONLY.  Then if desired, apply volume mousse (it must be light) to the rest of the hair.
6.  Use blow dryer to tousle hair with fingers to get that windswept look Robert hair.  You could even bend over at the waist and direct blow dryer under neath hair to build in fullness.  If you have a blow dryer with cool setting, this makes hair swell. 
7.  After hair is completely dry then use your fingers to arrange.  Brush with a paddle brush but very lightly.

The key is fullness and finger tousling.  Hope that helps.

Let us know how it turns out for you.

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